Friday, May 30, 2014

Update on Mike

Had a long conversation with Mike.  He was on his way to Amityville? for a Metal Concert.  He was geared up for seeing a few good fights he said.

Mike works for a medical company at a prison and he has the 3 pm to 11:30 pm shift and sees some interesting things.  I am glad he is so big and can take care of himself, there is evidently a lot of arguments.

He must be doing an excellent job.  He received the Employee of the Month award!!  His job is to give out the medication to the patients so he goes all over and sees things the administrators should see--but of course, they do not want his opinion...that would be too logical.

He said he has been getting a lot of overtime, tries to stay under the radar, never be late, and never miss a day!!

Mike has also settled into his attic loft with a new bed and a little furniture.  He really likes it but he does sleep in the daytime and the noisy jets overhead can be a problem.  He shares a bathroom but he says that does not appear to be a problem so far.

He shared a lot of stories...sounds like an exciting job. Be careful, Mike!!!  Hope he continues to keep in touch.  I told him Melissa was headed that day for North Carolina so they may be just about 7 hours apart in their east coast homes.  Asheville is more inland near the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee and Annapolis is on the Chesapeake Bay, of course.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Lea makes Cheer!!!

Last Friday Lea had a tryout for JV Cheer team and she made it!!!  This is for Torrey Pines High 9th grade in the fall.  Congratulations to Lea!!!


Saturday, May 24, 2014

When Reality Dashes Hope

I have made three trips to get fish tacos at the Locker Room.  I love them.  I was also suspicious that they were the culprit causing my gluten attacks.  I have not outruled everything else but them. So it must be the batter on the fish??? or the tortilla????  Which.  Can I have them grill the fish and still love it and not have any gluten???  Next week I talk to the owner and see what I can find sad.

It is Memorial Day Saturday and I did not go to the Crafts Fairs or Garage Sales--I stayed home and finished a book.  What do I like about Nora Roberts books--her detail in her big books for one.  I can visualize effortlessly where I am and who I am seeing, the views, homes, excellent!!! without getting boring.  I love her woman protagonist--it is always someone I would like to be like with multi talents and courage.  I like her man protagonist--it is usually someone I could also fall in love with. And sex, well, no one can do sex like Nora Roberts. I have a friend who always felt that part could be eliminated, I always thought that was some of the best of her writing and why she is such a popular writer with women.

When I started reading her books when we lived in Pacific Beach I did not like that so often she had her women heroine swearing which I do not like in women at all, even though it is very common among the worldly women--she has cooled that in her later years.  They are tough but not so vulgar. Anyway the book was "Northern Lights" about a policeman and she made Alaska seem like a place we would all like to live.

I am almost finished with the series "Little Men".  I never read the book by Louisa Mae Alcott but I thought her strong woman Jo was a little too headstrong.  Seems she is apologizing in every story line at the end.  But they are well done--enjoyable series--26 episodes.

Yesterday I bought some good gluten free hamburger buns from Holiday and the cashier was surprised I was buying Miller hotdogs but hamburger buns.  I told her they do not have hot dog buns but you just cut the hotdogs in half and half again so they fit very well into a round bun.  Yummy good fare for the Memorial Day weekend with pineapple cabbage slaw on the side.

Weather is glorious, up to 80--flower pots happy, no wind, neighbors on both sides up for the weekend.  Jeff on the right reminded me they have been up here 10 years now!!  I reminded him I could not get any satellite reception until they built their house and had the trees cut down.  They are here alone for the weekend with no family.  Neighbors on the right spend their time at the beach--still have not raked their front yard in all the years I have been here!!!!  Cal Fire told me they would be fined...I wonder.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Books and Yardwork--Good for the Soul and Body!

So what do you do when all your work is done, you are tired of the tv, etc, and you are feeling nostalgic and lonely.  You get a book, of course!!!

The Missionary Ladies called and said they could not make it to dinner so yea, I will miss them, but anytime I don't have to cook a dinner it is a great day.  So I headed for the library first, to find a book I could not get on Library to Go.  It was not in but she ordered me a copy from Greenville.   I found four other books. (Sometimes you just have to have a good book in your hands--especially a romantic book when you are lonely) and then headed for the Locker Room for a supper of Fish Tacos!!  I can't get enough of them.  I have had five now and will get a free one when it gets to 11.  In chatting with the owner I found out more about these former San Diegans.  (Unfortunately I found out I get a gluten reaction from the tacos.)

