Thursday, May 22, 2014

Books and Yardwork--Good for the Soul and Body!

So what do you do when all your work is done, you are tired of the tv, etc, and you are feeling nostalgic and lonely.  You get a book, of course!!!

The Missionary Ladies called and said they could not make it to dinner so yea, I will miss them, but anytime I don't have to cook a dinner it is a great day.  So I headed for the library first, to find a book I could not get on Library to Go.  It was not in but she ordered me a copy from Greenville.   I found four other books. (Sometimes you just have to have a good book in your hands--especially a romantic book when you are lonely) and then headed for the Locker Room for a supper of Fish Tacos!!  I can't get enough of them.  I have had five now and will get a free one when it gets to 11.  In chatting with the owner I found out more about these former San Diegans.  (Unfortunately I found out I get a gluten reaction from the tacos.)

Four couples came together to run the restaurant and a church.  Yes, they have been to Master's Commission (get training for the ministry) and are now a part of the ministry over at the Assembly of God church.  It did not work out the way it was originally planned and at least one couple went back to Oregon but there are five families at the church she said.  In reading about the church I find they are part of 66 million around the globe so no need to feel totally sorry for them on their own.  From the website I would say they have lots of support.  I was impressed.  I have enjoyed talking to three of the family members now and hope it all works out for them here because they are surely nice and I do love their restaurant.  Some day I will try something else besides the tacos, oh yes, I have had the fries and they are wonderful, too!

So I get home and immediately launch into "Slow Waltz in Cedar Bend"  by Robert James Waller, the author of "The Bridges of Madison County".  By four hours later I had finished it, and yes, I do like his writing and I see he has other published novels as well, good, more to read.  Then I read something about him on the internet and I see he had a real life experience very much like in his books and he and his wife of 35 years divorced and he married a younger woman who had been working for them...wonder if one of his books is about that.  Very interesting, learning about the authors whose books you like to read.

My yard is clean and watered and ready for Memorial Day! The flag is flying beautifully in the breeze.  I have flowers growing in my pots and even planted some seeds--will see how it all looks as the summer goes on.  I love that I kept my house and have to work in the yard, it is the only exercise I get and so good for me and I am so good for it.  Looks beautiful!

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