Friday, October 14, 2016

And the Beat Goes On...All about the Septic

It is a rainy day and the tarp put over the septic covers did no good, the wells were filled with water.   "No problem," said Vince, the Sanitation man, we have tools.  So two hours later my septic wells are all clean and I should not have to do anything for another seven years, not three years or five years, but seven!!!  I could see  all the muck and paper when he was working.  It was full but he said the problem is how it is constructed inside, something needed to be a foot longer or so.  So it was not anything I was doing wrong except 11 years was a little too long before getting it pumped.  Oh, yes, and he said it did not have to be inspected every year and definitely, "Do not put any Ridex, etc. down the toilets!"  It is does not need anything, he said.

Then he said they could put the risers on on Monday.  He would have Stephanie call me.  But then I got to thinking about the guys who did the work yesterday and they suggested I call Greg about doing the risers.  They were the ones that rushed out to help me so quickly shouldn't they have the job?  I called Greg's office and again the gal (wife? secretary?) wanted Greg to talk to me.  He convinced me they wanted to do it and it would cost more but they should use the better lids.  The plastic ones that Vince uses are too flimsy, children can actually stand on them and they break.  So I said I would let them take care of it and I called Stephanie and told her the same.  He said they had to order the lids today and it would be done middle of next week.  It always costs to use Greg but hasn't he always done a superb job and he is very kind and helpful.  I loved the way they trimmed all my trees when I first moved here.

So there goes the rest of the tax money I had saved.  Guess I will have to use a charge card to pay my taxes...bummer.

2/21/17  To be remembered for Spring.  For some reason Greg did not respond, after calls and a letter so in the spring, call Westwood and get this finished!!!  Nathan did cover with plywood so hopefully it did not damage the septic too much to go through the winter uncovered.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Feeling Great

I forgot to mention in spite of having an infection I am feeling great.  I can breathe well, we are walking every day, I have energy!!!  And I am not constantly craving food.  Mostly eating paleo, although I did buy a lime key pie this week and have been enjoying that.

Since it has started to get cold at night I have brought in the geraniums and will see if they will live through the winter, I have also brought in the succulents.  Unfortunately I now see a flying pest from time to time, is that from these plants?  One thing that is so amazing up here is that I seldom see my leaves chewed by any pests.  Why?

I also love the red mulch I have put around the gardens and I have extra for spring.

I just put the new Emily Griffin book on my tablet and am enjoying that.  I zapped a few back.  I love that I can start a book and just zap it if I am not immediately engrossed in it or already read it.

I was very disappointed in "The Girl on the Train" movie.  The book was so well done.  It could have been an Alfred Hitchcock thriller but they blew it...sad for the author.  How do you know who to trust your babies to...?

And the movie I did not want to see "Deepwater Horizon" got the good reviews so we may see that this Saturday if it is still on, hard to find good movies anymore.  We are invited to Susanville as the youth are putting on a dinner from 4 to 6 but neither of  Marianne or I want to go... two hours and food I probably should not eat...rather do our routine of movie, Panda Express and Walmart.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Frustrations of Life

It seems ironic that I, who always appreciated having someone take care of me has had to take care of myself for 20 years now!  Still I don't mind reaching out for help when it is near. Fortunately most guys are very helpful.  The last few days have been frustrating to say the least.  I could not get in to see a doctor in Chester or Westwood.  The Walk In Clinics are closed!  There is only one doctor taking on new patients and all my doctors are gone!!!  What is going on?  I finally had to go to the Emergency Room in Susanville and it appears I am not the only one from my area to do so.  They asked if I was one of Dr. Ward's patients.  He has left. Tonya has left and Dr. Nielsen is now head of the Clinic in Susanville and Dr. Natali, my first and longest Dr, is in Westwood but not taking any new patients!!!

I was in the system though because of the tetanus shot Michael and I decided I needed and because Dr. Nielsen sent me there to get images of the arteries in my legs.  I got very good service and they referred me to Dr. Nielsen for follow up.  I really liked him as a Dr. so I think I will just ask if I can come back to him as my regular Dr, even if he is in Susanville.

