Thursday, December 31, 2015

Things to Remember in the New Year

1. Vida used to send us genealogies and family histories from every reunion.  She saw that each of her boys received every one and paid for them all.  I doubt we thanked her as we should have.  It was years later when I came to appreciate them.

2. No matter what, no matter how much luggage, always pay for a cart to carry the luggage in no matter what airport you might be in because you never know how far you might have to walk with it and your legs, feet, arms and back cannot handle the strain anymore.

3. Never buy anything you do not have cash matter what.

4. It's you and you alone who is going to have to take care of you, so be careful...take care of yourself, don't do anything that might make you strain your back, slip and fall, get too tired, get an upset tummy, strain your pocket book, damage your car or house, etc. etc. etc.  Be very kind to yourself and your stuff, you are all you got...

5. Do the things that bring you joy and don't expect anyone else to appreciate that what that is or thank you for it.  Appreciate whatever communication you get from family, there lives are very busy, as yours once was.

6.  Always get enough sleep, eat when you need to eat, drink when you need to drink, nap when you need to nap.  Treat yourself as well as you would your baby.

7. Get out of debt, don't buy anything but food and necessities until you do.

8. Smile and think of a happy thought first thing every morning and last thing every night.  Be grateful for your family, home, car, health, your body, your sight, your hearing, read, listen, enjoy. Gratitude, positive, love...

9. Walk every day with Sadie, she needs it, you need it.

10. Get the oil changed on your car the first time you drive it again.  Pay the other half of the insurance!!!

11. Don't forget your taxes are due February lst...pray James pays you off before...

12. Watch the Test Kitchen and make at least one meal a week from their directions...

13. Exercise more, dance, sit less...

Saturday, December 26, 2015

"So This Is Christmas"

"And what have we learned, another year older....." can't remember the next line.  I do remember the first time I heard that song in 2005, working in Texas after Hurricane Katrina and Rita, driving back to the SBA office after lunch.  I asked my music and computer guru (ITA guy) about it when I got back and he said it was a John Lennon song and not new at all.  I then learned over the next week or so about John Lennon and bought a CD and listened and realized I liked his music. Probably first heard it when John was laying on the couch listening to his music in the 70's.  Anyway what have I learned?..same thing every year I guess,  I just read my post from last year and I could say, ditto, so I will...Ditto to this...

December, 2014 

I enjoy watching all the Hallmark Christmas movies each year, happy endings only!  I like happy endings but old age doesn't seem to be a very happy ending.

I wish I had more energy,
I wish my memory was sharper,
I wish I could move faster,
I wish my shape was better,
I wish I had money,
I wish my hearing was better,
I wish my eyes didn't get so tired,
I wish my hands were more dexterous,
I wish I didn't ache at all.
I wish I didn't have so many wrinkles.

All the things we could do at 25 we just took for granted and never even thought about a day when we could not do them.

The year is almost over.  I had hopes of being totally out of debt and in a more comfortable financial situation, It is not going to happen.  Do I believe in miracles?  I have had a few miracles in my life.  I guess the fact I have a home I was able to buy on my own when I did not even have secure employment is one miracle for sure.  The fact I have a new, safe car to take through my aged years is probably another kind of miracle.  The fact I can get by month after month without enough money is probably another miracle.  I have always wondered if those people who have always had lots of money know what it is like to not have enough?  I doubt they think about it anymore than I thought about wrinkles and loss of energy at 25.

Ha, I remember even at 25 I never had enough money to make it through the month it seemed.  The only time I seemed to have an abundance of money was in the 70's and when I was working for the SBA in my 70's.  I should have saved more or paid off my house as I planned.  Not too smart, Janet.

So shall I wish for a miracle for Christmas?  Why Not?  My life continues to be a Catch 22.  But one can always hope.  No one can take that away.

December 2015

Too late for a miracle for Christmas, maybe for the New Year.  Last year I did not make any resolutions, this year I will. 

Eat less, move more, give up sugar again, smile more, think positive, get out of debt, find joy wherever, "live a life of no regret"...and never give up hope on a miracle!

Back to my music...that always gives me joy.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Texts and Calls

Loved getting texts and pictures on my Smart Phone, I have really appreciated that phone this year and thank to James and Camber so much for providing, I did not dream I would enjoy it so much.

It is easier for everyone to just text me a message and send quick pictures and now thanks to the Masseys I have finally learned how to talk on Hang Out and see them and talk.  So enjoyed talking while seeing Meagan and the baby, Keira, Matt and Eden.

