Friday, July 18, 2014

A Good Day!

Today was a good day, even if it was too hot!  Talked to James this morning, he is back East, and then Mitch called and he was on his way up!

I fed him a big breakfast and then he washed his clothes and took a long nap, he had driven in the night from Big Creek (near Fresno).  My only regret is that I did not take a picture, he looks so buff!!!

We looked at the trees I need to have cut, they are a little bigger than he has approval to do, but that is what he is doing for the Forest Service, he is a Faller.  That is a high paying job on the non-government payroll but a dangerous business.  I think he is really enjoying his time there, he took back his music and game stuff and clothes with him, he will be there through November!

Mitch did a couple of handyman things for me, we had Chicken tacos and then he folded his clothes, loaded his car with all his things and then he was off again, planning on stopping in Tahoe to see Matt.

After I left I read an email from an old friend and that reminded me of something on my blog and I went in and watched the grandchildren singing at Richard's funeral.  They were so good, amazing that on such short notice, they did so well.

And then I listened to James' talk and it was wonderful as was Bob Wells.  It was really a lovely funeral and I am so glad I can go back and listen again, I am sure I did not remember much from that day.

Then I noticed a call from our RS president and I called her back.  She wanted to make sure I was sincere about wanting to leave teaching in RS.  I have such a hard time because my throat gets so dry, etc.  I realized I have been teaching for 60 years though and I think that is quite enough so I eagerly told her YES!.  She didn't want me to feel they did not want me...

Yea, that means I do not need to order the HDMI connection as I will not need to show anymore videos at RS now.  That is good.

Matt called looking for Mitch, he says he has a new girlfriend he really likes and he is bringing her up to meet me.  Now that is good news!

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