Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Keira Turns Four!!!

Living up here means I miss out on most everything so I live for seeing pictures of everything that happens.

Keira looks like she had a grand 4th birthday with parties at school, friend party and party at Grandma's--

Although I do not know all the dates of when these things happened, I do know Keira turned four on February 11th so that is the date I am putting all the pictures, even if they did not exactly all happen on that day!!

A picture is worth a thousand words, it is almost like I am there!!!



Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Jacob Turns 16!

Jacob turned 16 on February 3rd!!! Where has the time gone?  So he is driving and a good looking teenager.  He is also good at whatever he decides he wants to do and such a sweetheart.  Everyone loves Jacob!  Scuba diving with his Dad and in to Lacrosse this year.


Sunday, February 01, 2015

Frenchie Pulsipher is Laid to Rest

Kristi gave a review of the funeral of Frenchie Pulsipher, Gary's Dad and Kristi's Grandfather.  Since I was not there I want a memory in my book for this year and so will quote from Kristi Stewart.  The pictures are from the burial.
"My Grandpa Frenchie died on Jan 26th. Two days after I left San Diego. His funeral was on Jan 30th. During the viewing I had not planned on letting my kids in the room to see him. Somehow Kate and Ryan both ended up in there. I think they were both having a really hard time. I felt bad that they are going to remember him like that. Mike and I were able to sit down with both of them and have a conversation about the plan of salvation.   And remind them that Grandpa is in heaven now."
"I did not  go up to the casket because I felt I had already gotten the opportunity to say goodbye. I did not want to remember him like that. Mike said the family prayer and did a great job. He felt like he could have done a lot better but I thought it was perfect. Everyone from the family was able to make it except for Tanner. It was such a beautiful service. There were a lot of tears and a lot of laughs."
" The Grandkids sang "Families can be Together Forever". First of all, none of us are very good singers. But then when you add in tears and emotions the song went from bad to worse. Everyone was sobbing by the second verse. The compliments that we got were "very touching" and "heart felt". I am glad we did it but the vocals could have been a lot better."
" Joan, Jeff, and Dad spoke. They all did a great job. One thing that Joan did that was cool was ask Grandpa a few questions and tape recorded his answers before he passed. She played them back during her talk. To hear his voice at the funeral was awesome. The boys told many stories I had never heard before."
 "It was crazy to me how much my Grandpa and I have in common. Maybe thats why I am his favorite. At the grave side we were able to have soldiers come to honor Grandpa's military service. They played a song on the horn and folded a flag over the casket and presented it to Grandma. It was such a cool experience."
" I am so grateful for the wonderful family I was blessed to be sent to. It will be hard to go on without Grandpa but he will always be with us. I am grateful for the knowledge that although he is gone from this life I will be with him again. It makes me happy to think that he is on the other side happy and healthy with his extended family." 
                                                                                   Kristi Stewart

This is an especially touching picture of Kristi's family viewing the casket of their Great Grandpa and talking about him.

Thanks, Kristi, for the beautiful review.

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