Baby's full name is Nico Liam...I thought they would name him Liam, Matt's middle name, Granddad's name, I like it...Nico Liam. Meagan explained why Liam was middle and not first...Matt did not want it as a first name.

Anyway I sent a Christmas message from my phone with this pix and heard back from many.  Seems I am always away at Christmas but Marilyn and I enjoyed a lovely Christmas Eve dinner with Holly, such a lovely lady, granddaughter of Marilyn.  She works a few days a week as the Head Resident of a home for ladies from 18-29 recovering from addiction.  She explained her role and I can see why she would be very good at it thought she is about the same age as some of them, I am sure.  Forgot to take her picture!!!

Some pictures I captured from phone and internet of Christmas Fun.  I am sure I will capture some more.

The Bishops

The Hardy Boys

Pulsiphers and Rasimas and Valkos

Pulsiphers and Joe

Brusehaver Family

Bobby Smith and granddaughter

Chris Fuqua

The Diedes

Carole and Len 

Chris Fuqua again.

Carole and Twinnies

Megan and Maddie

Steph with twins and Finn.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Fun at the Mall

Today we had fun at the Colorado Mills Mall.  Marilyn wanted to get some exercise so before getting some food at Target we looked for Marilyn's perfume Ombre Rose.  The first place said it was $49 but Marilyn remembered the little kiosk a few weeks ago that had told her it was $35 so she passed it up.  Marilyn is very thrifty.  We walked and walked and walked and finally found the girl in the kiosk.  They had one bottle left and it was $45.  Marilyn asked if that was the best she could do?  I said she had quoted $35 a few weeks ago, could she do that? If you buy it right now, she said.  So that made Marilyn happy.  That perfume has a lovely smell!!!

Then we went into Dress Barn.  I couldn't find anything but they had some really cheap earrings, so I bought them.  Then we went to Christopher ? and Marilyn found three jackets for $19.99 while the same jackets in different colors were $49.99.  She bought the purple and I bought the grey and I have so much I can wear with it,  Good shopping day!!!

I also figured out how to make pictures from the movies.  I can do it on my Windows Movie Maker or in Picassa.  I just download the movie but putting ss before the address after the Http business and then I can capture screen shots.  It was fun capturing some pictures from 1959 which I had never seen before.  We did not take many pictures at that time and they were all in black and white.  I have very pix of Richard at that time and none with Mom and Dad so that is good.  Carole wants me to make a pix of her with Poika...just need to find which movie she is talking about.

Sadie is always begging Marilyn to play with her by throwing the ball.  She never bothers me.  I guess she is used to me always being busy doing something but she has been getting her walks and that makes her happy.  She likes to sit on Marilyn's lap the same way she sat on Jeanne's, in their lounge chairs and then Marilyn rubs her back and she loves that.

Jeanne called today and she was happy to get the goodies.  Steve had found that she had never retrieved the package from her mailbox but she said it was all fresh and good.  She thought I had sent the "Montana" book this year and so read it all she said.  She said it was like reading a good novel!!!!  Anyway I decided I would read it again and it took a looooong time but it was fund to read all that stuff about my first 22 years of life, I am not sure how many people have bothered to read it but I did get some good laughs as well as fun memories revived.  I had a great childhood, high school and college, very lucky in that area.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Pictures With Mom and Dad in Early Summer 1959

These pictures are snapshots from old films that Steve T put on You Tube.  These are from early summer 1959.  I had never seen them.  Bill and I were going to get married and then called it off and he went back home.  My Mom and Dad came to visit me.  This was at the apartment I lived in with other gals in the Hillcrest part of San Diego.

Dad Opens My Car Door, a True Gentleman

I thought it was fun to find these pix on the films Steve T uploaded to YouTube.  All men used to do this for us.  I really liked.

You do not see this very much any more, I cannot remember the last time some guy opened the car door for me.

At the Beach in 1959 with Mom and Dad

I did not remember that Mom and Dad went to the beach with me in early summer 1959 when they came down after I broke up with Bill.  I think they were trying to cheer me up!!!

Dad even went in to the ocean, I did not remember seeing him in a swim suit!

We must have gone at least twice because I am in two different swim suits.

