Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Kindle and Tablet

I can see that 2014 will be filled with reading and listening.  I mostly use the San Diego County Library To Go because they remember my passwords, check out books for two weeks, lend 10 books at a time and let me put lots of books on hold.  But I also have accounts at Plumas and Lassen and I can change them to two week loans also.

I generally have several books on my Kindle to read and lately have read two of J. Courtney Sullivan and listened to the other one on my Tablet.  Great new author!  I also have enjoyed several this year of Louanne Rice and her latest one "Last Kiss" was a great mystery as well as love story.  I like to listen to the audio ones on my Samsung tablet and do all the ebooks on my Kindle.  I look online for great new books to look for and get reviews on favorite authors.  The good ones have to be put on hold but since I always have several to read this is not a problem to wait.

The one problem with listening late at night is I tend to fall asleep before my timer goes off and then I have to find where I left off the next day.  Fortunately with the Overdrive system this is not hard.

I keep trying to convince people to use Library to Go but most people will not listen or stubbornly insist they need the book in their hand or the actual library experience--they don't know how great it is, I swear.

It is so nice to not have to go to the library.  I occasionally buy one from Amazon as well which I had to do with one of Sullivans as I could not find it in the libraries.  Thankfully I had gift money left from Maria for just that amount.

Books, the story of my old age.  The problem is I forget what I have read and often read the same one twice because I don't remember the ending anyway.   Bad memory can be such a good thing sometimes.

On to 2014 and the joy of reading (and listening).

Christmas Pictures from Friends

Not many pictures from friends this year from Christmas but I so appreciate the pictures that do come.

Former Clear Creek member Ramona Lyddon and her family from Arizona.

Forner North San Diego 13th Ward member Marion Naylor from Utah.

Forner North San Diego 13th Ward Members Kaye and Bishop Hunsaker from Utah.

Former Glendive High School Friends Kay and Al Schock from Colorado.

Former Glendive next door neighbor Shirley and her husband from Illinois.

Family Christmas Pictures

Unfortunately not many family members send physical pictures at Christmas anymore but here are a few who did for which I am thankful!!

Niece Becky and husband Tim and children from Oregon.

Nephew Chris Fuqua from Montana.

Great Granddaughter Keria from San Diego.

Granddaughter Meagan, husband Matt and daughter Keira from San Diego.

Niece Stephanie and husband Dustin from Montana.

Grandma Marti sent pix of Keira and her cousin Molly.

Nephew Jon and wife Heather sent pix of twinnies Sage and Raina and son Fin from Montana.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Jacob in the Surf

Jacob gets a new camera and can record hismself riding his boogie board.  Neat!

Christmas 2013

On Monday the 23rd Matt arrived from Tahoe and we drove to Chico and brought back Melissa.  We had to have shakes and tacos from Jack in the Box as we left.  That will probably be my last pumpkin shake till next year, so good.
 Sadly the tree is sitting out on the deck to keep my allergies in line!!

Matt gets a good fire going!

Sadie is so happy to see Bruce!

On Christmas Eve we had ham, au gratin potatoes, creamed corn, green bean casserole, Susie Rasimas' spring mix salad, rolls (I even made gluten free rolls, too) and Melissa's delicious cookies.

We unwrapped presents and tried on the gifts!

Cute mittens from Matt!

Matt made a terrific holder for my sunglasses so they don't get broken.

Matt likes his Chico shirt from Melissa.

Melissa likes her Starbucks cash card.

Some funky baking items to try.

Marilyn Monroe calendar from Matt and a new sweatshirt.

We move on to Monopoly which I haven't played in years and Matt scalps both Melissa and me!

I bankrupted out--story of my life!
We actually stayed up to past midnight.

On Christmas Day we had lots of left overs plus updated pistachio salad and goodies some friends had brought over and Matt and Melissa had brought and Matt and Melissa drove to Susanville and reminisced a little.  We also watched two parts of  "Bonnie and Clyde" and Matt and Melissa fell asleep before it was finished.

Thursday we saw a raunchy movie in Susanville and had delicious Mexican layer dip and chips and played a little Bop It.  It will be my new exercise for coordination.  We left Matt in Susanville with his friends for the night.

With so many left overs to eat we still haven't had the chicken enchildadas, buffalo wings, water chestnut appetizers or rocky road ice cream--guess that will be for New Years.  Bruce and Sadie love the walks and exercise Melissa gives them.  On Friday it is time to take Melissa home. Matt and I have strawberry ice cream when we return.

