Sunday, November 30, 2014


I remember Maria telling me to take lots of pictures and yet this is the only Thanksgiving picture I have!!

Matt came and I had made the whole traditional Thanksgiving dinner with Maria's cream corn, and Marilyn P's Sweet Potatoe Souffle and both Pumpkin and Apple Pie.  The missionaries had been by earlier to get down my Christmas Decorations and asked if I was going to be here for Thanksgiving dinner and I told them I was and my grandson was coming.  They said they could go to two dinners so I invited them.

It was fine.  Matt made the green bean casserole, I had the frozen pistachio salad and Matt did a great job of cutting the turkey.  We had put the stuffing inside.  I used the Bridgeford frozen rolls from Holiday and they were really good!  The missionaries especially loved the corn, never had anything as good and they ate the pumpkin pie.  We ate at 1 so they should have hungry for their dinner at 4:30 with the Martins.  We almost forgot the mashed potatoes, Matt and I were each using a pototoe peeler to get them in the water fast!

Matt and I watched the ballgame and he made a great fire--as usual it got so warm we had to open the doors.

Sadie loved having Bruce around.  Matt only stayed the one night and we went to Verizon the next morning, on his way back home, to discuss the Samsung Galaxy 5 Smartphone.  My contract has another two months so we didn't do anything but Melissa says I can get it totally free if I do the Galaxy 4 with A T and  T.

Anyway it was a lovely Thanksgiving,   Matt loaded my wood before he left.  My electric bill has been going up because often I will turn the electric heater on when I go to my bedroom for the night and don't bother with a wood fire.  Options are good.

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