 In the movie, Mom throws sand at Dad when he takes her picture.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Richard and Janet in 1959

I have very few pictures of Richard and I in the first year of our marriage.  We did not buy a movie camera until after John was born in 1960.  I am not sure what kind of camera we had.  But these pictures were taken in December 1959 when Mom and Dad came to visit.   We had eloped on October 23 after knowing each other since the Sunday before Labor Day 1959.  These pix have been captured from the movie film Steve T put on YouTube so they are not very good.

These two pictures are with my Mom.

 This picture has one of my favorite outfits.  I had made the skirt and had a sweater to match with a wide belt.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Christmas Luau

The Foothills Ward had a Christmas Luau tonight and the food was prepared by a Samoan family in the ward.  There was a tuna cream cheese mixture wrapped in a green leaf which was excellent, yellow potatoes, a pineapple and meat sauce over rise, oranges, pineapple.  I thought the food was excellent but no dessert.  No problem, Marilyn and I have so many goodies at home, we do not need more.

 For entertainment a couple who recently came back from Fiji had people use the sticks to make music (Jingle Bells) and then the larger sticks for people to dance in between and outside.  They enjoyed that a lot.  Bobby the organist also had a kind of karoke that worked well.  She walked around with a mike and had people since part of the song "Feliz Navidad".  We went home before they started the dancing to a DJ but he had good music all evening long.  There was a huge turnout, filled about 30 or more tables.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

BabyBoy Massey

Today Meagan and Matt's baby boy was born.  8 lbs 2 oz.  Later named Nico Liam.

There's that John grin.

Sisters in awe of little brother.

With Grandma Jennifer.

Daddy does diaper duty.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Christmas Blues

It is that time of year again when you feel most alone, when you are alone, or you feel that nobody loves you.  It has been 19 years since that first Christmas when I was alone after Richard died.  Hard to believe.  I prayed last night that I would feel joy instead of gloom and think correctly instead of feeling sorry for myself.  It is not true that nobody loves me, but it seems that way.

Luckily a few more ladies took the time to chat with me at church today.  That is always good and then just a few minutes ago I found a lot of comments that had been written on my blog but I guess I don't have them show on my blog so I did not realize they were there but they are all saved, amazing.  I don't know why I can't figure it out.  Anyway it was pure joy to go back and read some of the things that have been said to me, very kind and loving things.  That brings me joy, also Linda liked getting her cookies.  I am always unsure about sending goodies to the Pulsiphers, not sure they will eat them...glad she was happy to eat them.

I enjoyed going on Carole's Facebook and seeing the movies Steve has been putting on.  There were some from 1959 of Richard and I when we were living in our first apartment.  We looked good and happy, he looked handsome and I looked pretty, couldn't have been married more than a couple of months I think.

I am so glad I am not alone this winter.  I enjoy being at Marilyn's.  She talks a lot more to her children than I do.  I don't know why that is, my fault or???  She is a talker.  She thinks I am a talker.

I love looking at the pictures of all the grandchildren and great grandchildren.  It would be nice if I could see them more but I don't know how that could be.

It is cold, I should have gotten to bed when it was still warm...better put on my long thermals tonight.
Sadie likes to wear her coat to bed and then have me tuck the afghan all around her, too.  She loves it that Marilyn plays with her so much with throwing the ball and taking her walking, I think Marilyn enjoys her, too, but does not want to get a dog of her own.

When you are old and alone you feel expendable, invisible, unnecessary, it is a sad way to feel, old age is no fun, today I had such a neck ache and I know it is from bending over and doing the puzzle, but I like to do the puzzle, what to do, what to do.

Christmas Care Packages

    Linda liked her Christmas package, she posted this on Facebook!

    When your mom makes your favorite Christmas cookies and sends them in the mail 🐽.

    Maria said she better check her box, hope she didn't check it on Saturday because I put a big box for her and the boys and Johnny and they said it would not get there until Monday!!!

Eating Out

Today it was very icy when we got to church, in fact, a man came to help us walk on the ice.   But when we left church, the sun was shining and the roads and walks were melted.  We ate lunch at "On the Border" today, last Sunday it was "Outback".  Price about the same for lunch but "Outback" was better.  We did have excellent chips today though.  In RS they had a little brunch but when I saw there was nothing to drink I went to the fountain and ate mine.  I am so afraid I will choke without water nearby.  A little toddler who wanders from person to person spent most of RS with us.  She wanted me to open her bottle and help her drink it.  Then she put her little feet on my boots and loved it when I moved my feet up and down.  She stayed the whole time with Marilyn and I until she wandered over to where they had a pile of fake gifts and took off the bow and brought it to us.  Marilyn told her to take it back, which she did, but it was then stuck to her hand and she could not get it off so thought she better leave us and took the bow with her.

