Thursday, October 13, 2016

Feeling Great

I forgot to mention in spite of having an infection I am feeling great.  I can breathe well, we are walking every day, I have energy!!!  And I am not constantly craving food.  Mostly eating paleo, although I did buy a lime key pie this week and have been enjoying that.

Since it has started to get cold at night I have brought in the geraniums and will see if they will live through the winter, I have also brought in the succulents.  Unfortunately I now see a flying pest from time to time, is that from these plants?  One thing that is so amazing up here is that I seldom see my leaves chewed by any pests.  Why?

I also love the red mulch I have put around the gardens and I have extra for spring.

I just put the new Emily Griffin book on my tablet and am enjoying that.  I zapped a few back.  I love that I can start a book and just zap it if I am not immediately engrossed in it or already read it.

I was very disappointed in "The Girl on the Train" movie.  The book was so well done.  It could have been an Alfred Hitchcock thriller but they blew it...sad for the author.  How do you know who to trust your babies to...?

And the movie I did not want to see "Deepwater Horizon" got the good reviews so we may see that this Saturday if it is still on, hard to find good movies anymore.  We are invited to Susanville as the youth are putting on a dinner from 4 to 6 but neither of  Marianne or I want to go... two hours and food I probably should not eat...rather do our routine of movie, Panda Express and Walmart.

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