Thursday, December 14, 2017

Both Graduating from BYU Idaho!

How time flies!!!  Both Tanner and Marissa are graduating from BYU Idaho this week and family will be in attendance!!  Marissa is graduating in Nursing and Tanner is graduating in Pre Med!!  Congrats to this super couple.

Being Awarded Her Masters!

Melissa is being awarded her Master's Degree this week in North Carolina where she works in administration at a North Carolina college in Asheville.  Several family members will be in attendance!!  Congratulations to Melissa!!

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Hardy Christmas Party--Saying Farewell

Johnny, Maria, Matt and 

Hardy Family Christmas Party-White Elephant Gifts

Keira, Meagan, Eden, Janet

Jimmy, trying on Ugly Christmas Sweater Gift

Matt and Eden, Maria

Nico, Keira, Meagan

Charli, Camber, Linda, Keira and Meagan

Lea and Friends on Couch, Camber

Kelsi and Lea's friends

Meagan and Nico

Hardy Family Christmas Party--Eating

Matt, Meagan's husband, Camber

Craig, Matt

Matt, , Meagan

Maria, Janet, Linda

Linda, Gary, Johnny

Meagan, James

Hardy Family Christmas Party

 These are pictures taken as people arrived...

Matt brings a date and we all like her alot

Johnny, Maria's husband

Matt and new friend 

Teenager Jimmy

Camber, Jimmy's wife

Matt and Craig and


Meagan, Maria, and Amy

Grandpa Gary with Charli--

for some reason my pictures are all Blurry?????

Saturday, December 09, 2017

Sweet Charli

Saturday Linda said she was sitting Charli so I drove over to get better acquainted with her.  She is so cute, she put up with me but clearly wanted her Grandma.

I am so delighted that I have found all these back routes to everything I want to go to.  I especially like the El Camino Real down and from Encinitas and the Old 101-Torrey Pines-Genesee to UTC or Maria's house or anywhere in La Jolla/Pacific Beach.  To Linda's house I traveled on the 101 too, but it is not too bad on the freeway either.  

Thursday, December 07, 2017

Del Coronado Hotel

Visiting the Del Coronado Hotel at Christmas has been a favorite of mine since my school teaching days and we had to take the ferry to see it in those days.  This year they have an upside down tree and the Massey children have already been there!!

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Getting Ready for Christmas!

Linda posted a comparison pix of her two daughters and their husbands.  Which one wore it better last year?  I think it was decided they all look great.  When I was shopping at Target today (I can get there on the back roads very easily!) I noticed they had these pajamas on sale.  So cute!

Meagan posted Keira at a cookie decorating party and the girls were singing a song which I did not know.  Why do I not know the Christmas songs anymore?

Eden is helping decorate their home with Christmas lights!  Next Sunday is the Christmas party here on the 10th, how time flies.

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

You Forgot Your Age?

I keep forgetting to take pictures but worse than that, I forgot my age, I can't believe it.  George, from my childhood, noted in response to my Christmas Card that I had the wrong age on my Letter!!  And the funny thing is I had had lunch with Gary and his Mom Shirley and when we were comparing notes and she said she just turned 83 and I said I was turning 84 in January.  Later than night I realized what I said was wrong, I will be 85! So stupid.  And then George tells me I have the wrong age on my Christmas letter which I have played with, edited and reread several times!!!  This is definitely a worrisome thing.

So far, no one else has noticed or cared or even read it for all I know.  Why do I like to write my card each year?  I think it is more of a milestone to record for me.  I have my Christmas memories since 1960 in books and still like to get them down from time to time and remember.  Obviously my memory is going, so I was wise to keep a record.

Saturday I had a fun day with Linda and Maria, we went to lunch at North County Fair and then drove to Canterbury Gardens in Escondido.  My friend Diane from 7th Ward started that Christmas store when we were still raising our families.  Her one son took it over and it is bigger than ever.  We did not buy anything but so fun looking.

Maria and I went back to North County Fair and did some shopping.  I found out the size 10 jeans do not fit me so have to try some 8s!!!  Maria found a necklace and earrings she let me get her and helped me pick out something for Melissa's Master's gift.

On Sunday James's coworker Gary took his Mom and I to lunch in Oceanside and it was a fun time talking to her mostly.  She showed me her Section 8 housing and it is very nice.  She has a large CD collection also and a Bose to play them on!  Gary told me there is a Bose outlet in Solana Beach I think.  I will have to find it.  The lunch was a Brunch and I had prime rib, haven't had that in like forever.  Another of James's coworkers came to our table and told me I was a beautiful woman.  Nice to hear at any age, even if it was flattery.

The family is back and this is a big house, you cannot hear each other by calling so have to go find where someone is...Sadie keeps hearing something and thinks she is missing out when we are taking our nap or in bed or whatever.  I continue to be up and down the stairs a lot and it seems to be ok for me so that is good.

