Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Big Black Birds

I think they are crows and they are definitely big, very big, I was telling the Stewarts about these dozen black birds that are resisting flying south (yes, I have been watching the birds fly south) we appear to be right under their path and I see lots of the flocks passing over at all different heights and anyway, these dozen black birds appear to be having a fun time together and are in no hurry to leave.

This morning I was surprised when I opened the drape and they were all in my back yard pecking away.  At what?  What could there possibly be on that rocky patio or that hard dirt ground with nothing but needles on it?  I wonder.  Surely there are no worms close to the surface when it is freezing outside?  What are they looking for?  They all flew away to the neighbors yard when I opened the drapes.

Sometimes they are swooping around in the trees above and sometimes they are walking all around the street and front yards.  What are they doing here together?  Except for the little birdies who built the nest and had the babies I have never seen such a close knit group of birds around here hanging together for such a long time.

Wish I could get their picture but at the slightest sound they fly, fly away.  How does that song go?  And what does that song really have to do with birds?  Now I can't get it out of my head.  Back from the Ella Fitzgerald days.

Bye Bye Blackbird
Pack up all my cares and woes
Feeling low here I go
Bye, bye blackbird
Where somebody waits for me
Sugar sweet so is she
Bye, bye blackbird
No one seems to love or understand me
And all the hard luck stories they keep handing me
Where somebody shines the light
I'll be coming on home tonight
Bye, bye blackbird
Bye bye blackbird
Bye bye blackbird
Nobody seems to love or understand me
And all

"Hangry" in Red

Lea referred to this as her "hangry" face.  Nevertheless, she sure looks pretty in red with her hangry face.

The Massey Family at Salvation Mountain

The Masseys go on such interesting adventures.  I had never even heard of  "Salvation Mountain"!  And evidently, this Leonard Knight spent 30 years creating this 50 ft by 150 ft tribute to God out of adobe clay.  He died in 2014.  I am curious as to who preserves it and takes care of it.  Quite amazing.

Love those freckles.

What a beautiful sky and sea backdrop for mother and daughter, Salton Sea, I believe.

A delightful picture of the three.  Nico is catching up with Eden, look like twins here.

Love it.

I can't imagine the scope of this place.

I wonder what kind of paint was used, it looks like it will endure forever.  Thanks for all the cute pix!!

Happy Anniversary to Kristi and Mike

A fun trip to San Francisco for a wedding anniversary, 12th I believe.

Great selfie with that view in the back.

Bicycling?  How did they arrange that and is that low clouds over there?

Looks like a fun adventure and they have a third party in the mix there.

Happy Anniversary!

Monday, November 13, 2017

First Day of School for the Stewarts

I told Kristi I didn't get enough pix of her children so she sent me these.  They grow up so fast and change so much, I really love seeing the pix as often as possible.  Here they are all smart and sassy ready for that first big day of school!

Brynn, lst Grade

Kate, 5th Grade

Ryan, 3rd Grade with Kate and New glasses! and Brynn.
So good looking!

Molly, Pre-school, so cute.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

My Sister turns 79!

Seems just yesterday she was cheerleading at the ball games!  Here she is with Raina, Sage, and Finn with her birthday card.  This year, besides spending time with the grandchildren, she is also a Foster Grandmother at the Kindergarten.  She gives special attention to those children who need it. Spends 5 hours a day for four days a week, whew....that will age her fast!! 

 Carole and I were both kindergarten teachers and we reminisced how different it is today.  More like first grade, they can read!!!

Interestingly though the classroom sizes are much smaller than California, they were that way when I taught there in 1955 and still the same, only 21 in her room.

Here is her cozy living room, Chris is lucky to have a full time decorator always warming up their home.  The wall decor reminds me of our Mom!!

Talked to Kay

Kay moved to Glendive from Baker when we were in Junior High, that is her with the letterman sweater on...the girl in the kerchief is Deloris who lives next door to my sister Jeanne in Treeo in Orem.

Anyway, for some reason, Kay has been on my mind and so I called her on Friday afternoon and we had such a fun chat.  I meant to see her in Denver when I was there the winter of 2015-2016 but it ended up with just a phone call also.  

