Thursday, December 19, 2013

My Blue Heaven

I made a late trip to Susanville today for dinner items, what a terrific deal at Safeway, their ham was only 99 cents a pound.

But the joy of the trip was driving home at dusk--around 5.  The sky was darkened just enough to make the trees dark and lacy against the soft medium blue sky and then the sundown was dark orange in the distant, so beautiful.  I actually love that drive up and back from Susanville when it is not icy.  It was cold, but little snow left, and not sure we will have any before Christmas.  What a contrast to last year.  Anyway as I drove along I thought about Myrna's favorite song when we were freshman and she liked Donnie-- "My Blue Heaven".

Sadie is so happy with the food I am giving her that she tries very hard to please me.  She insists I let her out when she needs to go and she is quick to be obedient.  I think she wants me to keep up the good food and please her.

Last night I watched "Love Actually" again.  What a fun Christmas movie.  I had forgotten how clever it was and long.

I decided to check the price of  "oxybutnin" at Walgreen--the medicine that was $10 3 years ago.  The clerk was shocked it was $292 as I was that it was $298 at Wal Mart.  Up from $43 in May.  What is going on???? Obviously I did not get it.

I recorded 'Fox and Friends' which is at 3 AM here, so I could watch Elizabeth H.--seems like a plush job for her, and she gets to say more than she did on the 'View'.  Good for her!  I thought Barbara W. looked tacky on her "Fascinating People" show last night--who dressed her?  She usually looks so great.  I was amazed to see all the roles that the "Hunger" girl star had been in.  What an unbelievable talent for 23 years old.  She looked different in every part.

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