Friday, December 12, 2014

Getting Ready for Christmas

For some reason I was very ambitious and made lots of goodies to send my family and I also made Jar Lid Openers from plastic shelf lining.  I forgot to take a picture but you just crochet an edge around them.  Since the lining comes in a package you may as well make a lot and I did.

The cutest thing I made for Christmas was Bingo games for the great grandchildren and I forgot to take a picture of that, too.  I saw it on pinterest when I was looking for bows.  You use M and Ms for the tokens.  I bought sturdy Christmas boxes to put the game in and typed up the directions and glued to the inside of the lid.  Can't believe I didn't take a picture before sending.  Kristie said they were perfect but they ate all the M and Ms right away.  I also always go to Margie's Book Store and look for almost new children's Christmas books.  This year I had credits from books I had given them so got nine books for $5.36!!

Since I am staying home for Christmas I decided to do a puzzle so I bought a very nice 1000 piece puzzle and though it is two weeks from Christmas I almost have it done.  I took pictures as I progressed each day or so.

Since I won't have a puzzle to do when Christmas really comes I bought another 1000 piece puzzle and it is from a StoryBook Series from China.  It is Snow White and Seven Dwarfs, of course.

I like puzzles better than cross words and I can listen to my books or tv at the same time.  For some reason at Christmas time it never seems like a waste of time!!!

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