Saturday, April 29, 2017

In Remembrance of Len

My sister Carole's husband Len passed away at 5:40 am today April 29, 2017.  She said she had a feeling last night that he was near the end, his breathing was raspy.  He had fallen asleep on the couch and was very peaceful the whole night and then gave a final gasp in the early am.

They had rearranged the furniture yesterday to make room for the wheelchair.  They had decided not to get a hospital bed and not to put him in a home for his final days.   All her children gathered except for the ones in Florida.  He was cremated and they talked of having a Life Celebration in the summer at Makoshika outside of Glendive.  There were over 150 loving messages from their many caring friends on Facebook.  Len had recently celebrated his 79th birthday so he did well.

Len and Carole were married June 20, 1964 in Pacific Beach, California so it would be their 53rd Anniversary this coming June.

Carole and Len met at the San Diego Stake Dances when Carole was teaching kindergarten in San Diego.   Their wedding was held in the 7th Ward Chapel and the reception on the patio.   Many of her students and their parents were there.  We then had a luncheon and our home in University City.  Jeanne and Stan and family plus Mary and Dick and family and Mom and Dad had all traveled down for the wedding.  Marilyn and David missed it.

The following day we were all at the Pacific Beach beach and here comes Carole and Len.

Carole and Len joined us at the Pacific Beach the following day as they did not want to miss any of the family time together.  It was such a fun family gathering.  There were some sunburned boys though!

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