Definitely my eating out has improved while I have been here.  Other places I have eaten are "Montana Grill" which had superb Angus Beef, "Bonefish" where I had excellent fish and chips, "Smashburger" which had the Angus Beef hamburger, which was a little over done, but good... and Jack in the Box where we had tacos and shakes and the mall where we had Chinese!!!

We have bought the Angus Beef twice for hamburger and steak and it is better, costs twice as much though.  Marilyn has a double Foreman cooker which cooks two quarter pounders in three perfection!!!

Marilyn said the Taco Salad I make is far superior to the one she had at "On the Border" today.  That is good.  I also make the Spinach Salad a lot and some of my veggie dishes.  I make my yogurt each week also.

I have done a lot of Christmas baking and sent most of it away but we loved the Ginger cookies with frosting and the new chocolate chip cookie, two new recipes besides the old standbys.  I also have a new penoche recipe which I like better than my old one.  Marilyn collects recipes but I have been doing most of the cooking.  Need to try some more new things.

Sadie was lucky again today, she got her walk, it is so beautiful and warm.  It snows and it melts...

Marilyn Writes About Glendive in 1947

This was a handwritten essay we found with Marilyn's records.

Remembrances of Glendive and School Days by Marilyn Anderson Smith
(written in 10th grade of high school)

We had a big Tom cat and we all loved him but when Carole was born he either ran away or some people poisoned him.  We all felt sad because we had really loved him.  I think he was jealous. 

Jeanne and I also had a favorite dress.  It was red taffeta and I liked mine very much.  I have my picture taken a number of times in it.

When Carole was born we needed a larger house so we moved to the heights where we still live.  It's on a hill all by itself so we call it "the house on the hill".

The next morning after we got the furniture there we went on a trip to Ogden.  All we had in the bedroom was the bed and it certainly looked funny.  We left at two in the morning so we didn't get much time to enjoy it.

We were only a half block from the pool so when we got back we spent most of the time swimming. We had hated to leave our friends but since we could still visit back and forth, it wasn't so bad.

We went on a lot of hikes, too. As we were just a little way from the hills.

The big event was when we learned how to swim and could jump off the five and ten boards; we'd run to the phone and call and tell Mom all about it.

I was one who loved to dress up, and I didn't always use discretion.  I liked to put a tight belt on everything I wore.  Once when we were going for a ride, I sat nonchalantly with mother's good hat on.  Another time it wasn't until we were all in church that I was discovered wearing my mother's high heels.  I really must have been a trial.

One of the Christmas's I remember was when I was about four and we three, Jeanne, Janet and I received dolls and buggies.  We had our picture taken with them.  Pat and Donna Schultz, who lived next door, got in it, too.

Our first trip back to Utah was a great event.  We met so many relatives that when we went to Salt Lake and the ‘Pen’ was pointed out to us, Janet asked if we had any relatives there.  Of course, we didn't.

The high-light of the trip was having our picture taken with my father's grandfather, who was then 93 years old.

Grade School Days

I started the first grade in the Lincoln School.  The first thing I remember when I first stepped in the room was a girl standing by the window crying.  I don't know if she was scared of us or just scared of starting school.  

My first grade teacher's name was Miss Strate.  I liked her very much and just read where she was chosen out of hundreds of teachers to go to Germany and teach.  We had a double room with the second grade, so some of the time when they had a class we didn't, we went to Miss Russell's room.  I remember the children in her room would always be going to her desk and it seemed that their work was so much harder than ours, but I guess it just seemed harder.

I had a lot of fun in that class.  It was the only time Norma got to be with me.  I caused her a lot of trouble by doing something to make her laugh and she would have to sit in the corner or else in the baby chair the sixth grade had made for us.  I never did.  I don't know why not.  In fact I never did stand in the corner except once for talking to a boy when the teacher had told us not to and that didn't happen until second grade.

There were only two boys in our first grade class, so naturally Norma liked one and I the other.  I made a big fool on Valentine's Day over him.  Once I wanted to ask him something and he ran away because he thought I was going to kiss him.

I went to the first three years in the Lincoln School before we moved to the Heights.

