Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Life's Little Peskies

So I haven't had a live Christmas tree in my house since the children left home and I totally forgot how allergic I am!!!  Plus Dr. Nelson used to put cortisone shots in my nose twice a year to dull the affects of allergies.  Wow, all day long I am sniffing, sneezing and blowing my nose and my eyes are watering.  We may have to put the tree on the back deck!

This morning it was 25!!!  But the sun shines all day long.  Sadie does not like going outside even with her coat.  Might be just as well.  Supposedly there is a flea plague going on with the critters outside!

We have finally finished the turkey and Sadie will not be happy about that.  Tonight I found the perfect supper--fresh made Butternut Squash Soup and Perky Popovers--perfect timing.

Just finished a very enjoyable book, now I will have to get the first one that J. Courtney Sullivan wrote.  I don't know how old she is but she surely has insight into family relationships and doings.  It is not like reading a book but being there.  These new authors are all so good I have read this year.  It is called "Maine" and it has been a big seller all ready.  I just happened to get the audio book on my Tablet from the San Diego County Library, they let me have 10 books out at a time!!!  Reading about John Lennon next and I have a new Lisa Gardner thriller if that proves boring--I have read about John Lennon before... Good they are all audio since my eyes are hurting, life little peskies, indeed.

PS Dec 5--Last night I could stand it no more, I was so miserable with my red eyes, sneezing and blowing my nose till it hurt, at 9:30 PM I got up and quickly took off the ornaments and carried the tree to the back deck where it now sits with its lights still hunkered in.  If I can find an extension cord I will look at my lighted tree from the inside to out!!!  Wow, what a lesson to learn again after all these years.

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