On Saturday Matt fills up the wood on the deck, attaches all the vent covers and checks out under the house and puts a hose away.  I pack up as much food for Matt as I can and finally the Christmas holiday is over when his friend meets him at the gas station and the sun is set and I am alone again.  It has been a great week with Melissa and Matt to share Christmas.  Lots of fun. 

Saturday, December 21, 2013

You Tube and the Tablet

So what do you do when you are bored from TV and bored from your books and too tired to do anything but lounge in bed at 9 at night?

You watch your old home movies on your Samsung tablet and listen to your favorite music!!!  I am so glad I figured out how to put all those old home movies on You Tube.

Last night I watched the one Quinton sent to me (years later) from when we lived in the house in Hillcrest and Marta and Quinton became a pair and Colleen and Mel got married.  I can't remember where they got married but there are pictures of them in their wedding clothes with their parents so I was there but where was it???  I remember well the dress I wore--wow, I had some darling clothes in that video and a lot I recognized as having made!!!  My waist was so small but I can't say anything worthwhile about my hair. One clip showed all our 56 and 57 cars parked out in front--there were 5 of them including some of the boys and Marta's and mine.  I can't remember the name of the blonde teacher who lived with Colleen, Marta and I. She was cute but she really tired of having so many of the young adults gather at our house all the time.  I was dating Bill so was often gone.  'We cooked for each other and I remember the time she was so exasperated because we didn't come to the table quick enough.  Marta was a fantastic cook and Quinton and I liked to argue all the time, I wonder why.  The closing clip is taken about 4 years later of my baby Johnny and Marta and Quinton's son in Johnny's playpen, they were less then a year old I believe.

Then I went on to watch the lst and 2nd home movies which were a lot of baby Johnny during the holidays with my parents when Richard and I were living in the apartment in Pacific Beach and went on to when Maria was born and the University City house and then the Pacific Beach house and Jimmy was born.  My children were so cute and I dressed them so well and combed their hair so pretty, I am so glad I have those pictures because you don't remember hardly anything you don't have pictures of.  I remember an insurance man (Richard loved to have them call on us I think) telling me we were living the best days of our lives--I think he was right.  Those were indeed happy days.  It is interesting I have pictures of all of them on their first day of kindergarten but Jimmy--I think he got shortcutted on the pictures.

I enjoyed watching Jimmy in the backyard in Pacific Beach when he was about a year.  The neighbor children had put the guinea pig in his lap and he calmly moves his legs and gets away from the guinea pig but he did not cry--just removed himself.  I am so glad I have all those movies, I shall watch some more tonight.
What amazing technology we have.

I have also enjoyed the You Tubes of  Keira, Lea and the Hardys, the Pulsiphers from Linda, the Beatles, Abba, Mormon Tabernacle Choir, the musical Kristina, and lots of other various ones.  I wish all the family would put their pix on You Tube. What an amazing thing You Tube is, great gift to the people living alone and away from family.  I have almost 60 videos on You Tube.  I plan to do one more on the Christmases in the 90s and then I think that is enough.  I also enjoy watching the pictures on Instagram of Melissa,  Keira, Lea, Sarah, Craig, Amy, Carole W. and I wish more would share pix on that.  What a fantastic world of selfies we live in.  I will have to have Melissa give me some more lessons on it.

I found the other video I did for Tanner so now I have sent two to bore him.  I need to take one of Sadie one of these days.  Maybe Melissa and Matt and I can make one when they are here.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

My Blue Heaven

I made a late trip to Susanville today for dinner items, what a terrific deal at Safeway, their ham was only 99 cents a pound.

But the joy of the trip was driving home at dusk--around 5.  The sky was darkened just enough to make the trees dark and lacy against the soft medium blue sky and then the sundown was dark orange in the distant, so beautiful.  I actually love that drive up and back from Susanville when it is not icy.  It was cold, but little snow left, and not sure we will have any before Christmas.  What a contrast to last year.  Anyway as I drove along I thought about Myrna's favorite song when we were freshman and she liked Donnie-- "My Blue Heaven".

Sadie is so happy with the food I am giving her that she tries very hard to please me.  She insists I let her out when she needs to go and she is quick to be obedient.  I think she wants me to keep up the good food and please her.

