Sunday, June 22, 2014

Moths, Be Gone!!!

This has been a bad week as far as the moths go--went from bad to worse--now there is just one or two that I see, hope they are all not hiding some place.  It has been disturbing to say the least and I can't find anyone to fix my thermostat and make sure the furnace is working correctly.

The other problem is I was taking the broom after some of them in the living room last Sunday night and the plank over the mirror came down on my big toe and that has been miserable all week.  Then the instep began to hurt and I had to wrap that, too.  Limping around but I did get to see "Maleficent" with Maryanne and her grandson Gavin.  It was a different take on Sleeping Beauty but then the whole world has a different take on most things these days.  The things they can do in the movies now is amazing and I enjoyed that even if it was a dark side of the fairy tale.

Friday I also managed to get myself to see "Jersey Boys".  Definitely enjoyed that!!  Some reviews thought it was cheesy--if so, I like cheesy.  I have liked all of the movies that Clint Eastwood has directed.  Love all the great music of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons.  Sad there are always those that take advantage though.  We expect so much from our superstars, not fair to them.

Anyway it has been quite a depressing week in many ways and today I had such a stomach ache and congestion I did not stay at church.  Hopefully I will feel like taking on the world tomorrow.

I have been so depressed I decided the only way to beat it is to do thorough housecleaning of closets and everything and get rid of a lot more stuff.  I keep wanting to simplify my life...I just don't have enough energy to do it.  Would love to paint, paint, paint and stain, stain, stain but I know I don't have enough energy for that but it would be cathartic I think.  Cleaning up your house always cleans up your mind.  We will see how the week goes.

Tonight I am looking forward to seeing the second part of Masterpiece Theater "The Escape Artist".  So scary, I am glad I am living in a gated community, makes me feel a little less vulnerable.

Then there has been all the comments and blogging on the possible church excommunications of Kate Kelly and John Dehlin.  It is so amazing to me the many different opinions on everything.  We certainly lived in a sheltered world growing up, no wonder it was a great life.  We just enjoyed living and not reading about and rehashing everything--that takes too much time out of living now.

To think I lived in a world with no tv, no cell phones, no tablets, no copy machines, no computers, no fax machines, no microwaves, no dish washers, no ipods.  It was a great world of enjoying the outdoors, house parties where we played games, picnics, movie shows, roller skating, watching ball games, dancing, horse back riding, hiking, and oh, yes, dragging Main was fun, too.  Above was a house party just for the girls, and Carla got a birthday present, wonder why Raine and I looked so serious...just our look, I guess.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day 2014

Father's Day today and while I was listening to four children talking about their Father and telling Father's Day stories I was thinking of some about my Dad.

I remember so well in my preschool years standing in front of him at our Cottage meetings and singing "In Our Lovely Deseret"--an old fashioned song they never sing in Church anymore.  I didn't know all the words but the ones I did I loved to sing out.

We went on picnics and he would help us get that strange thick grass that had joints--so fun to play with, I wonder what it was.  We also gathered cattails.  This was when I was in grade school.

He expected us all to work and always had something for us to do--I started putting price tags on clothes at the store when I was very young.  It was things like sox and simple things like that.  He made us all part of everything and never acted like we did anything wrong.  Were we really that helpful when so young?  I remember doing the inventory every year between Christmas and New Years.  Very tedious but no one complained that I remember.

He never yelled at us, did he?  Very gentle.  No physical punishment of any kind.  Were we always so good or did my parents just not believe in punishment.  They just expected us to do what we should and be where we should be it seemed.

In high school he was always at all the ball games and knew our friends who played ball and would talk to them.  He drove me and my friends to many a football and basketball game away from home. My friends thought he was marvelous to be willing to do that.

He didn't get mad at me when I dented the car running into someone else, he just talked quietly to me and had me drive the car home so I would not lose my confidence or dignity I guess.

He never seemed stressed by so many children with needs--just seemed to enjoy the whole family scene.   He had three in college at a time for quite awhile.  Never complained that I remember but he did expect us all to work to share in the cost.

Maria also sent some thoughts about Richard, her Dad, which I appreciated so much!

