Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Pulsiphers head for Hawaii.

Somehow the Pulsiphers have managed to get everyone on board for a vacation in Hawaii.  They have all been getting very fit for it, too.  Everybody has jobs, of course, and Tanner is home but will be leaving for BYU Idaho in January so it is no easy thing to get them all on vacation at the same time!

Amy and Sarah show their excitement.

Amy and Gary show off their fit bodies.

Kristi and Mike left three children home and brought Molly, the baby.

Amy sent a picture in to Quest and they liked her picture so much they are going to feature it in one of the #CheatClean collages and are sending her a box of Quest Bars of her choice.  It pays to exercise and eat nutritiously!

They all completed an 8 mile hike even with little Molly in tow.  The family that "hikes together, likes together"? or something like that???  Looks like six people had to get time off from their jobs and two more from school.  Lots of organizing.  Looks like a fun trip.

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