Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Kindle and Tablet

I can see that 2014 will be filled with reading and listening.  I mostly use the San Diego County Library To Go because they remember my passwords, check out books for two weeks, lend 10 books at a time and let me put lots of books on hold.  But I also have accounts at Plumas and Lassen and I can change them to two week loans also.

I generally have several books on my Kindle to read and lately have read two of J. Courtney Sullivan and listened to the other one on my Tablet.  Great new author!  I also have enjoyed several this year of Louanne Rice and her latest one "Last Kiss" was a great mystery as well as love story.  I like to listen to the audio ones on my Samsung tablet and do all the ebooks on my Kindle.  I look online for great new books to look for and get reviews on favorite authors.  The good ones have to be put on hold but since I always have several to read this is not a problem to wait.

The one problem with listening late at night is I tend to fall asleep before my timer goes off and then I have to find where I left off the next day.  Fortunately with the Overdrive system this is not hard.

I keep trying to convince people to use Library to Go but most people will not listen or stubbornly insist they need the book in their hand or the actual library experience--they don't know how great it is, I swear.

It is so nice to not have to go to the library.  I occasionally buy one from Amazon as well which I had to do with one of Sullivans as I could not find it in the libraries.  Thankfully I had gift money left from Maria for just that amount.

Books, the story of my old age.  The problem is I forget what I have read and often read the same one twice because I don't remember the ending anyway.   Bad memory can be such a good thing sometimes.

On to 2014 and the joy of reading (and listening).

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