Last night I watched "Love Actually" again.  What a fun Christmas movie.  I had forgotten how clever it was and long.

I decided to check the price of  "oxybutnin" at Walgreen--the medicine that was $10 3 years ago.  The clerk was shocked it was $292 as I was that it was $298 at Wal Mart.  Up from $43 in May.  What is going on???? Obviously I did not get it.

I recorded 'Fox and Friends' which is at 3 AM here, so I could watch Elizabeth H.--seems like a plush job for her, and she gets to say more than she did on the 'View'.  Good for her!  I thought Barbara W. looked tacky on her "Fascinating People" show last night--who dressed her?  She usually looks so great.  I was amazed to see all the roles that the "Hunger" girl star had been in.  What an unbelievable talent for 23 years old.  She looked different in every part.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

"Ice Cream, Ice Cream, We All Scream for Ice Cream"

Is what we used to sing when I was a child.

So what is it about a "deal" that makes me go crazy.  Yesterday the dentist put in my new crown just before lunch.  He had to numb me because it was so far below the gum line.  Anyway he told me to have a 'soft' lunch and I immediately thought of strawberry ice cream and was near the Peninsula Market. 

I expected to pay close to $6 for a half gallon just because they are usually higher than everyone else but maybe that is just in the summer when the tourists are here because...  All the Dreyers ice cream was on sale for $3.69 a half gallon for the whole month of December.  That is cheap, I better buy more than one!  I did, and I have eaten a whole half gallon of strawberry all ready.  I mean I have gone crazy and when Melissa and Matt get here I will send them for their favorites.  Ice cream is just not something I have been buying much this year and suddenly it is the most important thing I can think of...foodwise.  Strange.

I finished the book about Barbara Walters and now one about Betty White.  They certainly live full lives at their age, it inspires me to get with it and stop acting like such an old fuddy duddy...now what is there that I want to do...that is the next question.  And what choices are there?  Hmm.

One thing Betty White said is that she never lets herself gain more than one or two pounds before she takes it off.  She said it is easy to eat a little less and take it off if you do it right away.  If you let it get away from you then it becomes a big problem... so she weighs every morning and acts accordingly.  How very wise.  And I eat a half gallon of ice cream...

So it was bad enough that my Christmas tree was out on the deck--then the neighbor's dog was in town and had to pee on it, how depressing.  I better get out the Lucille Ball version of "Mame".  Her version of "We Need a Little Christmas" always cheers me up so much.  I love my little "movie room" for my old vhs movies.  I just get comfy on the twin bed and put the fur throw over me and watch away.   Of course, Sadie thinks the fur throw is hers and she comes to make a claim.

I watched "Funny Girl" and "Funny Lady" and read why they were so different from reality.  The husband of the daughter of Fanny Brice produced the movie and the family of the ex-husband 'Arnstein' did not want certain things said about him.  Yes, it was far from the truth.  'Baby Snooks' was one of my favorite radio programs when I was a child.  Barbara Streisand was marvelous in those movies.  I appreciate how she knows exactly what makes her look good and sees that her clothes and make-up are always perfect for her. 

It was interesting to hear from Barbara Walters how much more interested the people are in celebrities than leaders, etc--it is the people that drives what they put on TV after all so we get a lot of trivia rather than really important information.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Meanderings Near Christmas

We have had a real cold wave--the coldest I have seen here was 4 degrees and now it has been up to 40 degrees for a few days, so much better, but I have really gone through a lot of wood with keeping the fire burning all day long!

Thanks to Melissa I have a dog food that Sadie likes.  She is much happier and wow, does she have energy to run and run and run.  It is homemade food that is so easy that it is easier than shopping for it, made out of ground turkey, brown rice, frozen vegetables and rosemary flavoring!
I also have a new favorite--faux Swedish pancakes!  They are made with eggs, cream cheese and a dash of sugar but they taste like the real deal...no gluten either.

I read another book on John Lennon and enjoyed it very much.  Sad he was taken just as his life seemed so enjoyable and somewhat normal to him.  I am now enjoying the Barbara Walters tell-all "Audition".  What an interesting life she had and how young she looks at 84.  I also listened to another Lisa Gardner thriller and have one of Dean Koontz mysteries in the wings.  Using my Samsung tablet for all my audio books is so great because I can move from room to room and activity to activity with it.  When not doing a task such as cleaning or cooking I am playing Spider Solitaire while I listen.  Still my life is quite a bore compared to those I read about...

