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Friday, August 18, 2017

Happy Birthday to John! His Grandchildren Visit!!!

We called him Johnny during his baby years and such an interesting child he was.  It was such a struggle to get him into the world and he left so easily, so young at 43.  He would be 57 today.  How quickly time passes, but he would not be wasting his time away the way I am.  He always had such a passion for life, he lived a full life in his short years I am glad for that but he never got to meet his grandchildren.

Meagan and Matt brought their three children, Keira, Eden and Nico, to visit this week and I enjoyed having them so much.  So much noise and activity compared to my quiet life.

The first day their Mommy help them build teepees out of the wood pile that is never ending here!!!!! In the afternoon they went to the beach for building sand castles and took fifth place in the contest I think Keira said and then in the evening back down to the beach around the new fire pit for smores!!!

 On Monday evening when we ate at the picnic table I put a cloth on the table and I thought it was cute that Eden came running up and said, "Beautiful!!!"  She then found the potted flower I had had on the table and brought it over to finish "the look".

 On Tuesday they were able to take advantage of the swimming lessons and since there were few participating this week Keira only had two in her class, which was fun,  and Nico and Eden had private lessons with Mommy and Daddy participating.

They also took their bicycles to the west side of the lake to see what that was like...and at night they watched a movie while Mom and  Dad had a rare night out.

On Wednesday they took out a boat and left Nico home where he slept a long time in the quiet house but was a little bewildered when he woke up and found only Great Grandma and Sadie with him.

 Keira got to drive!!!  Reminds me of when Richard used to love to take everyone out on the big boat at Big Bear in the afternoons when we were there.  That lake was cold and windy in the summer though not like the "Mediterranean like" Lake Almanor is.  No swimmer's itch this summer and lots of water, so good summer to visit.

 Also on Wednesday they made handprints except Nico made a footprint and the next morning they took a lot of time painting them.  I was amazed how patiently they sat and painted so carefully.  Thanks to their Mommy of course for all the prep work!!!

They seemed to have lots of fun playing in the big back yard with all its dirt paths and such and I am sure the neighbors have never heard so much noise coming from my house.  No complaints though and they even kept their dogs inside most of the time.

 Just before the Masseys left on Thursday morning we took pictures...

And here I am alone again working on the puzzle they brought me...

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Maria, Mitch and Bahia Surfing at Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach is the first beach I became acquainted with in San Diego.  We stayed at the Ocean Beach Motel while we investigated San Diego for teaching.  I loved the white sand.  Later when we came to the beach every Saturday this and Mission Beach were the beaches we came to.  This is when I was single.  When Richard and I married we lived at Pacific Beach the first year or so and that was our preferred beach.

This was Bahia's first time.

Love the colors in this pix, very nice.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Precancerous Treatment on the Face

Last year I was zapped by the dry ice and this year it is the Flourouracil Cream.  This is put on Monday through Friday night for four weeks.  Not sure I have pictures from before but I had gone to the spa with Maria and Linda and the heat I think made them blister.  Yuck! We will see if the cream does a better job...good grief as if old age isn't humiliating just never ends.  What is the purpose .....?????  Think of a baby's skin, ahhhh so jealous.

Geraniums with Over18 Blooms Each Ready to Blossom

 These two pots each have two geranium plants and I experimented last winter by bringing them indoors and letting them sit on the sunny window sill (like I had seen in Norway) all winter.  Not only did they live but they are blooming like my geraniums have never bloomed before.  I put them outside in late June when our long winter finally warmed up.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Recent Sightings of the Masseys

Nico celebrated his Mom's 37th Birthday!

Keira loves maps and this is a huge floor one.

Good picture of Meagan's family at her step sister Malini's graduation.  Jennifer has five very beautiful daughters.

Matt's new ride!

Keira's Class and she is front and center.

Happy clean children.

Keira and those on the beach at night.

Happy dancer.

Keira is old enough to sell girl scout cookies!

Happy Nico!

At the desert with cousins.

Her auntie's dog I think.

Guess Who.

Keeping Up With the Stewart Children

I actually have not been very good at getting all the pix I should but here a few recent ones.  In the summer the grandchildren with Momma Kristi come to visit their Grandma Linda and Grandpa Gary often.  Molly has a fascination with the railroad that runs nearby.  

Brynn and Molly

Wonder what place this is.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Tanner and Marissa Update

Tanner and Marissa are with her family in the Tahoe area this week so there have been lots of cute pictures of them and time to catch up on others I have.

Tanner has passed his premed test and is looking for a Medical school to attend.  What a power couple as these two have been at BYU Idaho for the past three or four? years.

Such a darling couple, they could be models instead of Medicals...

Marissa's family and extended family have been vacationing in Tahoe for around 50 years.  They really love it.

Marissa will get her Nursing Degree in December from BYU Idaho.

Tanner was on a mission to the Philippines, seems so long ago.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Sarah Gets Her Mission Call

Last night Sarah had Live Streaming on Instagram while she read the memo from Church Headquarters of where she will be serving on her mission.

She has been called to the Chili Santiago South Mission and reports to the Mexico City Mission Center November 7th.  She read me the list of things she needs to do before she goes and asked for help in learning some stories and info from her family history so I will see what briefs I can put together for her.

She said she was feeling very peaceful about the call.  She had been nervous about learning a foreign language but Spanish is such a great language to know, especially if you live in Southern California. I am sure she will do well.  She has three or four other friends who have also accepted calls.  That is so super in this present world scene.  So proud of her and her friends.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Catching Up with Maria's Family

 Always classy Melissa shopping in Ralieigh, N C.

Big news is that Mitch and Bahia are now in San Diego, living in the Ocean Beach area!!  Here they are at Maria's favorite House of Blues.

Hiking at Torrey Pines and Bathtub Rock!

Johnny's parents at Wind N' Sea

Maria meets Charli

Shots of  Melissa in North Carolina

 Melissa with Co-workers

Melissa visits California

Johnny and Maria at the Beach Again!