Sunday, June 22, 2014

Moths, Be Gone!!!

This has been a bad week as far as the moths go--went from bad to worse--now there is just one or two that I see, hope they are all not hiding some place.  It has been disturbing to say the least and I can't find anyone to fix my thermostat and make sure the furnace is working correctly.

The other problem is I was taking the broom after some of them in the living room last Sunday night and the plank over the mirror came down on my big toe and that has been miserable all week.  Then the instep began to hurt and I had to wrap that, too.  Limping around but I did get to see "Maleficent" with Maryanne and her grandson Gavin.  It was a different take on Sleeping Beauty but then the whole world has a different take on most things these days.  The things they can do in the movies now is amazing and I enjoyed that even if it was a dark side of the fairy tale.

Friday I also managed to get myself to see "Jersey Boys".  Definitely enjoyed that!!  Some reviews thought it was cheesy--if so, I like cheesy.  I have liked all of the movies that Clint Eastwood has directed.  Love all the great music of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons.  Sad there are always those that take advantage though.  We expect so much from our superstars, not fair to them.

Anyway it has been quite a depressing week in many ways and today I had such a stomach ache and congestion I did not stay at church.  Hopefully I will feel like taking on the world tomorrow.

I have been so depressed I decided the only way to beat it is to do thorough housecleaning of closets and everything and get rid of a lot more stuff.  I keep wanting to simplify my life...I just don't have enough energy to do it.  Would love to paint, paint, paint and stain, stain, stain but I know I don't have enough energy for that but it would be cathartic I think.  Cleaning up your house always cleans up your mind.  We will see how the week goes.

Tonight I am looking forward to seeing the second part of Masterpiece Theater "The Escape Artist".  So scary, I am glad I am living in a gated community, makes me feel a little less vulnerable.

Then there has been all the comments and blogging on the possible church excommunications of Kate Kelly and John Dehlin.  It is so amazing to me the many different opinions on everything.  We certainly lived in a sheltered world growing up, no wonder it was a great life.  We just enjoyed living and not reading about and rehashing everything--that takes too much time out of living now.

To think I lived in a world with no tv, no cell phones, no tablets, no copy machines, no computers, no fax machines, no microwaves, no dish washers, no ipods.  It was a great world of enjoying the outdoors, house parties where we played games, picnics, movie shows, roller skating, watching ball games, dancing, horse back riding, hiking, and oh, yes, dragging Main was fun, too.  Above was a house party just for the girls, and Carla got a birthday present, wonder why Raine and I looked so serious...just our look, I guess.

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