Wednesday, December 31, 2014

On My 82nd New Year's Eve

More than 82 Things to be Thankful for:

Of course my Mom, Dad, Sisters and Brothers--wonderful family--that is 5 things
Then you add their spouses and kids and mine and that is another 20 so we are up to 25
And then you add my children's spouses and kids and that is another 19 so up to 45 already
Ok, add some more children's children spouses and kids and we are up to 55 or so...
And we haven't even counted other relatives and friends so let's say we are up to 70 at least already!!!

Random thought and degree:

Sadie, so sweet and loving, and even obedient most of the time
Portable heater Melissa did not take to North Carolina--in my bedroom, so great
Seneca Health--caring Drs and caregivers. always just a call or walk-in away
Still have relatively good health...knock on wood.
Wood from Greg and Ron,..enough to take me through the winter and beyond
Wood stove that puts out a lot of warmth
Great furnace that works so well
Phone calls from Maria, Linda, James, Mike, Melissa, the Hardy Children
Kristi's phone calls with children all talking
Skypes with Meagan, Melissa and Maria
Mitch and Matt's help with the yard and house
Meagan and Kristi take pix of their children and post

Love looking at the pix of darling grands and great grands
Grandchildren occasionally post pix

I know how to get those pix in my Picasa and Blog and Google+

My computer works good and I have a tablet, too
My eyes still work well and my ears are ok, just not quite as good as they used to be...
I do not ache too much
All my friends at the Church
A hair cutter whom I like what she does
New recipe for gluten free rolls and pie crust and bread which are wonderful
Salt Caramel Gelato at Holiday
New Taquito recipe from Jean
New Spinach salad recipe from Jean
Wool sox I love (and know where to buy them) from Jean
New organ light from Linda
New Christmas ornaments from Meagan
New swinging Snowman to go with my other snowmen from Maryanne
Peace and quiet where I live
Beauty all around me where I live and on drive to Susanville or Chester or Chico or Westwood
Safe and easy driving all around me
Maryanne likes to drive when we go to movies at the Temple
Delicious gluten free pizza at Buffalo Chips
My new Christmas Tree
My new Smart TV in the bedroom
Love of Jesus Christ and God for us all--constant help from them--answer to prayers
Still in my own home,

Well, there is over a hundred and I am sure there is a hundred more.  I think I will follow BOM365 on my tablet and read the Book of Mormon each day and think of at least one thing I am thankful for...Resolution for this year.  Not promising anything about my diet or weight...just eat so I don't get tummy aches or outgrow my clothes...

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

So What Did You Do for Christmas

Christmas this year was celebrated alone with Sadie.  I thought I would go to a movie but I was just happy to sit by the fire and watch Christmas flicks, Christmas music and work on puzzles.

The Mormon Tabernacle Christmas specials from years past, of which I watched about four, were wonderful with all they have added to them.  The Hallmark, Up, and other Christmas shows are always great to watch.

I also have a lot more music from Joanie Hughes from high school and which I never tire listening to.  I haven't even downloaded all of the last songs she sent.

I also have Pandora and of course, the movies on Netflix.

As far as TV is concerned I record everything so I don't have to watch all those commercials.  They are getting longer and longer.

I did two puzzles, one was 500 pieces and easy.   The first 1000 puzzle of Grandma's Attic was quite challenging at the end abut the 1000 piece Snow White was really hard.  I did not finish it until Christmas Eve!!!

For food I mostly had Ham (left over from Branch Christmas Party),  Spinach Salad and Matrimonial Bars.  I had made Mom's Caramel Sauce  for the fruitcake Meagan sent but I forgot about the possible gluten in it and did have a bad reaction so used the warmed sauce on the Mat Bars topped with Cool Whip.  What a wonderful dessert!!

I even ended the year with playing Scrabble with myself--learning new words and I find it quite thought provoking.  I have also been listening to "Unbroken".  I had already read it last year but I wanted to read it again before seeing it, it is at the theater till the 8th.

Seven Years Married

We all had fun at Meagan's wedding in 2007!!

And here they are celebrating their seventh anniversary on the 30th of December.  They planned to go sailing but it turned sooo cold.  

Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Messages of Thanks

One of the things I miss most about losing Richard is that I lost my most consistent mental and emotional support. Someone to tell you that you are ok, doing well, lovable, likable, etc. so when I get a few crumbs of good thoughts from others about myself it is a BIG deal and very much appreciated.  I just edited my blog getting ready to print it and I really, really, appreciated the good things my children and grand children had to say about me and to me on Mother's Day.  This Christmas I also received some cards which validated my life and so I am going to record them here so I will not forget.

Some of the messages I received this year were:

"enjoyed your photos"
"loved your card"
"would love to see you"
"you have a beautiful family"
"loved your letter and pictures"
"you have an amazing family"
"glad we can talk"'
"enjoyed your card and pictures"

"just wanted you to know that I've never had anyone teach me more about leadership than you did that year in the Relief Society and the Road Show.  I've used  those lessons a lot, thanks!!!  I thank you all the time--so thought you ought to know"

"I was thinking the other day about how much influence you and Richard had in and on my life.  You did so much for me and our family.  Thank you for being a wonderful blessing in my life."

Friday, December 26, 2014

Massey's at Christmas Time

 Eden can only watch at the UTC Mall as Keira gets to ride.

Eden has her first visit to Santa Claus,  Who is this guy?  Keira likes him.

Eden decides she is getting out of here.

Keira makes a perfect Gingergread house....

Keira and her friend are checking on where Santa is right now as they spend Christmas Eve at the beach.

Roasting Marshmallows at the beach, a new Christmas tradition.

Must be a warm San Diego night.

Christmas Morning at last--what fun!  Poor Matt looks worn out!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve at the Rasimas's

Matt is there and takes a beautiful pix to share.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Kristi's Christmas Birthday

We can never forget waiting at the hospital for Kristi to be born on Dec 23, 1983.  

And Kristi in 2014 with a family of four.  What a lovely Mom, Wife, Lady, Friend, Granddaughter.  31 years old.  Happy Birthday, Kristi.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Family Christmas Party

Of course, I missed the family party but Maria put the pix on Instagram so here they are--looks like a fun party.  Reports are the ham dinner was excellent and everyone had a happy time..

Kelly and Tanner looking great.

Who is singing and who is goofing off?

Matt and Meagan looking sweet.

Pretty Sarah and Lea.

Reminds me of a movie of Johnny pushing his rocker when he was one.

What a baby doll Eden is.

Amy and her friend? Joe.

Eden and Matt.

Linda, Gary, Kelly and Amy.


Keira singing Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer.

Camber has a beautiful voice!

Johnnny and Maria looking happy.

Matt had just arrived from the airport a half hour earlier, looks very tired.

Jimmy and Jacob with Eden and Keira busy at something.

Camber's parents Mary and Greg.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Miracle for Christmas

I enjoy watching all the Hallmark Christmas movies each year, happy endings only!  I like happy endings but old age doesn't seem to be a very happy ending.

I wish I had more energy,
I wish my memory was sharper,
I wish I could move faster,
I wish my shape was better,
I wish I had money,
I wish my hearing was better,
I wish my eyes didn't get so tired,
I wish my hands were more dexterous,
I wish I didn't ache at all.
I wish I didn't have so many wrinkles.

All the things we could do at 25 we just took for granted and never even thought about a day when we could not do them.

The year is almost over.  I had hopes of being totally out of debt and in a more comfortable financial situation, It is not going to happen.  Do I believe in miracles?  I have had a few miracles in my life.  I guess the fact I have a home I was able to buy on my own when I did not even have secure employment is one miracle for sure.  The fact I have a new, safe car to take through my aged years is probably another kind of miracle.  The fact I can get by month after month without enough money is probably another miracle.  I have always wondered if those people who have always had lots of money know what it is like to not have enough?  I doubt they think about it anymore than I thought about wrinkles and loss of energy at 25.

Ha, I remember even at 25 I never had enough money to make it through the month it seemed.  The only time I seemed to have an abundance of money was in the 70's and when I was working for the SBA in my 70's.  I should have saved more or paid off my house as I planned.  Not too smart, Janet.

