Monday, July 28, 2014

What's New?

My days are filled with scanning pictures and completing my San Diego Scene booklet--my life from 1956 to 1980 and my nights are filled with audio books and the series "Grand Hotel"--a Spanish foreign film.

Grand Hotel is a series that was done in 2011 in Spain about a Grand Hotel in Spain at the beginning of the 20th century.  I enjoy stories about the class distinction in Europe such as 'Upstairs, Downstairs" and "Downton Abby".  in Grand Hotel it is somewhat the same plus everyone are such liars, always trying to be something they are not or get something that is not theirs or avoid the consequence of their bad choices.  Of course, they eventually get caught in their lies--usually--but it is great fun watching the action.  Love the two main stars who actually try to be good but also have to deceive to continue their detective work on all the bad things done to those they love.

Why do I write my life history?   Because I believe in family history and documentation.  But I find it is so hard to remember exactly what happened when, where and why if I didn't write it down and my journal writing was sporadic and so often I recorded what was troubling me rather than the fun activities, thank heaven there are movies and pictures for a lot of that.  It is interesting that I have ended up with letters back from both Richard's Mom and mine so there is the information there and of course, I did do a Christmas letter usually every year that keeps me on track.  Still I find it hard to stick to my "story" and not tell someone else's story (my children) and tell it wrong, stories that are not mine to tell.  Of course, Richard will have to be satisfied with the story I tell, but here again often when something happened and exactly why is not always firm in my mind.  He rarely forgot anything.  Lucky for me I forget a lot of the not so pleasant to remember so that is good.

I have also been trying to get what family stories and pictures I have on to the "Memories" section of Family Search.  They are doing a great job with that and it is very interesting to go in there and see what others have submitted as well.  This week I discovered my grandfather Martin E Anderson was the architect and builder of the Malad, Id tabernacle as well as the Blackfoot, Id and Brigham City, Ut and I actually sought out their pictures of the internet.  Very beautiful buildings.  For some reason we do not know as much about Dad's side of the family as we do Mom's.

I just finished Nicholas Sparks latest book "The Longest Ride".  I have read all his books so sometimes I can predict a little what is going to happen but he pretty much keeps us guessing.  I enjoyed it and it is already in the works for a movie.  It is amazing what a story teller he is.

The latest gothic novel of Joyce Carol Oates I finally zapped back (I do the audio books from "Library to Go" on my tablet.  I usually love her books but it was just too much and too long and I do not like myth type books anyway.

Anyway the summer is going so fast, I can't believe we are almost in to August!!!  I have had so much congestion this summer I have spent a lot of it indoors with the humidifier on!  That is not how summer is supposed to be spent, I have not gone to the lake at all except to look at the swimming area which is smaller this year than ever it seems!

Looks like my garage door is finally in the works so I may be able to keep my car from getting to dirty in the next month.  Now I have to find someone to come and treat my three bad firs...just one thing after another.  When I called into my phone company about my bad phone the lady just kept going on and on about how old I was, she must not know anyone in their 80's that is still able to take care of themselves.

Fun great grands and grands this week...

Eden doing some crib shopping.

Brynn and Molly from Nevada

Sarah, the California girl

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Blasts from the Past

Greeting Cards--

I have been sorting saved greeting cards and letters and now have 4 large shoe boxes and a hat box full of packets.  Next time I feel lonely I will just need to grab a shoebox or a packet and I can enjoy all the kind and loving messages from children, grandchildren, friends, relatives and my husband over the years!  I knew I was saving them for some reason.

When my mother died I received my greeting cards back from her and some letters from the children which I mostly have put in their 'take this' box.  But a couple of envelopes that were missed is two letters that Maria wrote her "Gramma Anderson" when she was 7 or 8.  On the front of the envelope she writes it is from your 'groovy Granddaughter' and it is written to 'Gramma Anderson (the groovy one)'   (The phrase 'groovy' is so 40's I am curious where that came up--from a Barbie doll? or was it 'back' in the early 70's'?  On the back she has several messages 'Open here' 'Hurry' 'right now' and a special message for the post office-- 'post office ladie I'm talking to my Gramma'--so Cute.

