Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas 2013

On Monday the 23rd Matt arrived from Tahoe and we drove to Chico and brought back Melissa.  We had to have shakes and tacos from Jack in the Box as we left.  That will probably be my last pumpkin shake till next year, so good.
 Sadly the tree is sitting out on the deck to keep my allergies in line!!

Matt gets a good fire going!

Sadie is so happy to see Bruce!

On Christmas Eve we had ham, au gratin potatoes, creamed corn, green bean casserole, Susie Rasimas' spring mix salad, rolls (I even made gluten free rolls, too) and Melissa's delicious cookies.

We unwrapped presents and tried on the gifts!

Cute mittens from Matt!

Matt made a terrific holder for my sunglasses so they don't get broken.

Matt likes his Chico shirt from Melissa.

Melissa likes her Starbucks cash card.

Some funky baking items to try.

Marilyn Monroe calendar from Matt and a new sweatshirt.

We move on to Monopoly which I haven't played in years and Matt scalps both Melissa and me!

I bankrupted out--story of my life!
We actually stayed up to past midnight.

On Christmas Day we had lots of left overs plus updated pistachio salad and goodies some friends had brought over and Matt and Melissa had brought and Matt and Melissa drove to Susanville and reminisced a little.  We also watched two parts of  "Bonnie and Clyde" and Matt and Melissa fell asleep before it was finished.

Thursday we saw a raunchy movie in Susanville and had delicious Mexican layer dip and chips and played a little Bop It.  It will be my new exercise for coordination.  We left Matt in Susanville with his friends for the night.

With so many left overs to eat we still haven't had the chicken enchildadas, buffalo wings, water chestnut appetizers or rocky road ice cream--guess that will be for New Years.  Bruce and Sadie love the walks and exercise Melissa gives them.  On Friday it is time to take Melissa home. Matt and I have strawberry ice cream when we return.

On Saturday Matt fills up the wood on the deck, attaches all the vent covers and checks out under the house and puts a hose away.  I pack up as much food for Matt as I can and finally the Christmas holiday is over when his friend meets him at the gas station and the sun is set and I am alone again.  It has been a great week with Melissa and Matt to share Christmas.  Lots of fun. 

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