James started watching "Big Little Lies" on the plane so came to my room and wanted to find it on my Roku Tv and we found it on Amazon but had to pay for it to watch...I now have to go back and finish episodes I missed when we started on his Episode 4.  It is a very well done series though and I think it is admirable that these lady actresses are taking control and producing their own shows.

Sunday, December 03, 2017

Post from Hawaii

So today at lunch I learned that Lea and Kelsi are also skateboarders and then comes a post of Kelsi to prove it.

Lea had a friend visit while she was over there, such pretty girls.

Nice Picture of Matt

Nice picture of Matt enjoying the sunset!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Seaworld for Maryanne

Maryanne went to SeaWorld and surfed with Santa!!

Two Guys and and a Gal

So while the James, Camber, Lea, Jimmy and Kelsi  are off in Hawaii for the week visiting Jacob, who is attending BYU Hawaii, I am spending the week with the dogs.  Bear and Sadie know each other from previous visits and are about the same size.  They love to tuzzle.

Hamilton is the larger dog and not so familiar to Sadie.  However, Bear is always barking at Hamilton as if Bear is his boss.  This goes on for awhile until Sadie starts getting after Bear when he hazzles Hamilton.  It is a riot to watch the dynamics of these sweet dogs.  All are very loving.

Now that I have been feeding them for over a week and walking around the property with them a few times a day they are liking me and I cannot sit on the couch without them all competing for my attention.  Bear even likes kisses!

Sunday, November 26, 2017

The Brow Bar and Charles Dickens

Saturday, Maria picked me up and we went to the UTC Mall.  They keep adding things and making it a very fun place to be for all things.  We first had lunch at the Veggie place (more about that later) and then to Macys for me to update my Estee Lauder  makeup which I have been buying there for years.

Then we wandered to the brow bar.  Now we all know there are weird changes in old age.  One is to the brows.  They go all over the place and disappear so you have a mess to contend with.  One lady demonstrated on me a brow pencil she thought would help.  Maria captured the result in a pix.  It was fun and Maria bought me the pencil for Christmas, good to do shopping for something someone wants!  Oh, and surprise I had an old Macys gift card in my wallet that paid for my makeup and gave me change back.  How great is that!

By that it was time to go to the movie Maria had selected and UTC has a nice new comfy theater with the lounge chairs!  It was the story of the man who invented Christmas as we know it.  The story of Charles Dickens writing The Christmas Carole and getting it published and sold before Christmas that year.  It was in under six weeks I think.  Great movie!

I was having an unselttled stomach, too many raw veggies?  Anyway Saturday ended well.  However, onI Sunday morning my tummy was in pain and wow, what a blowout I had, the worst in eight years!!!  I have been so careful but eating out all this week, was that it, or was it something in the veggies?  Hard to say but it scares me when that happens.  I will call tomorrow and see if I can get in to see a specialist at Scripps while I am here.  Need some answers.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Thanksgiving 2017

Thanksgiving Day was simple and delicious.  Johnny, Maria, Matt and I ate at Hennessey's in La Jolla.  They had a typical TD menu and I only cheated by eating the cranberry sauce.  We had a lovely dinner and told each other of many of the things we were thankful for in 2017.  It has been a good year!

Then we walked around La Jolla.  The Christmas lights are on and we have had spectacularly warm weather, nothing me in my white!!!  It was a very lovely day.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The Del Mar Scene

I can't believe the time has gone so fast and I have not had a minute to update in here! Maryanne and I got off as planned from Chester on November 20 after my home teacher Joe M came over and helped get the water turned off at both my house and street and put antifreeze down all my sinks, toilets in the house. I would never have made it in time by myself, that is for sure!

Maryanne drove all the way to Ventura where we stayed overnight at her daughter Sarah's house. I got Gavin's bed and Maryanne had a couch. We both slept very well after eating out at a Mex restaurant La Parilla. Enjoyed meeting Sarah and family, such darling boys. We arrived in Del Mar at my son's house around lunch time. No one was home and everything was askew. They were leaving the next morning for Hawaii!

Later in the day James moved furniture around and Kelsi moved some more things out of her room and a cleaning lady put news sheets on the bed and I was settled in Kelsi's room with a nice view of the pool and the sun streaming in.  Should enjoy the winter here!

At night we went to Morgan's Run and had dinner with some new members of the Church and the missionaries.  It was fun visiting with the Mom, she is a digital marketer, and she does it from her home. This was something totally new to me. The salmon I had was delicious! James is the Mission Leader of his Ward and so was treating everyone.

The next day both Kelly and Amy dropped by and I met Kelly's husband Collin and little Charli for the first time. I must start taking pix if I am to remember my life!  Charli is a doll and she has no fear of strangers, I even got the biggest smile ever just as she was to leave. Amy and I talked about my intestinal problems, she is a Nurse! Kelly and Collin helped me set the clock on the microwave and brought in the garbage cans from the street. They are perfect together! So fun to have so much family around!

The next day there was a email from Sarah and pix of her in the Mexico MTC

Meanwhile, I am taking care of the dogs Bear, Hamilton, and Sadie. Wow, more about that later!

John Hardy Memorial Hike 2015

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