Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Is Allergy To Nuts My Problem?

Tonight I enjoyed a lot of pistachios as I watched TV.  Before I went to bed I treated my eczema, bumps on my skin, itchy eyes, itchy throat with claritin, systane, itch cream, and throat spray.  I have had an eczema problem practically the whole time I was in Del Mar and itchy eyes and itchy throat and itchy skin.  Since I came back I have been enjoying gluten free english muffins with peanut butter.  I had one this morning before I went to the Temple, I broke out in some bumps around my neck and was itching, not an unusual occurrence lately.

When I was in Del Mar I had bought the pistachios at Christmas time and kept them by my bed along with the peanut butter which I used a lot with apples.  Since I watched tv up there and spent a lot of time in my room I kept my snacks there.

Normally pistachios was a holiday treat but this year since they were so accessible at Whole Foods and Costco I was eating a lot of them.  Also since I was sharing a kitchen I think I ate more peanut butter than normal.  I also had almonds to snack on by my bedside.

I woke up itching tonight around 2 and begin to ask Siri a lot of questions about nut allergies.  Since I have seasonal allergies and other allergies I had never zeroed in on these but my eczema problem while I was in San Diego was enough to send me to the dermatologist and I have been treating it with a cream.  And the eyes and throat have been a problem as well as these bumps around the neck an etc. I never thought of nuts as a souce.

Since I am working in the yard it all seemed like environmental allergies but tonight I am very suspicious because of the increase in my nut consumption and my increase in these dermatitis and eye and throat itchiness.  As I read the symptoms of nut allergy plus the light headedness I attributed to benadryl.  Anyway there is also the immediate and four hour later reaction.  Somehow it is all coming together that this may be my problem.  It fits with the immediate reaction and then the four hour later.

So I am writing this down and from this day forward I am not eating the pistachios or peanut butter or almonds either although I have not eaten much of them since I returned.  I will check back here in a week and see if there has been a difference in all my itchiness, etc.  Because I have always had allergies I have never thought about the nuts but this increase in my nut usage and the increase in the eczema in particular and the eyes and throat and what I read tonight seems to make a lot of sense that this needs to be tested and the only way I know is to stop eating them....

Monday, April 30, 2018

Back Home in Lake Almanor

Mitch and I arrived near to 8 PM on Thursday night the 28th.  Everything looks good!

Joe, my home teacher, turned on the water and hot water heater and the heat gauge needed a battery so Mitch put that in and the house was soon warm.

Mitch got everything raked up fairly easy and had some help on Saturday for a Susanville friend.  He has been meeting with old friends for a reunion and playing their music together.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Zac Visits Marilyn

This is Sherry's Zac and his children.  They visited Marilyn for a week and she really enjoyed getting to know them better.  His wife was taking the picture.

Time to Go Home and Things to Remember

It has been time to go home for awhile but Mitch won't be able to go until this week so hopefully we will leave on Thursday or Friday so what have I been doing all this time?  Monica called and said there was snow on Thursday but it melted right away.  Christine, my neighbor, said the first really warm day was Friday.  Maryanne said it was 80 in Chico where she is staying with her Mom this week.

Totally frustrated on Friday when I go to Jiffy Lube.  I finished my gift card at Talbots and then go to Linda's to have the Charli show.  She is amazing, just enjoys whoever she is with, such a happy, fun baby.  I still have never seen her cry!!!  I should have taken her picture.  We should have done the 4 generation when Amy was there, too, I forget to take pictures.

 And then I go to Jiffy Lube.  He wants to put in $400 worth of work, then down to $200, finally got out of there for $100 but I am definitely looking for a different way to do my oil changes!!  Why did I not remember it needed doing when I was at Subaru last week?  They did a fantastic job of replacing the airbag on my car and washed the car and checked the tires.  But then I could not find the rental place to return the car---finally got there late and so Linda and I had to go to a different movie instead of the Imagines one Linda wanted to see.  We saw the one about Ted Kennedy and it was interesting to me because I never really got the true story when it happened but probably boring to Linda.  We met Maria for lunch and that was fun.  This Saturday we saw "I Feel Pretty" and it was good for all women to see.  We all need to have a feel good about ourselves and just enjoy life instead of stressing ourselves out over our looks.  We ate at the Smokeyard and I had the ribs again.  After Maria's foot was tired and she went home.  She turned her foot when walking and it is still not healed.  Linda and I went to Macys and Linda bought me a new raincoat for Mother's Day!!!!  I have two but they are both so big now.  I hope I do not gain weight.  I really feel so good with the weight off, but...

I myself have enjoyed Yogurtland too many times and have had too many Dr Peppers and I am getting a muffin top again...also need to do more exercising.  Except for my walks with the dogs in the morning and afternoon, that is it.  My weight has stayed the same but...

I have been reviewing the notebooks I brought to see what emails from the past I should throw away and which I should put in my memoirs and I found when I lost that first 20 lbs of my weight loss.  It was after I moved to Lake Almanor and the RS president had just lost 20 lbs doing the Atkins diet and so I did it, too.  It worked.  I lost the 20 pounds and it was so easy.  One thing I loved was my sugarless jello.  Yesterday when I ate at Linda's on Sunday she made some but also adds Collagen protein.  I liked that Idea and think I will start it when I go home.