Happy Father's Day!  Since I don't have one here to send anything to, just thought I'd tell you picked a great dad for your kids!

A few favorite memories as a child:

You always had dinner in the oven for him and a place set on the table for when he came home late (which was often).  I loved coming downstairs and sitting with him while he ate.  He would put bread in his milk...I always thought that was so funny.

He made bologna treats, just wrapped lettuce and miracle whip in a bologna burrito for a snack.

I loved running down the stairs and jumping in his arms, standing on his feet to dance and playing games with him in Sacrament meeting with his hands, while his eyes were closed.  He was so patient and easy going.

Once was challenged to walk on his hands, and he did, right in the foyer at church.

I still miss him and often wish I could talk over things with him because he always had a great perspective and an analogy that shed light in a new way.

Lots of good memories of growing up in our house!

PS--About the bread in the milk.  This was something we did when we were growing up, too.  If it was toasted, we put butter on the bread and put it in warm milk--so soothing.  If it was plain white bread in cold milk, we would sprinkle a little sugar on it.  My dad loved to put his cake in milk--always ate it that way that I remember.

Saturday, June 14, 2014


This week Sadie and I have been battling the moths.  Not cute little moths that put their wings out like cousins to the butterfly but ugly dark moths that have wings tight to their sides when they are resting.  I have never seen anything like it.  The hardware man told me other people have said the same thing.

Is it because we had a mild winter, as Matt suggested?  I don't know but two nights ago I was knocking them out with a broom (about 10 in my hall) and knocked the thermostat off the wall and broke it.  I will have to call my heating man to come fix it for sure.

Two days ago I found out where about 100 were sleeping? in the daytime -- under the pads on my chaise lounge.  I battled them with the broom one day and the hose the next day.  Today I did not see any. Another place I have been squirting out everyday is the top of my lattice under my deck.  Hundreds would fly out of there.  Not too many today.

When I say Sadie--she is the one who noticed them first and was attacking them on the deck and in the patio door.  One day when I opened my front door a flurry of them flew--I opened the screen door fast and they flew to the sun, thank heaven.  Today when I got in my car, some flew out.  How could that be???  I found they had tucked themselves into the rim of the door--so had come from the outside.

I am worried that some may have gotten into my closet but I have not found anything safe to put in there yet. I guess I will have to make my own sachets--the moth balls are too dangerous.

Still, the question is, why are they so plentiful, what does it mean?  And have I ridded myself of them, in the house at least???  I surely hope so.

Big Week for Graduations!

Craig earns his two Masters--in Social Work and Public Policy.  Congratulations to Craig!
He has taken employment with AIDS Project Los Angeles and will be able to stay in Santa Monica!!
Linda made the beautiful quilt for Craig to celebrate his achievements.

Jimmy graduates from 6th grade.  Congratulations to Jimmy!

Lea graduates from 8th grade.  Congratulations to Lea!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Pride Parade

 Why I marched in the Pride Parade?   as shared by Linda

I’m not sure if words can adequately explain why I was compelled to march this year in the pride parade. As a faithful LDS mother, there are reasons why I haven’t marched up to this point. 1) It's on Sunday, I typically spend the day with my family refraining from activities that could be done on Saturday. 2) Let’s just say I have seen pictures of the parade and knew I probably wouldn’t be comfortable taking my children to it, so why would I go?

That said, this year I was compelled to go, so much so, that I had to convince my daughter that it would be good thing to break the Sabbath and expose ourselves to sights that we weren't used to seeing for a few reasons 1) My wonderful gay son is graduating with a double masters this week. This kid is AMAZING! I want to shout that to the world and celebrate with people that get how wonderful these kids are. In the church, it doesn’t really seem to matter how amazing these kids are, if they are gay, that is somehow bigger than any other accomplishment or incredible divine gift they possess. 2) I want the lgbt community to know that I see them and they are worthy of love, especially God’s love.