It hardly seems like Christmas with no one around.  I have tired of all the Christmas movies though they are not finished from my recordings.  I sent a Christmas Card email and enjoyed some responses that I got back--sent some Christmas CDs which obviously no one cared about.  I guess my idea of what is great memories is a far cry from the interests of today.  Such is life! I should finish all my projects and be done with them once and for all.

Oh, yes, I also had a near catastrophe when my bathroom sink overflowed and filled the floor, drawers and vanity--took me days to clean up.  The big question is "How could I have accumulated so many different shades of lipstick?"  Did I actually wear them all?  I do remember when we started out in junior high, it was with a true red--it is now the big come back the stars are wearing today.  The near catastrophe was not the floors, rug and etc, though it was the fact I was charging my Samsung tablet on top of the sink!!!  Thank heaven the heavy leather cover saved it and the plug was not affected! 

One nice thing I have been enjoying is fresh baked chocolate chip cookies everyday.  The gluten free cc cookie dough Jean gave me is perfect for having just three cookies a day, love it!  I finished the good homemade strawberry ice cream I made and decided it was cheaper to buy...unfortunately strawberry ice cream that is microwaved for 20 seconds is a real weakness of mine.  I must not buy any more.  Strawberry ice cream has been a favorite of mine since I was a child buying it at the ice cream store after the movies, why do we never change????  Oh, to have the drive and will power of Barbara Walters, how different my life would be...

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Keira and Santa Claus

What a darling picture.

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Life's Little Peskies

So I haven't had a live Christmas tree in my house since the children left home and I totally forgot how allergic I am!!!  Plus Dr. Nelson used to put cortisone shots in my nose twice a year to dull the affects of allergies.  Wow, all day long I am sniffing, sneezing and blowing my nose and my eyes are watering.  We may have to put the tree on the back deck!

This morning it was 25!!!  But the sun shines all day long.  Sadie does not like going outside even with her coat.  Might be just as well.  Supposedly there is a flea plague going on with the critters outside!

We have finally finished the turkey and Sadie will not be happy about that.  Tonight I found the perfect supper--fresh made Butternut Squash Soup and Perky Popovers--perfect timing.

Just finished a very enjoyable book, now I will have to get the first one that J. Courtney Sullivan wrote.  I don't know how old she is but she surely has insight into family relationships and doings.  It is not like reading a book but being there.  These new authors are all so good I have read this year.  It is called "Maine" and it has been a big seller all ready.  I just happened to get the audio book on my Tablet from the San Diego County Library, they let me have 10 books out at a time!!!  Reading about John Lennon next and I have a new Lisa Gardner thriller if that proves boring--I have read about John Lennon before... Good they are all audio since my eyes are hurting, life little peskies, indeed.

PS Dec 5--Last night I could stand it no more, I was so miserable with my red eyes, sneezing and blowing my nose till it hurt, at 9:30 PM I got up and quickly took off the ornaments and carried the tree to the back deck where it now sits with its lights still hunkered in.  If I can find an extension cord I will look at my lighted tree from the inside to out!!!  Wow, what a lesson to learn again after all these years.

Hardy Family 2013

Love the Hardy Family Christmas 2013 Picture!!

Sunday, December 01, 2013

Molly Arrives!!

Molly Stewart, fourth child and third daughter of Kristi and Mike arrived early this morning.  This is my fifth great grandchild!

What a beautiful child and with lots of hair!

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Christmas Tree!

Friday Melissa and I saw the new Hunger Games and we both agreed it was better than the first.  I am still a little curious about why the books were written--is it a parody on our government???  (Dec 1-I just read the Wiki about "Hunger Games" and wow, it is so much more complex than I had figured.  I had tried to read the book and hated it but what do I know, it is a phenomenal success--but then I do not like science-fiction.  It is still a puzzle to me though as to why it is praised so much--I guess it should be read and dissected to be appreciated???????'  To quote 'Tim' in a comment after an article about banning the book, he says Collins’ motivation was, in the first place, to portray a world where violence as entertainment had reached its worst and force us to open our eyes to the dangers. )  I did not know that!

After the movie, we actually bought a Christmas tree!!!  It is a table topper from Rite Aid--very healthy and attractive and I haven't had a live tree since Rancho Bernardo I don't think.  And I wasn't going to decorate at all--but with Melissa here I was inspired to keep the tradition of Christmas decorations alive and well.  Plus she could get the big boxes down for me!!!