Then today I spent about an hour trying to flush my toilet.  Finally I went across the street to see if Will had a snake.  He brought it over and tried.  No luck.  Then he tried the snake in the pipe under the house.  It was too short.  All this took about 3 hours and then he said we needed to go rent a roto router but we couldn't find any place to rent it.  So next stop is call a plumber.  I did not call the one who put in my water heater, too expensive.  But I found a nice little ad and called Womack (Brent) and they came immediately and cleaned it out in no time and told me to call Westwood Sanitation as I needed to get my septic pumped asap!!!

The problem is my septic is cement and it is buried so someone has to dig down to it first and that will cost $225...the two boys that came to my rescue today will also get $140 for their work and the pumping will cost $450.  There goes the money I had saved for taxes.

It seems I am a very poor home owner.  I should have been putting Ridex down my toilets.  After eating an early supper  at Burger Depot (they are closing for the winter tomorrow) with Marianne I went to Holiday and ran into my favorite fireman, who used to be my neighbor and was always so helpful..He said I should be doing the Ridex once a month and have my septic pumped every three to five years.  If I knew this I forgot...But he said if I am putting bleach in my laundry I am just wasting my money with the Ridex so I guess I stop putting bleach in my wash and just do the Ridex.  Everyone seems to know the man who has the only Sanitation company in town.  His name is Vince and he will tell me what I should be doing for sure!!!!  And what I have down wrong.

Poor Will cleaned out a lot of stinky glunk into a bucket and had to take it to his house to flush down.  He is worried about his heart.  He is on medicine that costs $1000 a month and waiting to get in to see his heart doctor.  He is very concerned though\ because sometimes his heart pumps so loud.  He is anxious to see the doctor and find out what is the problem and get on his way to Texas where he and his sister spend the winter and just have fun taking little excursions everywhere.  Will is 90 years old and should not be aggressively helping me with my problems but he is always so willing, I must not ask him anymore.  He will be leaving shortly so I will be on my own then for sure.

Oh, yes, when I was trying to get the toilet fixed I accidentally knocked over my pills and two days worth went in the toilet so now I probably won't get well!!!!!

Why is life so frustrating and running a home so darned expensive????

Aha, it is almost 5 AM and I have been up since 2--I can get so much done at this time when my mind is working and all is quiet.  So I found I had the septic inspected in '99 when I bought the house and in 2005 it was inspected and pumped and I do have the map of where it is for Westwood Sanitation.  I had Indian Septic do it in 2005, a lot cheaper!  So I missed having it done in 2010, so it is definitely overdue!!!!

I also vacuumed up all the debris from outside.  We have all the cone petals falling from the trees and the wind sends it to the porch and steps and with all the running in and out of the house yesterday it was all over my rugs.

Greg T brought back my big blower and he had put on a new plug and it works!!!!  Yea, I could get rid of all that stuff on my lot now if I want to...I wish I had bought a longer red cord, I should have gotten the 100 feet at least, bummer.

So, amazing how many guys have been in my life this week, helping me do all that needs to be done. Even the computer input at Banner Hospital was a guy.

And in my searching and cleaning out of my files I found I had my annual physical in April of this year so not due till April of 2017.  I am putting it here so I have it on record because I will forget.

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Winter Will Be ? Summer was Hotter...

Summer Weather Recap / Autumn Outlook – from Dale Knutsen
"Summer in the Lake Almanor basin was dominated by our typical dry conditions with only a few brief episodes of scattered thunderstorms or sprinkles. The combined recorded rainfall for the three month period from July through September only amounted to 0.77 inch at the Prattville monitoring site. It is not unusual to have even less during that period, even though the long-term average accumulation for those months would be a little over an inch.
Summer temperatures were a little on the warm side, especially August. The average lows and highs for July were about a half degree warmer than the norm. August was substantially hotter, with our average low coming in 2.5 degrees above the long-term figure and our average high running 3.8 degrees hotter. Things settled down a bit in September when our average low was 0.3 degree cooler than the norm and our average high was 1.1 degrees warmer.
The weather prognosticators haven’t come across any clear indicators of what we should anticipate for autumn and winter. Water temperature patterns in the Pacific are an important influence on west coast weather, but there are no strong El Nino or La Nina effects apparent at this time. That leaves the weather models (and forecasters) in an ambiguous state where there are approximately equal chances of a wet season, a dry season or something in between. All of which makes your guess as good as that of a professional!"

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