Monday, July 28, 2014

What's New?

My days are filled with scanning pictures and completing my San Diego Scene booklet--my life from 1956 to 1980 and my nights are filled with audio books and the series "Grand Hotel"--a Spanish foreign film.

Grand Hotel is a series that was done in 2011 in Spain about a Grand Hotel in Spain at the beginning of the 20th century.  I enjoy stories about the class distinction in Europe such as 'Upstairs, Downstairs" and "Downton Abby".  in Grand Hotel it is somewhat the same plus everyone are such liars, always trying to be something they are not or get something that is not theirs or avoid the consequence of their bad choices.  Of course, they eventually get caught in their lies--usually--but it is great fun watching the action.  Love the two main stars who actually try to be good but also have to deceive to continue their detective work on all the bad things done to those they love.

Why do I write my life history?   Because I believe in family history and documentation.  But I find it is so hard to remember exactly what happened when, where and why if I didn't write it down and my journal writing was sporadic and so often I recorded what was troubling me rather than the fun activities, thank heaven there are movies and pictures for a lot of that.  It is interesting that I have ended up with letters back from both Richard's Mom and mine so there is the information there and of course, I did do a Christmas letter usually every year that keeps me on track.  Still I find it hard to stick to my "story" and not tell someone else's story (my children) and tell it wrong, stories that are not mine to tell.  Of course, Richard will have to be satisfied with the story I tell, but here again often when something happened and exactly why is not always firm in my mind.  He rarely forgot anything.  Lucky for me I forget a lot of the not so pleasant to remember so that is good.

I have also been trying to get what family stories and pictures I have on to the "Memories" section of Family Search.  They are doing a great job with that and it is very interesting to go in there and see what others have submitted as well.  This week I discovered my grandfather Martin E Anderson was the architect and builder of the Malad, Id tabernacle as well as the Blackfoot, Id and Brigham City, Ut and I actually sought out their pictures of the internet.  Very beautiful buildings.  For some reason we do not know as much about Dad's side of the family as we do Mom's.

I just finished Nicholas Sparks latest book "The Longest Ride".  I have read all his books so sometimes I can predict a little what is going to happen but he pretty much keeps us guessing.  I enjoyed it and it is already in the works for a movie.  It is amazing what a story teller he is.

The latest gothic novel of Joyce Carol Oates I finally zapped back (I do the audio books from "Library to Go" on my tablet.  I usually love her books but it was just too much and too long and I do not like myth type books anyway.

Anyway the summer is going so fast, I can't believe we are almost in to August!!!  I have had so much congestion this summer I have spent a lot of it indoors with the humidifier on!  That is not how summer is supposed to be spent, I have not gone to the lake at all except to look at the swimming area which is smaller this year than ever it seems!

Looks like my garage door is finally in the works so I may be able to keep my car from getting to dirty in the next month.  Now I have to find someone to come and treat my three bad firs...just one thing after another.  When I called into my phone company about my bad phone the lady just kept going on and on about how old I was, she must not know anyone in their 80's that is still able to take care of themselves.

Fun great grands and grands this week...

Eden doing some crib shopping.

Brynn and Molly from Nevada

Sarah, the California girl

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