Monday, June 27, 2016

Now I Know...

What it feels like to be the one wanting answers.  When I worked as a loan officer for so many years my time was always well used and there was always so much to do and I tried to get answers for people as fast as I could but...

To the one waiting for answers it feels like they just don't care.  I stopped in to the Golden 1 on Saturday to deposit some money and thought I would talk to the manager about my chances to get a personal loan to pay off that expensive water heater and some high interest charge cards at the same time.  She was so empathetic and taking notes all over a little piece of paper.  She thought they would call me around 12:15 when I had driven back home with my groceries.  I didn't get a call so you imagine all kinds of scenarios and I had pretty much decided it was not going to be.

Then today I get a call from the loan officer and she started chatting as if I would know they were working really hard on this and she said we can loan you this much, will that work?  I was thrilled to think they had gotten to that point already without even asking me any other questions.  Then she said, "We will need a copy of the last two years tax returns."  "Oh, I don't need to file any more according to my accountant." I said.  "And it is a Family Note and I would not put it on my tax returns anyway, but I can show the spread sheets from my computer and bank statements with matching deposits.  She sounded disappointed and then said,  "Oh, wait, Kareen said she has another idea."  (Kareen is the manager)

And no call back... I know they hate to work with bank statements, etc. and just keep it simple  and not get creative so I understand,  but now I know how it feels to wait for that call...

And now I remember how much I hated working in the loan business.  I used to threaten to write a book called, "Everything I Never Wanted to Know About the Loan Business"!!!

So, if wishes came true, what would I have wanted to do with my life...well, of course, I always wanted to be a blues singer...but I can't even carry a tune.

Time to listen to a book about someone else's life, mine is not so great right now.  Although Will said he would look at my leaf blower and see if he can save it, and he said my grandsons could use his log splitter this weekend if they want to, and he suggested what to do about those carpenter ants I keep seeing.  Will is a nice neighbor.

My brother Dave this weekend said he gets more help from his neighbors than his Mormon leaders who live on the same block.  "Mormons are too busy being Mormons to be of  much help, but my other neighbors are great. "  Dave turned 89 Saturday and he does most everything inside and out for he and his wife Dorothy.  He said the young guy across the street volunteered to clean out his gutters and had it done in no time.  Yes, neighbors can be very nice...

Back to the Forest

For some reason I am getting up at about 4:30 A M and going to bed at about 9 PM.  I finished the book yesterday by Sarah Waters called "The Paying Guests".  She is a marvelous writer.  Definitely a book about lesbianism, but relationships in general, too.  The funny thing I thought is she had the mother at 55 not doing much physical work at all and needing to be taken care of after her husband dies.  Wow, things are surely a lot different here in America.  But I am not sure what year the book was supposed to take place, that may make a difference.

Finally made it to church yesterday but I was listening to my book and when it was past time to leave and I had just grabbed my purse and left my house in a hurry to get there on time!!!  While I was sitting in Sacrament Meeting I suddenly remembered I had not brought Sadie in from outside or did I not put her outside?  Was she wandering the house or was she waiting to be let in? .I did not have water outside and I could not remember!!!  I don't think I have ever done this before.  After Sacrament meeting I told Karen I will have to go home, I can't remember where Sadie was when I left...I get dorkier all the time!!!!.  I had left her outside and she was waiting to come in!!!!

The neighbor boys next door are up and they keep their dog tied up outside.  Yesterday afternoon Sadie dashed out without me getting her leash on.  I did not want her bothering that pit bull so I grabbed my leash and followed her toward the next lot.  When she saw me following her she actually turned and came back and let me put the leash on.  Wow, this is a switch.  Is she actually trained to mind me now?  Or does she like that I am feeding her better food now and she does not want that to end???  I have no idea.

Anyway it is a new week, end of June and I am heading outside to put piles of waste into the garbage bags and also do the watering...glad I have such important work to do!!! Ha!

Saturday I called Dave and we chatted for a long time, he does a great job doing everything for Dorothy, this is his 89th birthday and health wise they do very far.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Water Heater

I must say my water heater is beautiful and has all kinds of attachments for safety and drainage and venting...and no matches, state of the art, and much safer than my other one.  They were here from 8 to 4:30 sawing pipes, welding, etc etc and the water ( if need be) would go down a pipe and out the house onto the dirt!!  And I don't have to worry about it exploding. So all in all it is a very good thing for me.  If I leave for any length of time I just turn it to pilot and no matches and crawling on the floor to light it when I come back.  But it did cost even more than the estimate so I begged for four months and he finallygave it to me.  So humiliating, but... However I tracked down the ad that said I got 50 free gallons of propane and 2 years free rental on the tank so I have a full tank for a little over a $100 and that is amazing.  Sue found the ad in her newsletter and texted it to me!!!