Lake Almanor Trivia--

Another thing I came across is some trivia about Lake Almanor when it was being developed in the 50's. The smooth beach we love so much at Rec I was evidently filled with tree stumps at one time.   Ed Kalt was employed by Mr. Clifford, the developer, to dynamite the stumps. " He had just finished for the day but had one stick of dynamite left so he stuck it under a stump and set it off.  It was successfully blown out and Ed drove off in his pickup to report to Mr. Clifford.

While sitting on the porch the two watched a car come tearing up and park in front while the driver slammed out and approached furiously.  He inquired who had been blasting stumps and Mr. Clifford said, as a matter of fact, it was Ed.  The irate man said, "Well, that last stump came through my roof and is now sitting in my bathtub!"

The bandshell we love so much was moved back a little this year and has additional flat cement to cater to all the dancers at the Sunday night concerts in the summer.

The article goes on "Gene Lytle commented that the biggest change he had observed in the years he has been here is in the Music and Arts Program.  He was involved with Gordon Minor when the first Sunday evening concerts were presented in the park.  Gordon had a banjo band that Gene participated in.  Gene acted as MC for these early programs.  Local talent provided free programs and during these concerts, Fran Smith, Dolores Richards, and others collected donations to build a bandshell.  The bandshell was built in 1987 with funds donated by LACC residents.  $40,000 was raised during these efforts for the present bandshell.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Meagan and Eden

Like Mother, Like Daughter beautiful smiles!

Grandchildren Having Summer Fun!

Jacob and friends at the beach!

Jimmy is the golfer!

Lea and her friends entering high school this fall!!

Cute picture of Sarah and her cousin? viewing the San Diego Temple.

Jacob spent a week at BYU at soccer camp and his Mom caught this pix when he returned to the beach again.  Love this pix.


Friday, July 18, 2014

A Good Day!

Today was a good day, even if it was too hot!  Talked to James this morning, he is back East, and then Mitch called and he was on his way up!

I fed him a big breakfast and then he washed his clothes and took a long nap, he had driven in the night from Big Creek (near Fresno).  My only regret is that I did not take a picture, he looks so buff!!!

We looked at the trees I need to have cut, they are a little bigger than he has approval to do, but that is what he is doing for the Forest Service, he is a Faller.  That is a high paying job on the non-government payroll but a dangerous business.  I think he is really enjoying his time there, he took back his music and game stuff and clothes with him, he will be there through November!

Mitch did a couple of handyman things for me, we had Chicken tacos and then he folded his clothes, loaded his car with all his things and then he was off again, planning on stopping in Tahoe to see Matt.

After I left I read an email from an old friend and that reminded me of something on my blog and I went in and watched the grandchildren singing at Richard's funeral.  They were so good, amazing that on such short notice, they did so well.

And then I listened to James' talk and it was wonderful as was Bob Wells.  It was really a lovely funeral and I am so glad I can go back and listen again, I am sure I did not remember much from that day.

Then I noticed a call from our RS president and I called her back.  She wanted to make sure I was sincere about wanting to leave teaching in RS.  I have such a hard time because my throat gets so dry, etc.  I realized I have been teaching for 60 years though and I think that is quite enough so I eagerly told her YES!.  She didn't want me to feel they did not want me...

Yea, that means I do not need to order the HDMI connection as I will not need to show anymore videos at RS now.  That is good.

Matt called looking for Mitch, he says he has a new girlfriend he really likes and he is bringing her up to meet me.  Now that is good news!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Saga of the Spider

Yesterday I noticed this big spider in the rafter above the patio door but I let it be.  I have always liked to see the big webs that they spin.

However, this morning Sadie wanted out before it was light and since I was wearing my undies I did not turn on the light when I went out onto the deck to grab her leash line.

Yuuuuk, I walked full on into a web!!!  I quickly ruffled my hair to get it out and stepped back into the house and turned on the light.

The poor spider was hanging on to a lifeline and doing all kinds of gyrations trying to get his balance.  But at least he was not in my hair!

I watched him (her?) pull himself together and then straddle one remaining line up to the rafter. Question of the day, should I kill him or what.

Actually, no, I read they build their webs around the porch lights because they catch the insects there!!  And that is a good thing.  I will just leave the light on for a bit tonight (as I did last night for Sadie enjoyed sitting in the cool for a bit in the dark) and hope he (she) catches some more insects that fly around the light every night!  Evidently if I had waited until it was light the web would probably have already have been gone.

