Thursday, June 05, 2014

Just Another Stressful? Day in Lake Almanor

It is a beautiful day in Lake Almanor.  The sun is shining and Sadie has snagged a sunny spot to spread out and close her eyes.  Every day CNN shows pictures of the homeless.  I have much to be thankful for.

A tragedy happened earlier this week at a home over on Clifford--not too far away.  A propane company was exchanging a new tank for the old and the connecting pipe? was not secure I guess and the old tank exploded burning the attendant and part of the house and the surrounding trees.  Even the neighbors deck was scorched.  We heard three loud explosions, I was talking to my sister at the time and she immediately said it had to be propane.  I could see the smoke but did not go to look, the roads are narrow and there is not room for lookyloos.  Evidently the last two explosions were the tires on the propane truck...? Yes, one more thing to be thankful for, my home is secure today and I am safe and well.

I noticed two sick trees on my lot--one more expense to look forward to--I guess the thing to be thankful for is they have not been marked with X's yet--when that happens, action must be taken.  Maybe it won't happen until after I figure out how to get the garage door taken care of.  There is still several months before winter.  I love summer in Lake Almanor.

My project for the week has been taking out the foxtail weeds which took over because I was not paying attention.  It may take me a long time.  I find if I bend over too much, I cannot straighten up and my back hurts but If I sit on the ground I can do it without too much back pain.  I have a terrific shovel that goes under and then I can easily tear them away.  I just can't do too much at a time--oh how much I neglected to be thankful for the energy and strength of youth.  I am so thankful that for most of my life I have been healthy and energetic.  Work was never a problem for me.

Carole just called--another blessing in my life--sisters!!!  Someone you can tell your troubles to and they listen and empathize--don't condemn or avoid, just listen and share theirs, too.   Carole even reads my blog and thinks it is interesting, I think she is the only one.   I can remember when I was a freshman at BYU, we each had a person, mine was a professor, we could schedule a time to talk to, just a listener, someone who cared.  Bet they don't have the ability to do that today.

Carole may have to have knee surgery--another blessing--I do not have knee problems.   Well, I did have when I first came here--we were cleaning the house and getting rid of the mildew and preparing it for stain and I got "housemaid's knee"  but I don't work that hard anymore.  I quit skiing in the early 90s because of knee pain and then I quit bicycling in the early 2000 sometime because of knee pain. Guess I don't do anything now that bothers them.  When she works she is on her feet all day and that is hard on them I think and plus she has carried a lot of babies around.  I am not near mine enough anymore--sad about that but it is not damaging to the knees.

Oh, wow, I have never run so fast.  I had just told Carole the deer were not bothering my yard and was here writing when I look up and see three big bucks looking for something to munch right in the middle of  my sad little gardens.  Out with the spray--must do that every day now until the lilies have bloomed and died.  They love lilies.

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