Saturday, December 21, 2013

You Tube and the Tablet

So what do you do when you are bored from TV and bored from your books and too tired to do anything but lounge in bed at 9 at night?

You watch your old home movies on your Samsung tablet and listen to your favorite music!!!  I am so glad I figured out how to put all those old home movies on You Tube.

Last night I watched the one Quinton sent to me (years later) from when we lived in the house in Hillcrest and Marta and Quinton became a pair and Colleen and Mel got married.  I can't remember where they got married but there are pictures of them in their wedding clothes with their parents so I was there but where was it???  I remember well the dress I wore--wow, I had some darling clothes in that video and a lot I recognized as having made!!!  My waist was so small but I can't say anything worthwhile about my hair. One clip showed all our 56 and 57 cars parked out in front--there were 5 of them including some of the boys and Marta's and mine.  I can't remember the name of the blonde teacher who lived with Colleen, Marta and I. She was cute but she really tired of having so many of the young adults gather at our house all the time.  I was dating Bill so was often gone.  'We cooked for each other and I remember the time she was so exasperated because we didn't come to the table quick enough.  Marta was a fantastic cook and Quinton and I liked to argue all the time, I wonder why.  The closing clip is taken about 4 years later of my baby Johnny and Marta and Quinton's son in Johnny's playpen, they were less then a year old I believe.

Then I went on to watch the lst and 2nd home movies which were a lot of baby Johnny during the holidays with my parents when Richard and I were living in the apartment in Pacific Beach and went on to when Maria was born and the University City house and then the Pacific Beach house and Jimmy was born.  My children were so cute and I dressed them so well and combed their hair so pretty, I am so glad I have those pictures because you don't remember hardly anything you don't have pictures of.  I remember an insurance man (Richard loved to have them call on us I think) telling me we were living the best days of our lives--I think he was right.  Those were indeed happy days.  It is interesting I have pictures of all of them on their first day of kindergarten but Jimmy--I think he got shortcutted on the pictures.

I enjoyed watching Jimmy in the backyard in Pacific Beach when he was about a year.  The neighbor children had put the guinea pig in his lap and he calmly moves his legs and gets away from the guinea pig but he did not cry--just removed himself.  I am so glad I have all those movies, I shall watch some more tonight.
What amazing technology we have.

I have also enjoyed the You Tubes of  Keira, Lea and the Hardys, the Pulsiphers from Linda, the Beatles, Abba, Mormon Tabernacle Choir, the musical Kristina, and lots of other various ones.  I wish all the family would put their pix on You Tube. What an amazing thing You Tube is, great gift to the people living alone and away from family.  I have almost 60 videos on You Tube.  I plan to do one more on the Christmases in the 90s and then I think that is enough.  I also enjoy watching the pictures on Instagram of Melissa,  Keira, Lea, Sarah, Craig, Amy, Carole W. and I wish more would share pix on that.  What a fantastic world of selfies we live in.  I will have to have Melissa give me some more lessons on it.

I found the other video I did for Tanner so now I have sent two to bore him.  I need to take one of Sadie one of these days.  Maybe Melissa and Matt and I can make one when they are here.

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