While I was reading about spiders I watched a very interesting video.  A man had a brown recluse in one jar and a wolf spider in the other.  He was going to see who would kill who.  He had already tried it with the recluse and a black widow and the black widow died first but the recluse died, too.  He said he would let the winner go.

I watched the video and almost as soon as he dumped the spiders together the wolf spider attacked and they were in a ball skirmishing for a loooong time.  Then finally the recluse died and the wolf spider licked his fangs and walked away!!  The man let him go free as he said he would.  I think spiders are interesting creatures so I also watched the video on the 10 deadliest--yikes--luckily they are mostly living somewhere else.

PS - I went back the next day to look at the spider and a few remains of his web is there with about 10 white flies it had caught but he was not seen.  I wonder if he did not survive his rude bumping into after all.  Sad.

Then four nights after our initial encounter there he is again with a large, large web that leaves room for me to walk out on the deck without disturbing it!!!  Honest!!!!

About five hours later 2:30 AM I look again when I get up to go to the bathroom and it is all gone, except for a few strings up high--now that is one neat spider.  I read they spin a web for the dark and then take it all away for day--what a lot of work.  Naturally I will keep my eye out for him (her?).

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Keeping Up with Grandchildren

Amy and Sarah off to the Beach in clever bike situation.

Gorgeous pix of Melissa in N C!

Eden and Matt at Balboa Park

Masseys at Balboa Park!

Meagan and Eden hiking near their home.

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Senior Moments

Having Senior Moments can be dangerous--like leaving the burner going under the frypan, or forgetting you have water running in the tub.  It can also be wasteful, like forgetting you didn't turn the front hose off and it is all going in the ditch.  It can also be expensive, like not noticing that a certain bill had not arrived and so it was not paid through your Credit Union!!

That happened today.  I called them, they assured me it was mailed on June 10, and we had received a notice from LACC to not leave mail in our boxes over night.  I never do, but occasionally I may be gone and pick it up late.  Does someone in the club really want to steal our mail???

At any rate I have a double check system and I finally (a day late) noticed a certain bill had not been paid and saw that it was not secured in it's folder.  I immediately entered it for Golden to pay and called the company.  They waived the fee but set up an email notice for me, I guess another reminder is needful.  I should do that on all my bills.  Most of them go directly to Golden1 and they send me a notice, I should probably set them all up that way before I get even more scatterbrained than I already am...

The joys of aging, it just goes on and on.  Surely had a good nap today, though, that is getting to be a regular and sometimes, two.  Sadie likes it, she usually has to nap alone.

I found that Popcorn Flix has some interesting movies.  I watched "The Odyssey" Part 1 and 2 on two different nights .  I had tried to read the book because it is a classic but I just could not wade through it.  I didn't think the movie was too impressive either but I have now seen it and know what it is all about.

I have also found MGo has new movies a lot cheaper than my Dish Service.  I finally saw "Philomena" and glad I did.  Very sad, and very illuminating as to the frailties of human beings and how much we need to love more and be more compassionate and kind--everyone.

I recently read (audio) the John Grisham sequel to "A Time to Kill"--very worthwhile.  Currently I am reading (audio) Maya Angelou's "Letters to My Daughters".  She has strange stories to tell to give her lessons but she does have a way with words and I like to listen to her voice.

I have read all of Gillian Flynn's current thrillers, now.  She has a way with the macabre, for sure.

The Brooks family was in church Sunday and are moving from Reno to Bozeman to a log house with 20 acres backed up to 200,000 Fed Land.  They are the owners of Oxcai and are doing amazingly well but they are really a lovely family.  They sold their place here in 4 days!!!  With all the furniture!!!  I am sure it was stupendous.  He will fly into Reno once a week to check on their worldwide enterprise.  His mother started the company 15-20 years ago, very smart family!

Instagram Updates!

Keira learns to hold Eden--so cute.

Lea and a friend at Especially for Youth!
The cousins are back from camps and spending time with friends at the beach!

Little sisters get to tag-along!

More Pictures from the Scout Trip in Catalina!!

I only posted ones I could see the grandchildren in---
Jacob, sleeping in the blue hoodie!

Jacob, sitting with red tie.


