Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Yea! Fish Tacos in Chester!

I finally tried the fish tacos at the "Locker Room" and I love them.  I can see that will be where I get my weekly fish.  They are only $2 on Tuesday.  I did not understand that today so I got the Sr Special which they have every day which was Taco and fries.  I ate most all the fries, too, they were some of the best I ever eaten.

I talked to the owner and she said they moved here four years ago from San Diego and so when they bought the Pink Cadillac and turned it into the Locker Room 14 months ago they brought their favorite dishes from San Diego.  She said they were surprised that the Fish Tacos really took off up here and they post the sales every week.  So far a day in September is the record with 399 being sold that day.  For a little town like Chester that is a lot of fish tacos! (Note made in Dec: I had a gluten reaction to the tacos because of the coating on the fish.  They made one for me with another kind of fish but it was just not as good so I have not been eating fish tacos every week).

The last time I ate at that restaurant I had the worst hamburger I had ever had!  Marjorie and I had tried it before that and were very disappointed so needless to say I had not eaten there in several years.  So happy to find it is new ownership and the cooking is good!

I also mailed back the HDMI adapter which would not work with my tablet.  Now what to do--I checked again at Samsung and it is supposed to work with my model.  It is supposed to make the videos on my Tablet play on the HDTV at church when giving lessons and it did not.  Now what--decide it was defective and try again or???? Frustration.  The lady at the post office was very kind to me.  The box I used to mail it in had a Priority Mail banner on it from a previous mailing to Michael. She said she would have to charge me $3.60 more because of it.  I said I wished I had my tape with me and I would tape white paper over it---then she proceeded to do just that.  She kept the line waiting while she saved me $3.60.  I was very appreciative and told her over and over.  Very kind to an old lady.  (Note made in Dec:  I later found out it was my charger which was defective and why the HDMI did not work).

Today I was reading a blurb about how Chester came to be.  When Westwood was a logging company town which disallowed liquor and other vices, Chester, in the 1920's and 30's, became the escape valve, providing visitors with liquor, gambling and the services of a local bordello.  It gained a reputation as a "Little Reno".  It was populated during the summer months mostly until Collins Pine Company built the lumber mill in the 1940's and a real population boom began.  (A little over 2100 at the last census) Of course, there are also a lot of little towns and places around it now--like Lake Almanor Country Club which is 8 miles south and has 1200 lots--not all built on yet.

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