The last time I talked to her was early in the year and her husband Al (4 years older? ) was still recuperating from a fall down the stairs just before Christmas last year.  He is doing well now.  Kay also told me Raine and her husband (also 3 to 4 years older) stayed a couple days with them in the spring and they are doing well.  Both of them have been married about 65 years I think.  And then Joanie and her older husband, who they visited in Billings, are still doing well also.  We do have some longevity in my friends from Glendive.

Kay was remembering this trip we went on out in the county where we found a dead horse on the side of the road.  Somewhere I have a picture of me as if I was stabbing the poor thing!

Here are Kay and Al at the 2000 Reunion but I bet they looked just as good with a little more grey hair is all.  Kay has aged very well and they have both stayed so trim!

Story of My Life

Five Months Old

Can't wait to see Charli, what a sweetie.

Jacob, the Surfer

What a great picture of Jacob in Hawaii!!!


Gabriella and Eric F are marrying on Saturday after Thanksgiving.  Congratulations.  And here she is with the huge deer she shot.  Is there anything she can't do.  What a marvel and what a pretty lady.

SCD Know How

 I found a new site that has a lot of new recipe ideas for the Special Carbohydrate Diet, it is called NoMoreCrohns.com and I like the way the author Erin describes what the diet is and why it works for chronic diarrhea.  After years of finding one thing and another that I should eliminate in my eating I found this book a few years ago and it really has all the answers.  I found I could eat quite a few more things after a while but after my bout with all the antibiotics I have had to start all over so am glad to find some new recipes.  Although I don't have a disease I really like all the work she has gone to come up with so many recipes.   Most all the ones I have tried in the  "Breaking the Vicious Cycle" are very good, too.   I made the beans and ham hock and have not tired of them yet, I freeze small portions and I have had no problems with my taco recipe and I eat a lot of tacos with the taco meat frozen in sandwich bags so I never run out.

"The Specific Carbohydrate Diet - in simple terms - was designed to starve out the intestinal bacteria that cause many kinds of pain and inflammatory bowel diseases. These "bad" bacteria happen to thrive on starches and sugars (long-chain carbohydrates). If the food for these critters is gone, then they won't be around to cause us pain.
"The SCD at its essence is a gluten-free, grain-free, lactose-free, and refined sugar-free diet. That doesn't mean that dairy and sweets are out of the picture! Although it sounds similar to a no-carb or low-carb diet, it is distinctly different; the goal with the SCD is to eliminate all long-chain carbohydrates. Short-chain carbohydrates that are allowable come from fruit, honey, homemade yogurt, nuts, and legal vegetables.

The specific foods allowed and not allowed are listed in complete detail in "Breaking the Vicious Cycle" by Elaine Gottschall, which must be read to grasp the major ideas of the diet and specific foods allowed. However, to make the SCD more understandable to you, I'll list some of the foods you can eat while on the diet:

  • Meat (with no additives) such as chicken, beef, turkey, pork, and fish
  • Cheeses which have been aged long enough to eliminate lactose such as cheddar, parmesan, jack, swiss, and brie.
  • Fruit
  • Honey
  • Most vegetables such as carrots, broccoli, zucchini, cauliflower, avocado, tomatoes, and many more
  • Lentils and Navy Beans (soaked overnight and water discarded before cooking)
  • Butter
  • Oils
  • Eggs
  • Homemade yogurt (incubated at least 24 hours)
  • Fruit juices such as Welch's 100% Grape Juice, Martinelli's 100% Apple Cider, and Orange Juice
  • Nuts (many recipes for baked goods are made with almond or pecan flour)
  • All natural Peanut Butter (such as Laura Scudder's with peanuts & salt)
Bacon (crisply fried, once a week)"

I notice there is a conference for SCD in October of 2018 in Massachusetts.  I hope some doctors get there.  They need to know this stuff.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Happy Birthday to Ryan

I don't get to see this sweet little greatgrandchild too often but this winter when I had looootttts of snow they happened to be visiting relatives in Reno and came up and spent a couple days.  They had lots of fun in the snow and I just had fun watching them.

OK, I Am Back!