So shall I wish for a miracle for Christmas?  Why Not?  My life continues to be a Catch 22.  But one can always hope.  No one can take that away.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Watching a Boat Parade

Here is a beautiful picture of Johnny and Maria watching the Oceanside Boat Parade.

It reminded me of 2005 when I was called out for Hurricane Katrina and ended up in Galveston for the Thanksgiving and pre-Christmas season.  The power was finally back on everywhere and restaurants were back in business.  Our job was meeting with people who had had damage to their homes or property and wanted low interest loans to replace them.  A young man working with us was being transferred and wanted to go to a really nice seafood restaurant he had heard of before he left and two of us ladies went with him. I had Red Fish in honor of John.  Then we went outside and watched the Lighted Boat Parade.  It is a nice memory.


Melissa works for her company with a desk and a computer at home and it appears her cat is her supervisor.  How well I remember the supervisors walking behind us at SBA and stopping to see what we were doing.  It appears that this cat is doing the same thing. Funny.

 Melissa is making some beautiful creations with her knitting needle.  Her she models one she has made for a friend.

Catching Up With Great Grandchildren

Keira enjoys scootering in Munich before coming home.

In their apartment they have a hammock that is lots of fun for Keira and Eden.

Eden is so cute as she climbs in the carriage the only way she knows how.

Poor Molly takes a step off the couch and has to have a pretty pink cast.   She just learned to walk this month, too.  

Snow, Snow, Snow

At first Thursday was mad with rain, rain, rain.  I panicked when I saw a huge puddle over my septic tank.  Not knowing if this could be bad I attempted to make an outlet at the corner of the house.  I made a little headway but there were tree roots holding significant dirt around them and I could not cut the roots.  I sent an SOS out to a few men in the church but probably they were working. I could not reach anyone by phone. Finally Jean and then Ron called and said it would not hurt the septic to have water over it, then it began to snow, snow, snow and there was no more problem.

I hate these moments in my life when I am all alone looking for help.  It is so stressful and there have been so many!!!  It seemed it all started with that first phone call when Richard had his heart attack in 1970 and there have been many moments since then.  It reminds me of the book I read years ago written by the first black student at BYU. It was titled "It's You and Me, Lord"  and that is the way I feel so much of the time.  When I asked Margaret the other day how she does it,  "It's the Lord, baby,"it's the Lord."  She is a very prayerful person but has such a hard row to hoe taking care of her husband and herself.  Since she had her stroke he has slid back and it is so hard for her.

I appreciated so much when Greg called some four days later.  He had been working at the prison and just saw my email...he offered help in anyway.  I do appreciate that so much.

By the time the snow was finished we had eight inches and I could not find the phone number of the fellow who said he would come over and use my snowblower.  That red hat in the picture is him.  I finally found the number and called.  I told him he might be the most important person I met this year. He said that was great because he is not important to very many people.  Problem is how can I afford to pay him each time it snows???  And here it is snowing again.  I think I will wait until Wednesday when the snow should be stopping before I call him again.

I  had a bad week, terrible UTI and then after being out in the rain, sore throat, earache and congestion.  Hoping the antibiotic will heal everything.  The first antibiotic she gave me was a Sulpha drug and I had a horrible heat rash reaction, so many things I react to.

And, sitting and working on the puzzle has given me a backache, and I do enjoy puzzling so much.  I found if I sit on the bed and put the vibrator on the painful spot om my back and press against it against the back board, it really helps get rid of the pain.  It was just in one spot and felt like the shingles, strange!

When I realized I had volunteered to take funeral potatoes to the Branch Christmas Party I wondered How I could hold a hot casserole with two hands and get down my icy stairs without holding on.  So I created a holder.  I think I will keep it around, it may come in handy again.

The dinner at the Christmas Party was really good, the ham was so moist and tender and excellent side dishes.  I especially liked the spinach salad that Jane had made.  She said it was Jean's recipe.  I will have to get it.  I left right after dinner.  I just need to get lots of sleep and get well!!!!  The most important job I have right now is keeping me healthy for another few years so I can enjoy my home.and life.

John Hardy Memorial Hike 2015

My Life So Far