Four couples came together to run the restaurant and a church.  Yes, they have been to Master's Commission (get training for the ministry) and are now a part of the ministry over at the Assembly of God church.  It did not work out the way it was originally planned and at least one couple went back to Oregon but there are five families at the church she said.  In reading about the church I find they are part of 66 million around the globe so no need to feel totally sorry for them on their own.  From the website I would say they have lots of support.  I was impressed.  I have enjoyed talking to three of the family members now and hope it all works out for them here because they are surely nice and I do love their restaurant.  Some day I will try something else besides the tacos, oh yes, I have had the fries and they are wonderful, too!

So I get home and immediately launch into "Slow Waltz in Cedar Bend"  by Robert James Waller, the author of "The Bridges of Madison County".  By four hours later I had finished it, and yes, I do like his writing and I see he has other published novels as well, good, more to read.  Then I read something about him on the internet and I see he had a real life experience very much like in his books and he and his wife of 35 years divorced and he married a younger woman who had been working for them...wonder if one of his books is about that.  Very interesting, learning about the authors whose books you like to read.

My yard is clean and watered and ready for Memorial Day! The flag is flying beautifully in the breeze.  I have flowers growing in my pots and even planted some seeds--will see how it all looks as the summer goes on.  I love that I kept my house and have to work in the yard, it is the only exercise I get and so good for me and I am so good for it.  Looks beautiful!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Melissa Graduates!

Melissa Valko graduated from California State University, Chico on May 17, 2014.  She was a Business Major in Accounting.   She had worked for two years for the Budget Analyst at Chico State and is well-prepared for employment in accounting.  She is leaving June 1 for Asheville, NC where she is seeking employment and will be living with a former girlfriend from Susanville.

CSU, Chico is the second oldest campus of the 23 CSU's and has 16,000 plus students.

All of Melissa's family was at her graduation, except for Mike (Annapolis).  It was a beautiful day and though too long for sitting, the talks were good, and individual recognition was given to each graduate.  It was a dignified, family-oriented graduation ceremony.

After the ceremony we walked to Melissa's rental and had a great lunch of salads, croissant sandwiches, wraps and drinks.  Sharing the brunch was Melissa's Mom and Johnny, who came from Oceanside, Melissa's Dad, who came from Tehachapi, Mitch, who came from Tahoe and rode with his Dad, and who is on his way to work in the Sierras for six months with the U S Forestry, Matt, who came from Tahoe where he works, Grandma, Me--Matt and I drove from Lake Almanor together.  Melissa's roommate and Melissa's Boss came by to wish her well and tell us all how much she is going to be missed!!  She wrote a great recommendation letter for Melissa.  She said since they can't keep her, (they--letter recipient) ought to hire her because she is so good--or something like that, among other things.

Mom and her boys--not boys anymore, they are hardworking men!!  Before Matt left my house to go back to his job in Tahoe he unclogged my sink( that was a hard one), and fixed both the front and back hoses.  Don't know how I could make it without these grandsons helping me out!

59 years from my graduation to Mel's.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Fires Rage in San Diego County

San Diego has had tragic repercussions from deliberately set fires.  Linda's ward family was very much affected by the Poinsettia Fire, Maria's Cal State still has the San Marcos Fire dangerously close, and James and Camber had to evacuate for a time as well.  It has been going on since Wednesday morning and still going.  Many houses, apartment houses and some businesses have been burned.  So far only one death has been reported. 

PS  47 homes were burned before the fires were out and over 20 million dollars in damage.  And they believe it was all arson!

Kelsi at 8

Kelsi, a girl after my own heart, who loves her American Girl doll and wanted a matching outfit with her!!  So darling.

Styling!  I love it.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Keira and Eden Update!

 Keira gets into the camping experience with a tent in the yard and telling ghost stories.  Eden gets to join them for awhile!

Eden celebrates her two month birthday with smiles and laughs, like she really knows how lucky she is.