I found in the 2000 notebook all the many emails that Carla and I had catching up on 50 years and I do want to read them all again before I toss them.  I know Carla would not like me printing them anywhere or keeping them around.  They were for my eyes only and I still have them!!!

I have enjoyed the haircut that Ceira gave me but I did not have another one and will be happy to use Cheryl when I return.  I think she does a good job, too.  But I really like the Living Proof mousse and rootlifter Ceira told me about.  I get it from Amazon, it is very expensive but you use very little.  Will be interesting to see how long it lasts.  I can blow out my hair quite easily with it and it dries faster than the gel I have been using.  The secret is to dry the hair almost and then put the mousse on and comb it through.  Then spray the rootlifter on.  She had me get a different brush, too, which I like.

I have been skipping out on the last  one to two hours of church (it kills my back to sit on those benches that long anyway) and going home, changing my clothes and going to Linda's for dinner at 2:30.  They cook their meat on the barbeque and roast their veggies and do not bother with bread so I have really enjoyed the steak and pork tenderloin and occcasional mashed potatoes.  I must remember to do the pork tenderloin on Sundays.  Gary said to brown it good first and then pop it in a 350 overn for 20 to 25 minutes.  So yummy.  I should buy steak occasionally, too.  I would just slice it and panfry really fast.  I was reading that the main thing about red meat is to buy the grassfed--same with hamburger, too.

Had a frustrating time with Macys American Express.  I need to listen better.  I did not know Macys was giving me a new card (which I never received).  They moved my charges over on to it and then I never received the card or bill until it was two months late and I had a horrible experience talking to the credit place. I later learned they have their credit outsourced to the Philippines and there have been other unhappy people, not just me.  So after letters and calls I have finally been credited back all the late charges and fees and supposedly have a $29 credit on that card---which I still have never received.  As soon as I get it I will cancel it.

I was called in to have imaging on my carotid arteries.  But here again, very poor office work as they tried to make the appointment at the Encinitas Scripps.  Finally after a week of calls the Vista office called and tried to make the appointment.  They were surprised to find they were called but immediately put me on the line with Scripps Encinitas and they handled the call very well and I had the appointment, all very professional. But why did the Vista office get called???? Now after a week of trying to get the report from Dr. Hemp, I still do not have it.  His office is most frustrating.  I guess I will just assume that no news is good news and not try and get the report anymore.  I assume in time, if it is bad, they will get in touch with me.  Very poor office work.

I have been very depressed and stressed about my financial situation but I really enjoyed a talk I heard on BYU channel.  I know how I need to think and I let myself get filled with fear and forget.  About selling the house...still unsure since it takes almost 50% of monies needed to do a Reverse Mortgage Purchase and the rentals are so high and James may not be living in this house and I will not have the apartment to live in...I really need to think about it and think about it and review my options.  I am very safe up there, it is just a problem for a short time in the winter.  I do have fulltime neighbors now and they have offered to be there for me.  Marilyn is having a granddaughter move in so I will not go there.  James is uncertain about their future and it is not good for me to live so long with anyone anyway.  I am healthy and I just need to stay that way and continue to eat well and better and do more walking and exercising and more positive thinking and not let myself get so depressed.  I have so many projects I can work on.  I should get more involved.  I should enjoy the outdoors more.  I should just enjoy that wonderful area.  I have loved the time I can spend with the children but I have too much time doing nothing worthwhile at all.  I need to enjoy life more doing, being, feeling...  It is too expensive down here...

Keira and a Fun Tree

When Grandpa Babysits

On Top of the World in Imperial Beach with the Masseys

The beach is so big in Imperial Beach...

The Grandparents are  down and it is so fun in Old Town..

Sarah in Santiago...

Sarah looking happy on her mission.

Just relaxing on their play day.

Massey Family

Cute picture of the Massey Family

Kelsi and Basketball

Kelsi started basketball this year and this basket goes in!!

Kelsi is the one with the green t shirt on!  Camber is the!

Friday, April 20, 2018

The Hardys Do Their Thing

Jimmy, the Skateboarder

Lea, the Model

Jacob, the Surfer

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Friday, April 13, 2018

Amy's Joe Graduates!

Joe is now a Mechanical Engineer and they will be living in San Diego ( in May) where Amy has been working at Sharp Hospital on weekends---seeing what the job prospect is in San Diego.  Amy has been coming and working long shifts  a couple of weekends a month while grandparents and aunt and uncle babysit Charli.  

Here is one tired grandma babysitting...

Maria's Family

Friday, April 06, 2018

Kelsi in Hawaii

The Hardys went to Hawaii for a week and left me with the dogs...they say it rained a lot but Kelsi looks like she is having fun.

Sunday, April 01, 2018

The Easter Family Hike at Torrey Pines

Those who took the more strenuous hike back up the big hill did not get in these pictures...sorry about that.  We are the ones that stayed on the beach and Maria and Meagan took these pictures.  It was a beautiful sunny Easter day and it was Conference so we met early in the morning at Torrey Pines Beach.

Janet and her children Linda, Maria and James

John Hardy Memorial Hike 2015

My Life So Far