I used to try and do 30 minutes of dancing as my exercise before I went to bed.  And then I got way out of shape and I could barely do 5 minutes.  And I just did dancing to 8 songs, about 15 minutes so I am going to work up to my goal again of at least 30 minutes a day.  It is wonderful and easy on my wood floor.  Just danced to Acker Bilk music.  I told Carole about him the other day and she had never heard about him either and really liked him.  Joannie Hughs sent me all that wonderful music several years ago, all the oldies plus him...sooo much better than the music of today and so wonderful for dancing.  Yay, I am back.  I have to give credit to the Special Carbohydrate Diet, that is the only thing I have changed in my life in the last few months...feel so good.  And no diarrhea!!!!

My Life in the Techy World

Michael would be very unhappy if he was here today using his computer, the reception is soooo slow.  Is it the clouds and rainy day, or what??

Anyway, ever since 2003 when I was working in Maryland and a Fema lady and I visited a Bose store on our day off I have wanted one!  I almost bought one then when I had the money but for certain reasons which I now forget I changed my mind.  However, one of the gals in the Branch has one and she brings it occasionally to church to share music and I yearn every time to have one.

So last week I found I could use those unused Hilton Honors Points at Amazon and I thought, now is my chance, it will pay for half of the Bose, this must be destiny and so I ordered the Bose and waited and waited (Amazon said it shipped on Oct 31) and waited.

Meantime the other techy decision I had been mulling of whether to get a new laptop (old one is 9 years old, can't open it, overheats, spending too much time and money trying to get it fixed, etc.) I finally decided I do not want to take my large desktop and all the paraphernalia on my trip south to stay for four months, I just have to have a laptop whether I can afford one or not (story of my life, right--I spend too much money on techy stuff but I doooo use them very well!)  Sooo I bought the Asus after conferring with Michael and Fonda and other research.

Still I was feeling guilty about the money.  But the Bose did not come and did not come and then the computer arrived and the first day I had a disastrous time trying to set it all up...was it me, was my mind not working or did I make a bad choice and get a bad computer???  After a good night's rest and a prayer that the Lord would make my mind clear and bright lo and behold I set the computer all up and I loved it, working great, just what I wanted, love, love it, etc.

Still no Bose and it was Nov 8th, they said to call if it had not arrived by then.  I check the UPS Tracking as opposed to the Amazon tracking and UPS said they had the number assigned but it was not even there to be shipped yet!!!!  Whaaaat????

Yes, Amazon does make mistakes, I finally got a rep and she admitted it was an error on their part and did I want the money back or the Bose, I said I wanted the Bose, but finally after lots of time for her to check with her people she said she was sorry but they would have to refund my money, Bose not available.  But... I told her, problem,...I paid for part of it with my Hilton points what about that????  She checked again and guess what we are going to refund all the money even for the points!!!  Wow, guess my destiny is not to have a Bose to play those 200 cds on but I do have Pandora, and Itunes, and Spotify...and I can upload my favorites and oh, that is good to get the refund and not feel so guilty about spending money I don't have.

And then today, guess what, Amazon did not give me the money, they restored my points back to Hilton Honors!!!  Bummer, money is so much better.  Now back to the books of how to spend those points since I do not travel anymore...actually I did look earlier to see if I could find a Hilton facility that accepted dogs and we could use it on our way down south...but not facility that is accepting dogs!  Why do I write all this down, so I will not forget what happened to my Bose....

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Happy Birthday Jimmy

Wish I had a skateboarding pix of Jim today, but I can't do the videos and that is what I see on Instagram but this is surely a cute one of when he was little.

And here is one today when he turns Sweeet 16. with his cutie sister Lea.

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Sarah Leaves for the MTC

Off to Mexico City to the MTC to learn Spanish and how to teach the gospel in Santiago, Chile.  She looks so happy and loving.

Linda has started her missionary site calledtoserveinchilesantiagosouth.blogspot.com and it took me a long time to find it because I was spelling Chile as Chili!!!

Monday, November 06, 2017

David and Dorothy

Picture from years ago but they probably look much the same.  He is 90 and Dorothy is 89.

David called first thing this morning.  I usually check on them so he was wondering what was going on.  I told him I am going to stay at my son's home for the winter in Del Mar and there are just so many things to do before I leave,  but I kept thinking I should call them.  I had to explain where Del Mar was and I told him Marilyn and Carole are coming to visit for the New Year week while the Hardys are skiing in Park City.  I also told him about Carole's new job as a Foster Grandmother at the kindergarten of her grandchildren's school and that Jeanne is a "rock star" at the Treeo and that Marilyn still hasn't decided what to do about her house.