 What a doll!!

 So much to see and laugh at--what a blast!

 What's Up, guys?

Hey world, here I come!

Mother's Day 2014

Messages from Children and Grandchildren on Mother's Day 2014 (Camber had suggested it would be nice if everyone sent me a message of a happy memory with me)

Happy Mother's Day to a lovely Mother-in-law! You have been a fabulous role model and lovely grandmother to all of your sweet grandchildren!! Thank you for being such a kind and creative mother to my husband!  You taught him work ethic, service to his fellow man, integrity and commitment to family.  Your sacrifice and dedication will continue to bless the lives of others through your sweet children and grandchildren.  We all love you, Camber.

From: Meagan Hardy
I have So many memories of grandma so it's hard to choose. One of my favorite things that Grandma used to do when I was little is make Swedish pancakes for breakfast. I remember waking up in the upstairs bedroom of her La Jolla house and hearing all the pots and pans clanging and the kitchen noises, knowing that she was making breakfast and feeling really happy. Swedish pancakes are still my favorite! 

Another memory from the La Jolla house is the big Gardenia bush that was next to the front door. I loved the smell of it and still to this day when I smell or see gardenias I think of Grandma. Now it's one of my favorite flowers! 

Another good memory is when Grandma visited me in Hong Kong and we did a yoga class together. Grandma is so adventurous!



From: Tanner Pulsipher 

Grandma Hardy,

Well, I am sitting here in a super hot, super ghetto computer shop in a place called La Carlota in the Philippines. And thinking about you Grandma almost brings back so many awesome memories. From the cabin in Yellowstone, to Lake Almanor, to you living with us for a couple weeks. There are so many and it's making me a little homesick thinking about all of them but there are two that stand out to me. They were so long ago and such little things but they will always be dear to me. The first one was when I was 11 or 12 and you took me out for a night on the town just the two of us. We went to Jack in the Box and then you took me to see a movie (Treasure Planet) haha. I don't remember all the stuff we talked about but I remember how much it meant to me that you were willing to spend time with me and take me to see a movie that you probably had absolutely no desire to watch. ha 

The second was in middle school when you were living with us and you took over for my Mom in home schooling me... ha I remember how much fun it was and when we would get to a problem that neither of us could figure out how to do we would just give up and wait for someone else to get home. haha And how could I ever forget about all our memories in Park City and Lake Almanor. Anyways Grandma, my point is that you have been such a huge influence in my life. You are an amazing mother and an even better grandmother. I will never forget all of the life lessons that I have learned from you and I can't wait until my home coming to see you and the rest of the family. I love you Grandma! Palangga ta ka kag ayaw mo ako malipatan! kita ay ta in 6 months! Happy mothers day...

Elder Pulsipher

 From: Mike Valko 

I enjoyed getting to know Grandma and my Grandog, Bandido, during my stay with them.  I always try to emulate the great recipes she made while I was there, but its never quite the same (especially the chili!).  Even Bandido would demand a cut of the tasty meal every day, and was spoiled by it, but Grandmothers are made to spoil others, and she does it well.  Her place in Almanor has many fond memories for me to reflect upon, and I miss the quiet atmosphere of the solemn woods.  The east coast lacks that certain reverence.  Happy Mother's Day, Janet!  Enjoy a relaxing day in that lakeside forest for me!


From: Kristi Stewart 

One of my best memories of Grandma was when Meagan and I went with her and Grandpa to Yellowstone. It was so cool to be with them away from their stresses of life. They went country dancing together. We went hiking. Even bought a new car because the old one broke down on the way.  It was so fun to have them all to ourselves.

I loved playing dress up in her room with all her dresses and nightgowns. And putting on her makeup. She came to Reno with my mom to help me move and care for Kate while we were packing. I appreciated her being willing to help. And It was good for Kate to spend 5 days with her Great Grandma's undivided attention. 

My kids always look forward to her E cards she sends for holidays and birthdays. I feel like even though I don't get to see Grandma much she is always thinking about my family.

Grandma has always been interested in our personal lives and been genuinely interested in what we were doing and feeling. This is a quality I need to work on so I appreciate her example. Love you Grandma, thank you for being so wonderful.


