Tuesday, November 18, 2014

From Oceanside to Asheville, NC to Annapolis, MD to Asheville

Maria flew to visit Melissa in Asheville and then they drove to visit Mike in Annapolis.  Hope they are not encountering any stormy weather on the way.  They had six inches of snow in New York.

A rainy day in Annapolis.  Love those colors.  I had a couple days in Annapolis in 2003 after the Hurricane Isabel.  Such a lovely place.

Resting at the Mall.

Shopping at the Mall.

Nice picture and I am glad to see they have warm coats!

Mike and his Mom.

Curly Heads.

Farewell to Michael and on to Asheville

Maria and Melissa came back through Greensboro, NC and met with Patty, from high school days.

See the pix of them 38 years earlier.  Wow, they both have aged very well!!!

Melissa and Maria tour Asheville, doesn't look like winter there.

Classy ladies!

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Inchwormart said...

What a difference a day makes...heard parts of NY, who experience lake effect snow, have received six feet. Yikes!

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