Monday, July 07, 2014

Catching up

I am doing a good job of putting things on my Google+ but my blog is getting neglected!!!

Things I am wondering about today--

Why does that little squirrel eat all the petunias on the back deck?  They are sprayed with repellent.
How much will it cost to have the 3 rotten firs cut down?
Why do the cedars look like they have been scorched by fire?  Low snowfall this year?
When did the deer chomp in to the lilac bush?
Will they get the lilies, too?
What is the Blue Jay doing under the front stairs so often?
Why are there so many webs this year?
What is causing my eyes to burn, my nose to run and my throat to itch when I water in the morning?
Why did I have to have two naps today?
When will the Door Company get back to me with quotes on the garage door?
What would be interesting to eat--instead of the sameo, sameo all the time??
Why can't I get pix from Instagram to Picasa?
Why doesn't Sadie bark when her leash gets caught on the fir tree?
Why do the bats leave droppings on the hood of my car?
Why is my Samsung tablet acting touchy?
What does that grey handle I found on my kitchen floor belong to?????
Why does the printer always have to be turned off and on before it prints--that is a new thing????

Good things I have noticed lately--

Using Coconut Oil for lotion on my arms and legs and body (instead of lotion) stops the itching, yea!!
I watch a lot less TV since I downgraded my options, it's a good thing.
I have read a lot (or listened to a lot) of books this month.
I love the quiet of the house, I do not have to be listening to something all the time.
I have some of the most beautiful children, grandchildren and great grandchildren that I have ever seen!
We have very loving, kind people at the branch.
We have excellent teachers at the branch and a lot of musical talent.
I am enjoying finishing the first part of "The San Diego Scene"--wonder who would want to read it.
I really have had a fantastic life with many wonderful memories, but it does not make for exciting reading.
My journals and memory books are a Godsend to me at this time of my life when my memory has dimmed.
The moths are about gone, gone, gone!
My home stays cool even when it is hot outside if I shut the windows early in the morning.
The humidifier has really kept me from being all congested.
The pictures are uploading to Picasa--only to my Picasa Web-not to my Desktop Picasa!

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