Jacob and Jimmy watching at the end of table.
And is this gambling or what????

Jacob, getting ready to scuba???

James trying to stay awake?


Looks like they had a fun trip--Jacob woke up to bison passing by him--wonder if they experienced the boars???  Our family spent a week camping out and cooking the fish we caught here when our children were young.  The boars actually snouted all over our backpacks and ate our food and the bison rolled right on by us every night.  Fantastic place to camp.  We were on a hillside overlooking the bay.

Monday, July 07, 2014

Exciting News!

Maria just reserved a week at the Carlsbad Inn for my birthday in January!!  What fun, that way I won't bother anyone but will be able to see everyone--and get out of the cold and snow for a bit.  And she said they will fly me down or pay for my drive.  Maybe I will just drive to Sac or Reno and fly from there--we will see.  Thanks, kids!  I do plan on staying up here this winter but that will be a lovely respite and celebration.

A Little Color...

I suppose anyone would wonder why I make such a fuss over such a meager garden.  It is because with the soil and tree roots I have very low expectations so when I have anything bloom, it is a big deal!

The one sure things is these yellow lilies, they are about to pop.  They have full sun and are in a pot by themselves--they are happy.

This is something new I bought on sale at Martins--it is actually going to bloom!

Uusually this is first bloom the deer pop off, so far, so good.

And even a second one this year the deer have missed.

The lilies are starting!

They do look a little scant this year, I really wonder if the deer ate some of the buds...

Catching up

I am doing a good job of putting things on my Google+ but my blog is getting neglected!!!

Things I am wondering about today--

Why does that little squirrel eat all the petunias on the back deck?  They are sprayed with repellent.
How much will it cost to have the 3 rotten firs cut down?
Why do the cedars look like they have been scorched by fire?  Low snowfall this year?
When did the deer chomp in to the lilac bush?
Will they get the lilies, too?
What is the Blue Jay doing under the front stairs so often?
Why are there so many webs this year?
What is causing my eyes to burn, my nose to run and my throat to itch when I water in the morning?
Why did I have to have two naps today?
When will the Door Company get back to me with quotes on the garage door?
What would be interesting to eat--instead of the sameo, sameo all the time??
Why can't I get pix from Instagram to Picasa?
Why doesn't Sadie bark when her leash gets caught on the fir tree?
Why do the bats leave droppings on the hood of my car?
Why is my Samsung tablet acting touchy?
What does that grey handle I found on my kitchen floor belong to?????
Why does the printer always have to be turned off and on before it prints--that is a new thing????

Good things I have noticed lately--

Using Coconut Oil for lotion on my arms and legs and body (instead of lotion) stops the itching, yea!!
I watch a lot less TV since I downgraded my options, it's a good thing.
I have read a lot (or listened to a lot) of books this month.
I love the quiet of the house, I do not have to be listening to something all the time.
I have some of the most beautiful children, grandchildren and great grandchildren that I have ever seen!
We have very loving, kind people at the branch.
We have excellent teachers at the branch and a lot of musical talent.
I am enjoying finishing the first part of "The San Diego Scene"--wonder who would want to read it.
I really have had a fantastic life with many wonderful memories, but it does not make for exciting reading.
My journals and memory books are a Godsend to me at this time of my life when my memory has dimmed.
The moths are about gone, gone, gone!
My home stays cool even when it is hot outside if I shut the windows early in the morning.
The humidifier has really kept me from being all congested.
The pictures are uploading to Picasa--only to my Picasa Web-not to my Desktop Picasa!

Saturday, July 05, 2014

Great Grandchildren on the 4th of July--All Six of Them!

Keira and Eden ready for a swim at Scripps Ranch!

Meagan and Matt spotlight Eden for the 4th of July at Scripps Ranch!

The Stewart Family goes to Carlsbad for the 4th of July!

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

What Is Happening with the Grandchildren?

 Jacob and Jimmy headed to Scout Camp on Catalina Island!!!


Last week Lea headed to Santa Barbara with friends for Especially for Youth!

Amy continues to get more and more buff!!!  You go girl, I envy you your stamina and drive!!

Melissa rents a darling new apartment in Asheville, North Carolina.

 Looking good, Melissa!

 Keira all pretty in pink!

I did it myself!

John Hardy Memorial Hike 2015

My Life So Far