Saturday, December 19, 2015

Christmas Luau

The Foothills Ward had a Christmas Luau tonight and the food was prepared by a Samoan family in the ward.  There was a tuna cream cheese mixture wrapped in a green leaf which was excellent, yellow potatoes, a pineapple and meat sauce over rise, oranges, pineapple.  I thought the food was excellent but no dessert.  No problem, Marilyn and I have so many goodies at home, we do not need more.

 For entertainment a couple who recently came back from Fiji had people use the sticks to make music (Jingle Bells) and then the larger sticks for people to dance in between and outside.  They enjoyed that a lot.  Bobby the organist also had a kind of karoke that worked well.  She walked around with a mike and had people since part of the song "Feliz Navidad".  We went home before they started the dancing to a DJ but he had good music all evening long.  There was a huge turnout, filled about 30 or more tables.

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