From:  Linda Pulsipher

My greatest memories of mom (Janet) were from our childhood. We had a very happy childhood with lots of love and good memories. I have good memories of her serving in the church. She had a desk set up in the garage while she was Relief Society president and I remember seeing her there organizing and taking care of people on the phone. When she served in the stake primary presidency, they held their meeting at the bay while all of us children happily played in the sand.

She sewed costumes, planned parties, taught wonderful lessons and cared for others. My mother was always willing to open her home to extended family members. (Something that I admire much more now, than I did then.)  I have memories of family home evening with her beautifully dressed in a long skirt with her hair done while presenting a flannel board story. Why I remember that, I don't know, but it did make an impression on me.

 My mother has always been a wonderful example to me, I will always be grateful for her life of service and sacrifice for others.  Love you mom!


From: Kelly Pulsipher

I loved when grandma would tell me all about her dating life and how hot all the guys were while we try out new gluten free recipes and cookies while she stayed in Carlsbad with us... We are both divas and I love that.


From: Amy Pulsipher

I love grandma because she is always so classy, real and genuine. I remember when we would all dress up in her silky pajamas and put on all of her different lipsticks. We didn't look as good as grandma always does but we always tried.... I also remember when she was so candid about her experiences growing up. She would give Kelly and I dating advice and she wouldn't hold anything back. She is always concerned about what is going on in our lives and always offers advice through personal experiences of her own. I love to hear her stories and talk about things she went through when she was our age. I love my Grandma Janet!!!!! Happy Mother's Day!!!


From: Sarah Pulsipher 

My favorite memories with grandma Janet were in Lake Almonor. From the snow cones and lip syncs to the log cabins and homemade Hershey's ice cream. Her warm and comfy little house makes me feel right at home. I appreciate everything my grandma has done for me and I love her so much! Happy Mother's Day Grandma Janet!


From: Melissa Valko 

I have many fond memories of Grandma, over many years of visiting her in San Diego, traveling with her, and going to her house in Lake Almanor. Some of my younger memories include playing with her paper dolls, and putting on her makeup. But my favorite memories are my most recent ones, I love talking to her on our long drives to and from San Diego. She is probably one of my favorite people to talk to. I love hearing about her many life experiences, and learning more about Grandpa and John, who I really only got to know through her stories and blogs of them.  I really wish I could visit her in Lake Almanor more often.

From: Craig Pulsipher

I've always admired Grandma Janet for her intelligence and thoughtfulness. I love spending time with her because she shares my curiosity for the world and she's always learning something new. She also cares deeply about her family and celebrates each person's unique qualities. I've always felt like I could be open and honest with her and she would respect and love me just the same. I love you Grandma!


From: Mitch and Matt Valko

My fondest memory of Grandma was a time when Mike, Matt and I were  visiting her all together. Usually with three boys with the behavior  that we have would be overwhelming but grandma had seemed to embrace  it and do well with it. 

Not taking any free time she was able to have  us all stay busy helping her out, Mike washing her car/working in the  garage to clean it up for her while me and Matt were doing some spring  cleaning in her yard. 

With the work ethic we all have we were able to  do a job that could take weeks for her in a matter of days.

Once the  job was done and we were all tired, grandma insisted on pampering us  all with a tasty dinner. She is an awesome cook and knows how to feed  some hardworking men! 

Everyday I see her now I want to help in anyway  I can and make sure she can get done what needs to get done, I know  she appreciates us and I appreciate her so much, too, she's done a lot  for us and I thank her for that.

 From: Maria Rasimas

Dear Mom,

Mothers Day always gives me an opportunity to reflect on what a great mother you have been to me for 50 years.  Yes, we have had some head bashing at times because of differing opinions and perspectives but that is just reflective of the strong woman you are and the strong children you have raised.  We see that same quality in the next generation as we witness our children, your grandchildren, spreading their wings into adulthood and flying all over the world experiencing new and exciting adventures.  