He said all was going so well.  He sounded really chipper, too.  The lady who mows the lawn and sits with Dorothy when he shops and has been their friend for so many years has now taken over helping Dorothy with her baths and that is working out really well.  Dorothy still has a bit of a problem walking but he told her compared to all her friends (they have all died) she is doing very well.  They have one friend who is 93 who comes over once a week to check in with them and another friend who brings pizza every Friday.  There is a helper friend who comes weekly to do anything that they need doing.  He never wants to take any money but David always gives him some.

David says they have plenty of money for traveling now but are very content to stay home.  He is very happy to be in their home with so many friends that are taking care of the snow shoveling and checking on them.  They have a new bishop whom he has not met yet.  The money ($200,000) that Dorothy earned by just investing it and forgetting about it will be spent for the college education for the children of Dorothy's nieces and nephews.  So that is nice.  He has helped a lot of the family on Dorothy's side for years.

He also caught me up on Lorin's children who are living in Idaho Falls.  They all appear to be doing very well.  In fact, everyone I know seems to be doing very well except for me.  I am the only pauper in the crowd.  Thank heaven for good credit, I manage to keep everything going, and with help from Linda and Jimmy, too.  I love being in my home but I am actually looking forward to being away during the cold and snow this year.  It will be fun to come back for summer, though

I have the new tires on the car after Mary Anne and I went to Costco on Thursday.  So glad she went with me, I hate driving that canyon.  The new oral surgeon will not be in until February now so I won't have to worry about money for that until I come back.

Today I called Waste Management, Digital and Dish...all have a vacation program so glad about that.

Dave's friend is 93, I think Dorothy and Dave can live for a long time.  Neither of them have any real health problems and they have a nice life.  He said they do not watch much tv.  He says in the morning Dorothy reads the newspapers for a long time and he does tasks outside and in and in the afternoon they nap.  And he is the chief cook although they were expecting their Meals on Wheels which they get 3 times a week.  He says it is fairly good and they often have enough for the next day, too.

Dave is not at all stressed as he was when Dorothy broke her leg and all the traveling, etc. that that took.  He says they have a new furnace and their home is very well built so I am glad it is working out so well for them to stay home.  He is very happy they are not having to drive to Arizona anymore.

Saturday, November 04, 2017

All Out for Halloween

I am continually amazed at how the costumes and decorations for Halloween get better every year.

Thursday, November 02, 2017

Almost Ready for Trip South

So the decision was made, I would spend my winter in San Diego (actually Del Mar) this year instead of Lake Almanor.  It is hard to be up here alone at my age.  I will stay at Jimmy and Camber's home this year and unfortunately, Kelsi will be giving up her room.  I hope it won't be too much of a problem for Kelsi and Lea to share...their bedrooms are very large and there is tv, and office and table space and just open space on the same floor so it is not like too much crowding except at sleeping and bathroom time.  Anyway, hope I am not too much of a nuisance.  Their home is very spacious and it should not be a problem I hope.

I will miss my own bed and my wood fire the most.  But the beach and sunshine and pool etc are compensation.  I breathe better down there so I feel like walking more, that is good.  I especially love walking on the beach.  I am not sure just how the parking etc situation is in the Del Mar beach area though and it is too far for me to walk there, will have to see.  But there is a dog beach not too far up the coast, and Sadie loves that.  And actually the yard around J & C's house is huge so I can always walk around their yard if I don't want to venture out all the time.  And the weather is divine, we know that.

They have a neat ward to go, too, with lots of young people, good talks, lessons, etc., very lovely people, a few of which I know.  Kelsi is in the middle of this picture with the bow.

Kelsi is in her final year of junior high and is always fun to chat with, and Lea is lovely and a senior in high school so should be lots of fun things to hear about and maybe even watch or go to???

and little Jimmy, or tall Jimmy now is always pleasant to be around.  So should be fun and Camber has always got lots of interesting things to talk about and share and big Jimmy likes to go to the movies and often drags me along so should be a fun winter.  I am torn whether to take any of my projects to work on, time always goes so fast and I get so little done, hmmm???

