Saturday, December 14, 2013

Meanderings Near Christmas

We have had a real cold wave--the coldest I have seen here was 4 degrees and now it has been up to 40 degrees for a few days, so much better, but I have really gone through a lot of wood with keeping the fire burning all day long!

Thanks to Melissa I have a dog food that Sadie likes.  She is much happier and wow, does she have energy to run and run and run.  It is homemade food that is so easy that it is easier than shopping for it, made out of ground turkey, brown rice, frozen vegetables and rosemary flavoring!
I also have a new favorite--faux Swedish pancakes!  They are made with eggs, cream cheese and a dash of sugar but they taste like the real gluten either.

I read another book on John Lennon and enjoyed it very much.  Sad he was taken just as his life seemed so enjoyable and somewhat normal to him.  I am now enjoying the Barbara Walters tell-all "Audition".  What an interesting life she had and how young she looks at 84.  I also listened to another Lisa Gardner thriller and have one of Dean Koontz mysteries in the wings.  Using my Samsung tablet for all my audio books is so great because I can move from room to room and activity to activity with it.  When not doing a task such as cleaning or cooking I am playing Spider Solitaire while I listen.  Still my life is quite a bore compared to those I read about...

It hardly seems like Christmas with no one around.  I have tired of all the Christmas movies though they are not finished from my recordings.  I sent a Christmas Card email and enjoyed some responses that I got back--sent some Christmas CDs which obviously no one cared about.  I guess my idea of what is great memories is a far cry from the interests of today.  Such is life! I should finish all my projects and be done with them once and for all.

Oh, yes, I also had a near catastrophe when my bathroom sink overflowed and filled the floor, drawers and vanity--took me days to clean up.  The big question is "How could I have accumulated so many different shades of lipstick?"  Did I actually wear them all?  I do remember when we started out in junior high, it was with a true red--it is now the big come back the stars are wearing today.  The near catastrophe was not the floors, rug and etc, though it was the fact I was charging my Samsung tablet on top of the sink!!!  Thank heaven the heavy leather cover saved it and the plug was not affected! 

One nice thing I have been enjoying is fresh baked chocolate chip cookies everyday.  The gluten free cc cookie dough Jean gave me is perfect for having just three cookies a day, love it!  I finished the good homemade strawberry ice cream I made and decided it was cheaper to buy...unfortunately strawberry ice cream that is microwaved for 20 seconds is a real weakness of mine.  I must not buy any more.  Strawberry ice cream has been a favorite of mine since I was a child buying it at the ice cream store after the movies, why do we never change????  Oh, to have the drive and will power of Barbara Walters, how different my life would be...

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