Saturday, December 31, 2016

Christmas Pictures

2016 Christmas pictures taken from Instagram or my Christmas mail. 

 This is my dear friends the Blackhams who sang at Richard's funeral.  I worked with Helen in Family History and Brian was my realtor as well as I worked with him doing mortgages for his clients.  They are going on their fourth mission, but this time it is in the United States...Atlanta, working with those who speak Portuguese.

Marilyn's son Bobby who married after Christmas such a pretty bride Staci and here they are enjoying holding one of his grandchildren.

This is Marilyn's grandson.

This is Carole's son Jon with his wife Bethany, twins Raina and Sage and son Finn.

Here is another picture of Bob and Staci and her daughter.

This is a picture of the Pulsipher family plus... somewhere in Nevada doing I am not sure what, but looks like they are enjoying each other.

And here is another picture of Staci and Bob with another grandchild.

And two more!!!

This is my brother Dick's daughter Kathy with her husband Myron and they live in Lander, Wyoming.

And her we have Bob and Staci again.  These newly weds take some cute pictures.

Here is Carole's son Hunter with his wife Toni and her daughter.  They live in Florida.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Early Christmas

All Maria's family but Matt came for an early Christmas, so Melissa, Mike and Dave flew in from North Carolina and Bahia and Mitch drove up from Fresno, and Maria and Johnny drove up from San Diego.

No snow which made things a lot easier and these are some pictures from my back 40.

Me, with My Daughter Maria and three of her children, Mitch, Melissa, and Mike.

Mother and Daughter Picture.

Three Generation picture, Melissa, Maria and Me.

Bahia and Mitch, Dave and Melissa and Mike (in back) with Sadie, Johnny and Maria and Me.

John Hardy Memorial Hike 2015

My Life So Far