Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Strange Peskies

Seems each year there are peskies in the yard that I never see again.  One year it was all those moths. Last year it was the 100 year storm that had hail damaging everything and mud all over my patio.

This year it is the little burrs from weeds that stick to Sadie's hair.  I feel so badly when she tries to stay away from me because she doesn't like me to comb them out but they bother her, too, so it has to be done.

I am trying to think of something I could do to keep them from sticking to her underside and legs, not sure what.


I just finished the most fascinating book "Hamilton" by Lin-Manuel Miranda.  This was not the history book but this book is all about the making of the musical which is currently on Broadway.  

Such a talented young man to be able to write this and pull such experts in to make history come alive in such a fascinating way.

Someone has paid for the school children in the area to see it so the teacher's have done amazing preparation in the classrooms, what a great learning experience as well as entertaining experience.

I also downloaded the music and words.  When I had first read about it I could not understand how a musical be made from the material but it really works and since I will never see it, I am sure, I am enjoying it all the same.  I can actually understand the words and on You Tube you can see and hear excerpts as well as Google lots of the images.  The costumes represent the historical time and from the neck up it is modern time.

It is actually quite moving.  I cried through "Stay Alive" and "It's Quiet Uptown"--reminding me of John and then "Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells your Story?:" reminding me of Richard.  Very emotional.

It is a really amazing musical...

Now I am waiting for the audio book of Hamilton by Ron Chernov to become available on my San Diego Library to Go.   Miranda makes it sound most interesting to read!!

Linda Was Here!!!

Had  a whirlwind week with Linda here and loved every minute, there was the Republican Convention  to watch, beautiful weather, and lots to eat.  When Linda comes she always jumps in and does what needs to be done, and there is always something that needs to be done!!  This pic is just before we left for Reno to take her home.  

While she was here more groceries were bought, carpets were cleaned, the front steps stained, Venetian blinds actually taken down and washed and windows cleaned, new mailbox mounted, two loads of yard waste taken to the dumps, Sadie taken for a loooong walk, and we went out to eat at Happy Garden, her treat.  Wow, how did so much get done????
We also had lots of fun conversation, the one thing I miss when I am alone.  Now my fridge is full and I am catching up on paper work, sleep, and reading.

While Linda was here, more lilies bloomed, but I wonder why were so many lilies bare of a bloom at all?  I have used the deer repellent a lot!

But I noticed some other things besides the lilies low down were eaten and today I saw one of those ugly jack rabbits hop out of the yard. They must be eating some things when Sadie does not see them.

Wish I had their pix, they are so ugly, not the cute little bunny types who hop around Marilyn's yard.

One thing that has been a problem is the umbrella on my porch.  Matt figured out why the other umbrella stand would not work on it, so I had Linda help put it back under the picnic table umbrella and on the way home from the airport I dashed in to see if Rite Aid had any stands and lucky me, there was one left and it was on sale for $15.

Now after the summer is almost over the umbrella can stand without moving the table around, and the table can be used for eating, yea!!!

Hard to see, but the bird bath has been getting lots of action, saw a huge blue bird take a very leisurely bath one day.  I should learn their names.

While Linda was here, I had a long talk with Jeanne at Treeo and she loves it there!!!  How great.

Saturday, July 09, 2016

Jeanne Makes the Move!

Supposedly Jeanne is moving into Treeo on Center St in Orem today.  She changed her mind several times but I think once she realized Cathryn was not planning on staying she finally decided to go for sure.  She does not like living alone and she really does need someone there.  As she says, "I have perfect health from my nose down!"

The nice thing about Treeo is that the cost is month to month and so if you change your mind or want to go somewhere else, you can.

Marilyn says her room will be right next to Deloris--Deloris lived just down the street from us in Glendive and was in between Marilyn's and my age and we were all in the same group in high school but she was closer to Marilyn.  Plus they both did athletic things and had that in common.

Jeanne met Deloris over at Treeo when she was checking it out and she said, "Are you Deloris's mother?"--

According to Marilyn and Alice, Deloris is quite happy there.  For one thing she is getting better health care and realizes her situation was not quite as bad as she thought it was.  The other thing is she is not working the yard all the time and doesn't have those aches and pains so much.

I can understand how nice it will be to always have someone to talk to at meal time, if you want to. That is the way it was in SBA--even though you were alone in your room, you always had someone to chat with at meal time or work time.

I will be anxious to hear if she actually makes the move and how she likes it!!!

6 PM--Marilyn called Jeanne and confirmed she is in, She has her own phone with her regular number.  She just had supper downstairs with her friend Madeline and she is happy.

The Unforgiving Computer

The young man who traded his skills to teach me the computer in exchange for our office to use the loan processing program  he was trying to get public used to say to me, "Janet, the computer is unforgiving, now listen to me!" (1985)

Yet, again, I find out how unforgiving it is...I wake up around midnight to take Sadie out and could not get back to sleep so I worked on my newest blog--The San Diego Scene Part 2.

I was already frustrating on finding the pictures I wanted but I worked for two hours on finding them and adding them and editing my text only to find none of it had been saved!!!

Now, I thought it automatically saved a draft when you forgot to do that, but evidently not...

Friday, July 08, 2016

Thanks for the Memories...

Sadie woke me up at 3:30 this morning and wanted out for a minute so I came in to work on the computer and ended up reading John's Web Page and Memoir.  I am so glad Maria taught me how to do blogs in 2005 so I can do all these blogs.  About a 1000 had viewed his Web and over 800 on his Memoir.  John was such an interesting person with so many passions, as his friend told me, passions he actually carried out doing.

