Sunday, November 30, 2014


I remember Maria telling me to take lots of pictures and yet this is the only Thanksgiving picture I have!!

Matt came and I had made the whole traditional Thanksgiving dinner with Maria's cream corn, and Marilyn P's Sweet Potatoe Souffle and both Pumpkin and Apple Pie.  The missionaries had been by earlier to get down my Christmas Decorations and asked if I was going to be here for Thanksgiving dinner and I told them I was and my grandson was coming.  They said they could go to two dinners so I invited them.

It was fine.  Matt made the green bean casserole, I had the frozen pistachio salad and Matt did a great job of cutting the turkey.  We had put the stuffing inside.  I used the Bridgeford frozen rolls from Holiday and they were really good!  The missionaries especially loved the corn, never had anything as good and they ate the pumpkin pie.  We ate at 1 so they should have hungry for their dinner at 4:30 with the Martins.  We almost forgot the mashed potatoes, Matt and I were each using a pototoe peeler to get them in the water fast!

Matt and I watched the ballgame and he made a great fire--as usual it got so warm we had to open the doors.

Sadie loved having Bruce around.  Matt only stayed the one night and we went to Verizon the next morning, on his way back home, to discuss the Samsung Galaxy 5 Smartphone.  My contract has another two months so we didn't do anything but Melissa says I can get it totally free if I do the Galaxy 4 with A T and  T.

Anyway it was a lovely Thanksgiving,   Matt loaded my wood before he left.  My electric bill has been going up because often I will turn the electric heater on when I go to my bedroom for the night and don't bother with a wood fire.  Options are good.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

From Oceanside to Asheville, NC to Annapolis, MD to Asheville

Maria flew to visit Melissa in Asheville and then they drove to visit Mike in Annapolis.  Hope they are not encountering any stormy weather on the way.  They had six inches of snow in New York.

A rainy day in Annapolis.  Love those colors.  I had a couple days in Annapolis in 2003 after the Hurricane Isabel.  Such a lovely place.

Resting at the Mall.

Shopping at the Mall.

Nice picture and I am glad to see they have warm coats!

Mike and his Mom.

Curly Heads.

Farewell to Michael and on to Asheville

Maria and Melissa came back through Greensboro, NC and met with Patty, from high school days.

See the pix of them 38 years earlier.  Wow, they both have aged very well!!!

Melissa and Maria tour Asheville, doesn't look like winter there.

Classy ladies!

Let's Hear it from the Hardys

I was talking to Kelsi and Jimmy on Sunday.  Kelsi was telling me about going to Cotillion.  James went  when he was in grade school and we had chaperoned it once.  I was very impressed by what they were taught.  He was a little older I think.  Anyway she says she really likes learning the dances but especially likes it when the boys have to "grab" things for you.  I thought that was an interesting way of expressing how the boys are taught to bring things to the girls and act like gentleman.  Let's hope it still happens somewhere besides Cotillion.

Jimmy was telling me that the youth from their ward in Del Mar have a "Temple Tuesday" once a month at the San Diego Temple.  Here is a picture of Lea and her friend with the Temple in the background.  So beautiful.


Pulsiphers head for Hawaii.

Somehow the Pulsiphers have managed to get everyone on board for a vacation in Hawaii.  They have all been getting very fit for it, too.  Everybody has jobs, of course, and Tanner is home but will be leaving for BYU Idaho in January so it is no easy thing to get them all on vacation at the same time!

Amy and Sarah show their excitement.

Amy and Gary show off their fit bodies.

Kristi and Mike left three children home and brought Molly, the baby.

Amy sent a picture in to Quest and they liked her picture so much they are going to feature it in one of the #CheatClean collages and are sending her a box of Quest Bars of her choice.  It pays to exercise and eat nutritiously!

They all completed an 8 mile hike even with little Molly in tow.  The family that "hikes together, likes together"? or something like that???  Looks like six people had to get time off from their jobs and two more from school.  Lots of organizing.  Looks like a fun trip.

Thanksgiving Time

Well, it is that time of year again--the saddest time of the year.  It was 18 years ago that Richard died the day before Thanksgiving in Susanville.  We had come to spend the holiday with Maria's family.

My brother David says he feels the same way  as my brother Dick also died at Thanksgiving time and Jeanne's husband died in early November also.  Thanksgiving, a time for remembrance.

 It really hit me this last Sunday as we were singing the first hymn, it was a song I was not familiar with but the music was by Alexander Schreiner, the great organ player and author.  It was "Thy Spirit, Lord, Has Stirred Our Souls".  For some reason it brought tears to my eyes and made me think of those sad Thanksgivings.  I should learn to play it on the organ, it is so beautiful.

Over the years the holidays have just not been the same without Richard in my life. Every year I have to decide, should I decorate for Christmas or not???  Seems I always feel alone, no matter where I am.  The Hardys were thinking about coming up this year for Thanksgiving but I really think it would be better for them to come up when it is warm and there is more to do.  It has been in the 20's the last few nights, the coldest we have had so far and I understand there have been some broken pipes. Thank heaven Matt called and he is coming for Thanksgiving and maybe he will bring a friend, I hope so.

My neighbors were up because some gutter workers found their front door open.  The raccoons had gotten in and made a terrible mess in the kitchen.  It is unbelievable to me as well as to him that he had left the door open.  I have watched them as they close up the house and they are so meticulous.   He is getting older, no doubt.

This month there were so many birthdays.  Kate's was the end of October and then Ryan, Jimmy, Mitch and Maria all had birthdays in November.  I just send the E Cards anymore.

I finally got a speaker for my tablet.  It makes it so much easier when I am doing work and don't have to be so near to hear.  Of course, I have my big speakers I got in Guam but I use them on my computer, I just got one of those little round ones like Linda showed me.

I am listening to the life of Billy Crystal.  He is really an unpretentious nice guy.   So far one of the funniest chapters I thought was his lamenting about how much more fun the Christian holidays were than the Jewish--with Christmas trees and presents and Easter bunnies, chocolate eggs, etc. and the Jewish holidays are all about fasting and asking forgiveness, etc.  It was so funny and I have never heard any Jewish person talk about it like that.

Monday, November 03, 2014

Halloween 2014 with Great Grandchildren and Grandchildren

Kristi said Halloween went with too few pictures and Molly crying too much.

Keira loved trick or treating in her Unicorn costume and Baby Eden looks darling as a duckling.

Melissa is barely recognizable in her white hair!  It was snowing for Halloween in Asheville.

Kelsi is ready for trick or treating in her Rancho Santa Fe neighborhood with friends!

Sarah is a pretty mouse and Ryan a race car driver in Henderson.

Kelly is a diva as always--looks like a 60's flower child.  Peace!

Amy is a logger who looks kind of dangerous with that ax.

Kate looks cute in her boots trick or treating with Molly and Mom and Dad.

Ryan and Amy with a really spooky guy, who is it?  Ryan's grandparents have a neighborhood that really go all out for Halloween.

Case in point, look at this house where Kate is.

Tanner gets in on all the fun with his family and Sarah looks so pretty.

Looks like Halloween is alive and well in 2014.  I was downtown in Chester just as the trick or treaters started from store to store and I was really impressed with the costumes.  I wore my standard sweat shirt and jeans--oh well, nice to be old and do whatever you want even if it is boring.  At least I had a new haircut.

John Hardy Memorial Hike 2015

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