Yesterday I really got a lot of work down on the back, I now have 33 bags of waste and I have been putting out two a week since I got here and there is 30 more piles of waste to pick up.  There is a huge pile of great branches to chop and about 3 x 8 pile of logs to split.  The drier the trees the more branches fall off I guess and the trees that were felled are quite dry so I will have lots of twigs and hopefully by winter the logs will be split and dry enough to burn.

Anyway James sent some money, yea, so I am off to Walmart;s this morning.  It is so calm and lovely and no hot or windy, perfect weather and the lilies are starting to bloom so great time to be in Lake Almanor.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Stop the World, I Want to Get Off

The Ferrellgas came this morning and installed the new tank.  I chatted with the young man who had severe burns from an explosion two years ago when he was exchanging a tank and a spark somehow ignited the tank, burned him and the house but the owners got out.  He looked really good, has one more surgery to replace skin on both arms, they may use pigskin, he says.  Marvelous attitude about the whole thing, but he has this nerve damage that is a constant pain and that is why the surgery is needed.  Still it is most amazing what they can do now days.  He looked great.

Meanwhile the water heater is still being installed.  When I told the Ferrellgas how much it was going to cost, he rolled his eyes,  "For a water heater? I will never recommend them again, I am so sorry." "He says it is very complicated with propane as opposed to natural gas or electric.." I said.  They have been here almost four hours and it is not completed so I guess it is complicated.  It may cost even more than they estimated.  Certain things that were not there before...etc.  Maybe that is why it went bad?  At any rate, life goes on, I can't afford it but I have to have it so what do you do...I am living too long, that is all there is to it.  Stop the World, I Need to Get Off...

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Super Hero in the way of a Serviceman to the Rescue!

I have been back from Marilyn's and another month in San Diego for almost three months now and have not written in here.  Just let me say I have been working hard...and Today I am feeling very grateful and weepy at the same time.

Last week I decided I should make the change to Ferrell's Gas as it will be cheaper.  This morning a guy from Ferrell's came and as we walked down the hall to check out the furnace register I said, "Hey, you're a smart guy, could you look at my water heater and see what is going on."  He took one look and exclaimed, "You are very fortunate your house has not burned down!" That is when I became weepy.  (There was black soot all over and he turned it off immediately and said the controls were burned out and it cannot be turned on again.)  Why didn't I address this sooner? I looked at it the other day, but my mind did not process to call a plumber and take care of this!!!)

Such a nice guy, I was having a melt down, (Thank you Lord for watching over me!) He began calling plumbers to no avail, plus I would need to buy the heater in Susanville, Reno, or Chico and get it up here....and finally he said I could use the one in town but he hated to see me taken as they are very expensive but they would have the tank and could install it!!!!  Today, maybe? He talked to them to get a quote and he had to take a picture and send them first.  (Mind you, this is not his job, he is just being super kind  because I appeared so helpless!)

When the quote came in, I really became Janet who never cries.  So expensive.  I had called Linda to see if she remembered seeing any of this burned soot and she said NO but she did sweep up some black stuff (burned stuff?, or what).  I asked the plumbing company if they could take payments and the lady asked if I could three--on a charge card I said? Yes, OK.  They can't come till tomorrow and Ferrell's will come after them.

I also had to have three trees cut down.  Evidently the drought has affected the trees (this is an old forest I live in so they say)  They were grateful for the work and would charge only $300--and cut it in logs and stack it.  What a deal, two summers ago I paid $1100 for three and didn't even keep the wood.  My nice neighbor across the street was looking out for me, too.  He found a good deal for his five trees and sent them over to me!!!

About 2 pm yesterday I heard a light knock on the door, I had been napping and just woke up.  I asked if he had come to cut the trees and he said they were already done!!  I had slept through it all.  Did not hear a sound...anyway they were very thankful for the work and the shopping till July, Janet...

Anyway I have been feeling especially vulnerable lately and not too physically well and yes, always needing money since James is having his problems which affect me.  Anyway I always think to myself as I say my prayers, the Lord knows my problems and will send help if I am really in trouble. Well, today he sent help in the way of a super nice service man who has probably saved a big fire in my house.  I said, "And you saved my life, too,"  He said he would not go so far as to say that, but defintely the house...

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