Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Messages of Thanks

One of the things I miss most about losing Richard is that I lost my most consistent mental and emotional support. Someone to tell you that you are ok, doing well, lovable, likable, etc. so when I get a few crumbs of good thoughts from others about myself it is a BIG deal and very much appreciated.  I just edited my blog getting ready to print it and I really, really, appreciated the good things my children and grand children had to say about me and to me on Mother's Day.  This Christmas I also received some cards which validated my life and so I am going to record them here so I will not forget.

Some of the messages I received this year were:

"enjoyed your photos"
"loved your card"
"would love to see you"
"you have a beautiful family"
"loved your letter and pictures"
"you have an amazing family"
"glad we can talk"'
"enjoyed your card and pictures"

"just wanted you to know that I've never had anyone teach me more about leadership than you did that year in the Relief Society and the Road Show.  I've used  those lessons a lot, thanks!!!  I thank you all the time--so thought you ought to know"

"I was thinking the other day about how much influence you and Richard had in and on my life.  You did so much for me and our family.  Thank you for being a wonderful blessing in my life."

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