Tuesday, December 17, 2013

"Ice Cream, Ice Cream, We All Scream for Ice Cream"

Is what we used to sing when I was a child.

So what is it about a "deal" that makes me go crazy.  Yesterday the dentist put in my new crown just before lunch.  He had to numb me because it was so far below the gum line.  Anyway he told me to have a 'soft' lunch and I immediately thought of strawberry ice cream and was near the Peninsula Market. 

I expected to pay close to $6 for a half gallon just because they are usually higher than everyone else but maybe that is just in the summer when the tourists are here because...  All the Dreyers ice cream was on sale for $3.69 a half gallon for the whole month of December.  That is cheap, I better buy more than one!  I did, and I have eaten a whole half gallon of strawberry all ready.  I mean I have gone crazy and when Melissa and Matt get here I will send them for their favorites.  Ice cream is just not something I have been buying much this year and suddenly it is the most important thing I can think of...foodwise.  Strange.

I finished the book about Barbara Walters and now one about Betty White.  They certainly live full lives at their age, it inspires me to get with it and stop acting like such an old fuddy duddy...now what is there that I want to do...that is the next question.  And what choices are there?  Hmm.

One thing Betty White said is that she never lets herself gain more than one or two pounds before she takes it off.  She said it is easy to eat a little less and take it off if you do it right away.  If you let it get away from you then it becomes a big problem... so she weighs every morning and acts accordingly.  How very wise.  And I eat a half gallon of ice cream...

So it was bad enough that my Christmas tree was out on the deck--then the neighbor's dog was in town and had to pee on it, how depressing.  I better get out the Lucille Ball version of "Mame".  Her version of "We Need a Little Christmas" always cheers me up so much.  I love my little "movie room" for my old vhs movies.  I just get comfy on the twin bed and put the fur throw over me and watch away.   Of course, Sadie thinks the fur throw is hers and she comes to make a claim.

I watched "Funny Girl" and "Funny Lady" and read why they were so different from reality.  The husband of the daughter of Fanny Brice produced the movie and the family of the ex-husband 'Arnstein' did not want certain things said about him.  Yes, it was far from the truth.  'Baby Snooks' was one of my favorite radio programs when I was a child.  Barbara Streisand was marvelous in those movies.  I appreciate how she knows exactly what makes her look good and sees that her clothes and make-up are always perfect for her. 

It was interesting to hear from Barbara Walters how much more interested the people are in celebrities than leaders, etc--it is the people that drives what they put on TV after all so we get a lot of trivia rather than really important information.

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