Monday, December 18, 2017

Friday, December 15, 2017

Both Graduated from BYU Idaho!

How time flies!!!  Both Tanner and Marissa are graduating from BYU Idaho this week and family will be in attendance!!  Marissa is graduating with a Bachelor of Science in  Nursing and Tanner is graduating in Pre Med Exercise Physiology!!  Congrats to this super couple.  In July they move on to the Air Force in Des Moines, Iowa where Tanner will be get his Medical Degree through the Air Force!!!

Being Awarded Her Masters!

Melissa is being awarded her Master's in Accountancy Degree this week in North Carolina where she works in administration at a North Carolina college in Asheville.  Several family members will be in attendance!!  Congratulations to Melissa!! And here she is!

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Hardy Christmas Party--Saying Farewell

Johnny, Maria, Matt and 

Hardy Family Christmas Party-White Elephant Gifts

Keira, Meagan, Eden, Janet

Jimmy, trying on Ugly Christmas Sweater Gift

Matt and Eden, Maria

Nico, Keira, Meagan

Charli, Camber, Linda, Keira and Meagan

Lea and Friends on Couch, Camber

What surprised Keira? 

What is this?

I like this!

Do they fit?

Meagan and Nico

Hardy Family Christmas Party--Eating

Matt, Meagan's husband, Camber

Craig, Matt

Matt, , Meagan

Maria, Janet, Linda

Linda, Gary, Johnny

Meagan, James

Hardy Family Christmas Party

Craig, Matt and Gary 

Johnny and Maria

Matt brings a date and we all like her alot


Matt and new friend 

Teenager Jimmy

Camber, Jimmy's wife

Matt and Craig and Naomi


Meagan, Maria, and Amy

Grandpa Gary with Charli--

for some reason my pictures are all Blurry?????

John Hardy Memorial Hike 2015

My Life So Far