Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Linda Was Here!!!

Had  a whirlwind week with Linda here and loved every minute, there was the Republican Convention  to watch, beautiful weather, and lots to eat.  When Linda comes she always jumps in and does what needs to be done, and there is always something that needs to be done!!  This pic is just before we left for Reno to take her home.  

While she was here more groceries were bought, carpets were cleaned, the front steps stained, Venetian blinds actually taken down and washed and windows cleaned, new mailbox mounted, two loads of yard waste taken to the dumps, Sadie taken for a loooong walk, and we went out to eat at Happy Garden, her treat.  Wow, how did so much get done????
We also had lots of fun conversation, the one thing I miss when I am alone.  Now my fridge is full and I am catching up on paper work, sleep, and reading.

While Linda was here, more lilies bloomed, but I wonder why were so many lilies bare of a bloom at all?  I have used the deer repellent a lot!

But I noticed some other things besides the lilies low down were eaten and today I saw one of those ugly jack rabbits hop out of the yard. They must be eating some things when Sadie does not see them.

Wish I had their pix, they are so ugly, not the cute little bunny types who hop around Marilyn's yard.

One thing that has been a problem is the umbrella on my porch.  Matt figured out why the other umbrella stand would not work on it, so I had Linda help put it back under the picnic table umbrella and on the way home from the airport I dashed in to see if Rite Aid had any stands and lucky me, there was one left and it was on sale for $15.

Now after the summer is almost over the umbrella can stand without moving the table around, and the table can be used for eating, yea!!!

Hard to see, but the bird bath has been getting lots of action, saw a huge blue bird take a very leisurely bath one day.  I should learn their names.

While Linda was here, I had a long talk with Jeanne at Treeo and she loves it there!!!  How great.

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