Linda will have lots of young people in and out of her house and still haven't seen Maria's finished and Mitch and Bahia and Matt are there so lots of activity around.  And of course, there is Meagan's brood to get to know better, hopefully they will come see me.

And, of course, I always have my computer and tablet and books so lots to do...definitely taking my computer and my music...I am sure there are many days it will be just me and the three dogs around.  My sister Carole is working on a ticket to fly down for the New Year's week when the Hardys are skiing in Park City.  I have not seen her in 10 years!!!

Today Mary Anne went with me and I got the new tires on my car and bought the antifreeze for the house so now I just need to finish packing and closing up and have 17 days to do it!!!!  Sadie got a new collar because for the first time she wiggled out of that other lose collar and she needs to have one that is more secure with her telephone and rabies information always available.
I like it.

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

It Is A Good Thing,,isn't It??

If nothing else, I have learned the secret to losing weight.  Just strictly stick to the Special Carbohydrate diet which is for chronic diarrhea, and other serious illnesses of the digestive system.  Since I have been sticking strictly to this diet this last couple? weeks I have lost more weight, and I am not even trying.  And I am not craving anything...much.  Yesterday I went to Jack In The Box and they have my favorite pumpkin shakes (and yes, they are better than "Steak and Shake" and I resisted them.  Never done that before.  But if you realize the consequences will get to you sooner or later, it is fairly easy to resist.  Marilyn, at church, told me her daughter-in-law (diagnozed with Chrohn's) lost 40 lbs!

In 1996 I was told at my physical with Kaiser that I should lose 52 lbs.  I have now surpassed that and am almost at my favorite weight that I was at in 1978 when I was 45 years old.  Which was still 20 lbs more or so than I weighed in high school and 10 lbs more than what I was at when I decided I needed to join Weight Watchers after my last baby was born.  (They said I did not belong there).  However, I weigh heavy with these sturdy legs and arms so what is the best weight, after all?

My waist is not much smaller than my hips were in high school, ha, those were the days.  We had such tiny waists...this pix is probably when I was about 45 years old.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Family and the Big Move in 1999

For some reason, I am full of energy in the middle of the night and so I was checking out the family blogs to see who is still doing them.  I read Linda's from start to finish and enjoyed it so much.  She has their whole courtship and marriage with lots of movies so concisely done. You can get through it rather fast.  Not like mine which has a lot...of words.

What was especially interesting was the movies from when the Pulsiphers brought me and all my furniture from San Diego and with the help of the Valkos and some of their friends moved me into my house.  What a huge job!!  What a commitment!!!  How do we survive without family???  And they had 10 children in and out and about, helping but playing, too, and taking the movie and playing in the snow.  I don't know how the parents handled it all so well.

It was fun watching the dancing and plays and creative fun the kids were having at Marias's house.  So funny.  I wondered where Craig learned to dance so well.  He and Melissa looked really good for being so young.

I was especially impressed with how the yard and house looked when I moved in.  So much has been done to it since, mostly by Mark, in the house and the boys in the yard and Pulsiphers in the rock patio.  Such an improvement now.  It really has been a wonderful place for me to live.  It was fun seeing Bandido as just a puppy, too.

Jimmy and his friends had packed all of my things in the moving van but unfortunately, when James drove it up the hill to the Pulsiphers, something happened and it all got messed up and Gary and his family had to repack it all.  Gary drove, actually, Gary paid for the truck, too.  So appreciative for family helping, as I say.  What a time that was.

When Craig was interviewing me in the movie it was obvious I was overweight but it was also amazing to see how happy I was and how light-hearted I looked.  This was three years after Richard died but I was glad to see I was not so weighted down anymore.  I was really happy with the move.

More Pix of Kate's Birthday

Another pix from Kate's Birthday Trip to Magic Mountain

Special pix of Mom and Oldest Daughter, where did Kate get those curls?

How quickly children grow up, look like sisters!!

Love those curls and sun glasses, you look classy, Kate!

Friday, October 27, 2017


The family will be visiting Jacob in Hawaii for Thanksgiving.  They are missing him.  I was surprised he has almost 1000 followers on Instagram.  He is a surfing champ.  I remember having such fun with him over the years, he was a delight to take care of as a toddler because he was so interested in everything, every toy I could come out of the closet with, he was fascinated to try.

John Hardy Memorial Hike 2015

My Life So Far