Saturday, May 24, 2014

When Reality Dashes Hope

I have made three trips to get fish tacos at the Locker Room.  I love them.  I was also suspicious that they were the culprit causing my gluten attacks.  I have not outruled everything else but them. So it must be the batter on the fish??? or the tortilla????  Which.  Can I have them grill the fish and still love it and not have any gluten???  Next week I talk to the owner and see what I can find sad.

It is Memorial Day Saturday and I did not go to the Crafts Fairs or Garage Sales--I stayed home and finished a book.  What do I like about Nora Roberts books--her detail in her big books for one.  I can visualize effortlessly where I am and who I am seeing, the views, homes, excellent!!! without getting boring.  I love her woman protagonist--it is always someone I would like to be like with multi talents and courage.  I like her man protagonist--it is usually someone I could also fall in love with. And sex, well, no one can do sex like Nora Roberts. I have a friend who always felt that part could be eliminated, I always thought that was some of the best of her writing and why she is such a popular writer with women.

When I started reading her books when we lived in Pacific Beach I did not like that so often she had her women heroine swearing which I do not like in women at all, even though it is very common among the worldly women--she has cooled that in her later years.  They are tough but not so vulgar. Anyway the book was "Northern Lights" about a policeman and she made Alaska seem like a place we would all like to live.

I am almost finished with the series "Little Men".  I never read the book by Louisa Mae Alcott but I thought her strong woman Jo was a little too headstrong.  Seems she is apologizing in every story line at the end.  But they are well done--enjoyable series--26 episodes.

Yesterday I bought some good gluten free hamburger buns from Holiday and the cashier was surprised I was buying Miller hotdogs but hamburger buns.  I told her they do not have hot dog buns but you just cut the hotdogs in half and half again so they fit very well into a round bun.  Yummy good fare for the Memorial Day weekend with pineapple cabbage slaw on the side.

Weather is glorious, up to 80--flower pots happy, no wind, neighbors on both sides up for the weekend.  Jeff on the right reminded me they have been up here 10 years now!!  I reminded him I could not get any satellite reception until they built their house and had the trees cut down.  They are here alone for the weekend with no family.  Neighbors on the right spend their time at the beach--still have not raked their front yard in all the years I have been here!!!!  Cal Fire told me they would be fined...I wonder.

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