I have many memories of you singing around the house, throwing parties with hilarious games, sewing us fun pajamas for Christmas, and baking a bounty of the most delightful of goodies.  Our home was a fun and a safe place to grow up.  You have been an example of a woman with both grace and style as well as one who takes care of business and does what needs to be done to survive.  Qualities that are much admired by many.  I have especially enjoyed our more recent travels to London, Denmark, Sweden and Canada.  I'm so grateful we got to spend that time together as mother and daughters, memories I will always cherish with both you and Linda.

This year especially, I am deeply grateful for the relationship you have with my children.  You have had the stable home for them to visit and crash when needed, that I don't.  You welcome them, dote on them, support and accept them despite their differing views on life, difficulties in finding a path for their futures, and such limited funds to figure any of it out with.  You have been a safe haven for them many times and in many ways.  I never had a close relationship with my grandparents so I've really appreciated the relationship you have enjoyed with my own children.  They are so lucky to have had so much of your time and attention all these years.  From the bottom of my heart I thank you for that.

This Mother's Day my hope for you is that you won't waste one moment feeling badly for what you may perceive as missing the mark in mothering, we certainly all have our flaws and regrets in areas we wish we had done better with our own children. But I hope instead you can reflect on the profound and positive impact you have had on molding not only all of your own children to become who they are, but also a whole lot of grandchildren that each feel deeply touched by the presence you have been in their lives!  

No matter how poorly or the flawed way we may show it at times, please remember that you are deeply loved and appreciated as both a mother and a grandmother.

Happy Mothers Day, I love you.


What wonderful tributes from my children and grandchildren, how much I appreciate them!

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Yea! Fish Tacos in Chester!

I finally tried the fish tacos at the "Locker Room" and I love them.  I can see that will be where I get my weekly fish.  They are only $2 on Tuesday.  I did not understand that today so I got the Sr Special which they have every day which was Taco and fries.  I ate most all the fries, too, they were some of the best I ever eaten.

I talked to the owner and she said they moved here four years ago from San Diego and so when they bought the Pink Cadillac and turned it into the Locker Room 14 months ago they brought their favorite dishes from San Diego.  She said they were surprised that the Fish Tacos really took off up here and they post the sales every week.  So far a day in September is the record with 399 being sold that day.  For a little town like Chester that is a lot of fish tacos! (Note made in Dec: I had a gluten reaction to the tacos because of the coating on the fish.  They made one for me with another kind of fish but it was just not as good so I have not been eating fish tacos every week).

The last time I ate at that restaurant I had the worst hamburger I had ever had!  Marjorie and I had tried it before that and were very disappointed so needless to say I had not eaten there in several years.  So happy to find it is new ownership and the cooking is good!

I also mailed back the HDMI adapter which would not work with my tablet.  Now what to do--I checked again at Samsung and it is supposed to work with my model.  It is supposed to make the videos on my Tablet play on the HDTV at church when giving lessons and it did not.  Now what--decide it was defective and try again or???? Frustration.  The lady at the post office was very kind to me.  The box I used to mail it in had a Priority Mail banner on it from a previous mailing to Michael. She said she would have to charge me $3.60 more because of it.  I said I wished I had my tape with me and I would tape white paper over it---then she proceeded to do just that.  She kept the line waiting while she saved me $3.60.  I was very appreciative and told her over and over.  Very kind to an old lady.  (Note made in Dec:  I later found out it was my charger which was defective and why the HDMI did not work).

Today I was reading a blurb about how Chester came to be.  When Westwood was a logging company town which disallowed liquor and other vices, Chester, in the 1920's and 30's, became the escape valve, providing visitors with liquor, gambling and the services of a local bordello.  It gained a reputation as a "Little Reno".  It was populated during the summer months mostly until Collins Pine Company built the lumber mill in the 1940's and a real population boom began.  (A little over 2100 at the last census) Of course, there are also a lot of little towns and places around it now--like Lake Almanor Country Club which is 8 miles south and has 1200 lots--not all built on yet.

Sunday, May 04, 2014


Kelsi Hardy is baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at Del Mar, California May 3, 2014.  She is baptized by her Dad, James.  Wish I could have been there but so happy for them.

Earlier in the beautiful California day Kelsi had a photoshoot with her friend Ava.

John Hardy Memorial Hike 2015

My Life So Far