My second grade teacher was Miss Manning and she had had Dave and Jeanne before me so she alternated between calling me all the names.  Once we were skipping around the building with her during recess and she fell and sprained her ankle.  We didn't know what to do, but we felt awfully sorry because we liked her so much.

In the Rhythm Band I played the sticks and the triangle.  I liked playing in it but I certainly got tired of the sticks, da-da da, over and over.

I loved to take my lunch because then we got to drink the milk from the school and play games.
The next year I had Miss Manning's cousin, Miss Faltimeyer who is Mrs. Wing now.  I liked her too and I see her quite a bit now.

The time the river piled up cakes of ice and flooded over was a new experience to us.  We spent the day watching it.  Dick and Dave forgot to go to school after lunch and mother made them scrub the basement steps as punishment.

I missed my best friend after we had moved.  Her name was Norma Fryslie and she still is my friend even though she has moved away.  I remember the first day she moved here, I sat on the curbing across the street.  It was a funny sight to see, she and her brother got out of the car and the first thing they did was run around the house, they went quite a number of times.  Norma said later they hadn't wanted to miss anything.

One fourth of July, Dad had a float in the parade from the store and Janet and I got to ride on it.  We enjoyed it very much, especially since we got to carry a little paper umbrella, we both took turns.

As I grew older, Mom let us go up to the swimming pool by ourselves.  Lots of time we'd take our lunch and stay all day.  

That summer we moved to the Heights and when we got back from our trip to Utah I learned to ride the bike.  I'd start on the top of the hill and I couldn't work the brakes very well so no matter which way I'd turn at the bottom I'd take a flop, straight over the curbing.  After quite a number of flops I finally made it.

In the fourth grade I had Miss Livingston and as I remember it seems we argued almost all year.  If it wasn't this it was that, mostly just arguing about little things, like I said I could see steam and she said it was not but it still looked like steam to me.

My fifth grade teacher was Miss Stipick.  I like her but not as well as some of the others.  Once my eye looked pink to her and she thought I was getting the pink eye, so at recess she sent me home.  I stayed home that day and the next I went to the doctor and he said it wasn't anything.  I hadn't felt sick at all so I just had a little vacation.

That spring we were afraid that gas rationing would come because of the war.  That was the year 1941 so terrible to many people.  On Easter vacation we packed and left.  We planned to leave three days before but Carole got the three day measles so we missed school after instead of before and we had our work all made up for before, too.

During the summer I would swim, hike and just enjoy myself.  It was fun to look forward to school, but often we'd go for a while it wasn't quite as much fun.

In the sixth grade I had a lot of fun mostly because our teacher Miss Gudrun Kolberg made it that way.  She made the work fun and interesting, everyone liked her.  In singing class Miss Livingston chose six people to form a sextet and I was in it.  We sang at church and other places.  That year there was an "Amateur Hour" held at the high school and we sang for that; we didn't win and I certainly felt foolish because the song was such a simple baby song but we got a few claps.

Miss Kolberg got married about Christmas time, so the rest of the year we had Mr. McDonald.  I liked him even though some of the kids that had had him before said he was little strict, but he wasn't too much with us.

G. A. A. initiation (high school) was quite awful.  We had to wear a lot of funny clothes and anything another member told us to do we had to do it.  After school we had a picnic across the bridge and we had to go through town with those clothes on.  

I also joined Rainbow and the first meeting I went to I was put in the bow.

I didn't buy an annual and at the end of the first year I was very sore with myself because I hadn't.  I made it a point this year to get one.

A little after school was out we went to Ogden for a short visit.  We spent most of the time traveling around visiting relatives.  We did get to Salt Lake one day, but didn't have time to do anything but go down one street and window shop because we had to meet Dad, then we sat for an hour in the hotel waiting for him.

On the way back to Ogden we stopped at Laguna, a fun resort.  I was in a dress so I couldn't enjoy myself thoroughly but I had a lot of fun.  The main reason we wanted to go was to ride on the roller coaster and it wasn't working.  That was the first year since the war that the resort was open at all.

Some Pix from 2015

My sister Marilyn in front of her tree.

The pix I sent as my photo for 2015 

A collage I did for Marilyn to send to family.

A collage I did on my house previous to the storm on July 3 when all my pretty flowers were ruined.

A new picture found at Marilyn's house on Dad when in Blackfoot, Idaho in 1919.

A picture found at Marilyn's, I was in the 7th grade!

 I think this was 1951.

John Hardy Memorial Hike 2015

My Life So Far