I am loving all the lights and I had way more decorations than I could possibly use--beautiful tree I think.  Thanks, Melissa.


Thanksgiving Photo Shoot


Two for Thanksgiving 2013

I am so glad Melissa garnered a ride from Chico with a Westwood couple.  We had a delicious Thanksgiving dinner and then went to Susanville to see "Delivery Man".  It was a fun, upbeat movie.

This year I did something different with my turkey.  I made a paste of bacon, butter and herbs and put it underneath the skin.  I think the breast was especially juicy.  It took longer to bake though.

Melissa brought the pumpkin pie and I provided the rest.  Instead of the cranberry salad I did the pistachio with the addition of pecans, mandarin oranges and red grapes.  Very tasty that way.

I also made a gluten free stuffing by using my gluten free homebaked bread.  Melissa liked it as well as I did!  Anyway we had lots of left overs, that is a good thing and Sadie loved having turkey instead of canned dog food!

I also made the Paeo de Quiejo which is Cheese Bread made from Sour Cream, Parmesan Cheese and Tapioca Flour--supposedly like they eat in Brazil and Craig concurred with that.  It is delicious and I found is good for sandwiches, too.

Great Thanksgiving...thanks for coming, Melissa.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Maria turns 50!!!

New bicycle from Johnny!

So beautiful!  Birthday November 15th..

Friday, November 15, 2013

The Ultra Sound Experience

What an exhausting day today.  Dr. Marc wanted me to have ultra sound on my legs to see if I have clogged arteries so I went to Susanville by 11 and picked up the two rings I had sized so they fit me again.  My birthstone Garnet ring I have not worn in years and also a beautiful turquoise and red ring for fun, then picked up my cleaning, my favorite white jacket and red winter jacket I bought in Texas that first year I worked there and then on to do all my shopping at Wal Mart except for the cold things.  By then it was time to rush to Banner Hospital for my 1 PM appointment.

I thought it would be about a 20 minute ordeal as that is how fast the machines were at Scripps--NOT!  I finally got out of there sometime after 3 PM.  What took so long?  For one thing, I think they have an older machine that took more personal time to scope each of the arteries and get their pictures but also there was a student learning how to do it and use the machine.  OK, I was patient with my bare legs exposed and the cold cream and etc pressing on my arteries but my back got very tired!!!.  I also got a lot more information than I usually do at such tests because he was teaching the student everything. 

Unfortunately she took the blood pressure incorrectly on the right ankle and they thought they were going to find a huge blocked artery.  Ha, my legs are fine, just as they were three years ago when they were done but it took a lot of time to find the error and get the final results.  Anyway, no harm done, but I was starving when I got out because I was expecting to have lunch around 1:30 and I hadn't had any breakfast so I dashed to Jack in the Box for my favorite taco and yummm Pumpkin Shake!

Then on to Wal Mart to buy the cold things and dash to IGA for red grapes.  Carole read me the recipe for Mrs. Romney's pistachio salad and I thought I would try it for High Council Sunday.  She puts mandarin oranges, coconut, marshmallows and red grapes in it!!!  I will have to call again for the amounts.

By the time I unloaded the car it was 5:30.  I was supposed to be at a dinner at Church but I hadn't even put the food away, I was so exhausted, and besides I was not hungry since I ate so late.  So Sadie was happy to have me stay home for awhile and I watched '"Killing Kennedy" and "Kennedy's Final Hours".  So well done, such a good watch.  I recorded them both so will save them in case I want to see them again.  I really liked Kennedy and Jackie.  Maria was born the week before and I had my parents at my home in University City and we watched almost every minute of that week's events on TV--Maria got lots of holding and cuddling as we passed her around the room.  I have no recollection what John and Linda were doing at all but they must have enjoyed having everyone in one room watching them play.

So tired and it isn't even bedtime...

Friday, November 08, 2013

Just in Time

Mitch came back to California just in time to have a warm day at my home
and he used his muscle and we cleaned the whole yard plus chopped up all remaining wood and loaded the deck again!!!  My hero!  Thanks so much Mitch.


Monday, October 28, 2013

Spooky Halloween Party at Clear Creek Branch


John Hardy Memorial Hike 2015

My Life So Far