Friday, May 30, 2014

Update on Mike

Had a long conversation with Mike.  He was on his way to Amityville? for a Metal Concert.  He was geared up for seeing a few good fights he said.

Mike works for a medical company at a prison and he has the 3 pm to 11:30 pm shift and sees some interesting things.  I am glad he is so big and can take care of himself, there is evidently a lot of arguments.

He must be doing an excellent job.  He received the Employee of the Month award!!  His job is to give out the medication to the patients so he goes all over and sees things the administrators should see--but of course, they do not want his opinion...that would be too logical.

He said he has been getting a lot of overtime, tries to stay under the radar, never be late, and never miss a day!!

Mike has also settled into his attic loft with a new bed and a little furniture.  He really likes it but he does sleep in the daytime and the noisy jets overhead can be a problem.  He shares a bathroom but he says that does not appear to be a problem so far.

He shared a lot of stories...sounds like an exciting job. Be careful, Mike!!!  Hope he continues to keep in touch.  I told him Melissa was headed that day for North Carolina so they may be just about 7 hours apart in their east coast homes.  Asheville is more inland near the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee and Annapolis is on the Chesapeake Bay, of course.

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