Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Christmas Letter 2015

Merry Christmas 2015!  The pictures on my Christmas Card this year come from the Birthday Week I spent in San Diego area in January of this year.   Maria had rented me a timeshare in Carlsbad near the beach and Matt, my grandson, drove with me and stayed with me. 

 We spent the week enjoying family with eating out and visiting.  Everyone was there except for three of the grandchildren.

Significant  group events of the week was the spreading of my son John’s ashes from his favorite surf spot “Bathtub Rock” at Torrey Pines and sharing memories about him, remembering Richard, my husband, at his gravesite, and celebrating my birthday party.  Pictures are from those events.

When we gathered to walk down to Bathtub Rock from Torrey Pines Beach the tide was too high so we went out to a Mexican Brunch after sharing stories about John and his love for surfing, hiking, and other things we loved about him.  Later in the day we walked down to Bathtub Rock just before the sunset.  It was a memorable event.

Frenchie Pulsipher, grandfather of the Pulsipher grandchildren was also being visited that week.  His life was also coming to a close and family gathered to visit him and show their love.  After visiting him and Marilyn one day we drove to El Camino Park and gathered to share memories about Richard.  Most of the grandchildren did not know him at all and they appreciated hearing these stories.

At this time of the year it is a joy to think about all my family and how blessed I am that they are in my life.  All of my children-- Maria and her husband Johnny, Linda and her husband Gary with daughter Sarah, and James, Camber and their children Jacob, Lea, Jimmy and Kelsi live near each other on the coast of North San Diego. 

Maria’s children are scattered on both coasts but I always love keeping in touch with Matt, Melissa, Mike and Mitch and having them come to Lake Almanor to visit me.  Tanner P recently married Marissa and is going to BYUI and Kelly P is also finishing her education at BYUI.  Craig is working in L A. 

 I was so happy to be able to be at Tanner’s Wedding at the Salt Lake Temple and join with family in celebrating.  Amy will be marrying Joe on January 2 and I will be in San Diego for the Temple wedding there.  

Meagan, Matt, Keira and Eden are anxiously expecting a new family member in December and I will be excited to see him also in January. 

 Kristi, Mike, Kate, Brynn, Ryan and Molly are living in Nevada but I get to see them at family events, too.  Love all the family and enjoy their pictures on Instagram.

I am spending the winter in Golden, CO with my sister Marilyn.  She was recently widowed and it is a comfort for both of us to not be alone this winter.  It appears it may be a long, cold one.  Sadie is loving it here chasing bunnies and having two to dote on her.

 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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