There were other things I was thinking I was thankful for this morning and the last few days.  I am so thankful I was taught not to smoke or drink, what a gift that has been in my life, to never be tempted and not have it interfere with my life, my health, so not needed.  Never wanted drugs or pills, etc in my life either, so thankful for that.  I was also thinking how blessed we were in the 40s and 50s to associate with friends who did not have to use the foul language so prevalent today, with friends who really enjoyed dancing and dating and picnics and horse back riding and all kinds of activities that did not include foul language, drinking, drugs, etc.  We had no tv either, but we did have lots of fun

I am so thankful for the many opportunities I have had over the years to have responsible leadership and teaching roles, helped to learn so much that I have needed to carry on by myself, to keep my faith, to stay sane, to stay self-sufficient and carry on and recognize truth.

I am so thankful for this lovely home and yard to work in, the quiet, the peace I always wanted,yes, it is work but thankfully I am able to handle it with a little help from my friends and family.

I appreciate my good car, my ability to work on the computer and carry out so many tasks I have set for myself, I appreciate that I understand a few techy things and can enjoy listening to so many books and appreciate good music and documentaries, always more things to do than I have time for.  I seldom need to leave my house and yet I am never bored.  I need to force myself to walk more, I just do not like to get out and do that much to Sadie's sadness.

I am thankful for my Smart phone that James and Camber provide, it is really a joy to communicate with my sisters and children and see their pictures and keep up with them a little.  I wish they shared more but everyone is so busy, I know.

I am thankful I am healthy at the moment and enjoying doing things.

I am especially thankful for the special people I have known in my life that have given me so much in the way of friendship, learning, wisdom, so many people I have appreciated.

I am thankful for my family, so many people have no one in their life, I may live alone, but I am not alone and I am so grateful for that.  Wish everyone kept their blogs going or used instagram, and I knew how to get pictures to my computer, everything is always changing...

I am glad I have enjoyed the pursuit of family history over the years, such a blessing in my life, always something to do, never bored with that.

What has been frustrating me is photos, I can never find the photos I want and I am not sure if I scanned them or just can't find them, so frustrating Google...  Photos is definitely a frustration in my life at the moment,

Thursday, July 07, 2016

Beautiful Weather and Books

I am enjoying getting up early and watering and watching the lilies bloom.  Just hope the deer won't chomp at them.  I was surprised to see a deer had moved the wires around the little bushes to get at some of the branches two days in a row but did not take a try at the lilies.  Perhaps the spray I use on them really works!

Just finished another book by Mary Kubica.  She writes thrillers, no doubt about that, I just have to keep listening even if it is late at night or I am cleaning or whatever.  What would I do without my books.

It is time to start summarizing all those black books on my shelves and finish my life, once and for all.  I wonder if I am up to it.  I was looking at the years 81 to 90 for the dividend I should have received from the stores as Carole and Marilyn said.  I do not remember it and I can find no reference to it at all...and as I read through some of the letters, I could not remember very much of what I read. However, I do have some vivid learning memories about the loan business which I never wrote down so now is the time.  Why does it matter, it matters to me, that is why.  It is time...to write about the Business...

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Mitch, Bahia and Matt

Mitch, Bahia and Matt didn't get here until early Saturday morning, it was almost and all-nighter for them.  So they were really tired on Saturday.  I really like Bahia, such a lovely girl, she and Mitch seem to enjoy one another's company so much, I am glad they have found one another.

They went to Rec 1 and Rec 2 in the afternoon and Mitch bought me the rest of the things I needed for supper.  We had Karen Price's Chicken Enchilada outside with muffins and they really liked it.

Sunday I fixed them my gluten free waffles, scrambled eggs and bacon and then Matt and Mitch started on the wood and got quite a lot done.  They went fishing and brought back a Buffalo Chips Pizza, two, in fact and I had my quarter of Jalapeno Popper.  So good. I also had a loooong nap, I get so tired, especially my feet.

 Bahia showed the boys she could chop would, too!
Sadie loved having Bruce here.  Bruce gets really nervous when the boys are gone.  For awhile she sat on the side of the house watching for them, then the front of the house, then inside at the door, looking for them. He was so excited when they finally came home.  I suppose he thought they had left him.

Anyway they had to get out of here by late morning so we never did have out taco meal.  I finished the day watching Park and Recreation.  I don't know why I did not watch it when it was on...I did not realize who Amy Poehler was and how funny she was.  It was very enjoyable, Mitch got me on to it.

I so enjoyed having the boys and Bahia here, Mitch found his Magic Cards, surprisingly enough, they do not have much left around here but they were in a backpack.

Friday, July 01, 2016

Now That is Just Mean...

Yesterday I had the infection in my mouth again!  Come to find out Nasacort which I have been using while working in the pine trees can kill the good bacteria as well and make you vulnerable for infection...and as Dr Tonya says,  my immune system is not working too well.

But I had given up on Golden 1 coming through and I thought it was strange they did not at least let me know but...anyone as I went off to the Walk-in Clinic I retrieved my mail and there were two letters from Golden 1 and one said I had been approved for a $10,000 loan.  Wow, that is great, I will have a payment of about $212 and the water heater would be paid for and all my cards paid off.  A good start again!!!  I was elated.

By the time I got back from Chester it was too late to call.... so in the morning...I finally figured out how to get a person...not easy on their answer call...certainly not the way I remember it when I was working in Sacramento and used them all the time.

Anyway I finally got a person and she looked my loan number up and then asked, "Would you like to sign on-line or go down to the Susanville Branch?"  Wow again, sign on line, and that is it...how simple.

Then, oh, wait a minute she says...there was a note added on the 27th and they will not count any your other income because it is not on a tax return...you will need to get a co-applicant.

Whaaat...not that is just mean, to get me all excited and think I have money and then bring me way down with that.  I don't have a co-applicant...I would rather have not heard anything at all.  So depressing.

John Hardy Memorial Hike 2015

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