In the church, I sometimes feel like we are the Priests and Levites that refuse to see the suffering that our doctrine causes in individuals trying to navigate between what their heart is telling them and what their church is telling them. We can do much better! 3) If my son can sit through four hours of conference and choose not to be offended because he loves and respects his Mormon family, I can attend a gay pride parade, because I love and respect my son and want him to know it. 4) Affirmation is a wonderful group doing a great service and I want to show my support for them.

So, how was my first experience at pride? We had a great day! My daughter and son marched with me. It was wonderful to see how happy (and surprised) my son was that we wanted to come and march with him. We met wonderful people that are putting themselves out there to make a difference, heal broken hearts and show love to all people.

People cheered for us. There was a wonderful overall feeling of love and inclusion. It was a great bonding experience for our family (even the ones that weren’t there in person were happy to see us all marching together). Our hearts grew a little bigger along with our capacity to love a little more. Would I do it again? Of course, who can argue with a desire and prompting to show love to ALL of
God’s children?

Well said, Linda, well said.

Monday, June 09, 2014

Our Branch President Loses? Wins?

Our Branch President is a third grade teacher.  He challenged his class that if they read the most books by the end of the year he would shave off his hair and mustache.

 Tuh duh, today was the day!!!  The class won, he lost--wait a minute, doesn't that make him a winner as a great teacher!!!  I think so, anyway hair grows back... I am not sure who they had to beat to win, but this is a good thing, right?

The new President G

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Just Another Stressful? Day in Lake Almanor

It is a beautiful day in Lake Almanor.  The sun is shining and Sadie has snagged a sunny spot to spread out and close her eyes.  Every day CNN shows pictures of the homeless.  I have much to be thankful for.

A tragedy happened earlier this week at a home over on Clifford--not too far away.  A propane company was exchanging a new tank for the old and the connecting pipe? was not secure I guess and the old tank exploded burning the attendant and part of the house and the surrounding trees.  Even the neighbors deck was scorched.  We heard three loud explosions, I was talking to my sister at the time and she immediately said it had to be propane.  I could see the smoke but did not go to look, the roads are narrow and there is not room for lookyloos.  Evidently the last two explosions were the tires on the propane truck...? Yes, one more thing to be thankful for, my home is secure today and I am safe and well.

I noticed two sick trees on my lot--one more expense to look forward to--I guess the thing to be thankful for is they have not been marked with X's yet--when that happens, action must be taken.  Maybe it won't happen until after I figure out how to get the garage door taken care of.  There is still several months before winter.  I love summer in Lake Almanor.

My project for the week has been taking out the foxtail weeds which took over because I was not paying attention.  It may take me a long time.  I find if I bend over too much, I cannot straighten up and my back hurts but If I sit on the ground I can do it without too much back pain.  I have a terrific shovel that goes under and then I can easily tear them away.  I just can't do too much at a time--oh how much I neglected to be thankful for the energy and strength of youth.  I am so thankful that for most of my life I have been healthy and energetic.  Work was never a problem for me.

Carole just called--another blessing in my life--sisters!!!  Someone you can tell your troubles to and they listen and empathize--don't condemn or avoid, just listen and share theirs, too.   Carole even reads my blog and thinks it is interesting, I think she is the only one.   I can remember when I was a freshman at BYU, we each had a person, mine was a professor, we could schedule a time to talk to, just a listener, someone who cared.  Bet they don't have the ability to do that today.

Carole may have to have knee surgery--another blessing--I do not have knee problems.   Well, I did have when I first came here--we were cleaning the house and getting rid of the mildew and preparing it for stain and I got "housemaid's knee"  but I don't work that hard anymore.  I quit skiing in the early 90s because of knee pain and then I quit bicycling in the early 2000 sometime because of knee pain. Guess I don't do anything now that bothers them.  When she works she is on her feet all day and that is hard on them I think and plus she has carried a lot of babies around.  I am not near mine enough anymore--sad about that but it is not damaging to the knees.

Oh, wow, I have never run so fast.  I had just told Carole the deer were not bothering my yard and was here writing when I look up and see three big bucks looking for something to munch right in the middle of  my sad little gardens.  Out with the spray--must do that every day now until the lilies have bloomed and died.  They love lilies.

John Hardy Memorial Hike 2015

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