Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Finally, Back to Normal

On the night of February 22 I was hot, and then chills and really feeling sick.  Yes, I did have a fever, first time in forever.  I was not sure I would make it through the night, I felt like my heart was giving out (over active imagination I guess but my blood pressure was sky high and I had the worst, worst headache ever) and I went to the clinic as soon as it opened.  Probably for the first time in my life I did not even have makeup or hair combed, I felt that bad.  He gave me a prescription for UTI and Sinus Infection and I know I had tendonitis in the knees as well as a back ache and that headache which went on and on.  I think the pain pills are worse for you than the suffering so I did not take any, and got rid of meds as soon as able.  I spent about three weeks in bed or on the couch, seldom dressed, went nowhere and now I am working outside 2 hours a day to start to do the spring clean up.

Yes, that is still snow in my yard, but I am cleaning where it has melted.

I am monitoring my work time because otherwise I will be so achy.  Saturday I cleaned both decks of all the winter muck and I could not even walk in the morning I was so sore.  Anyway I am 84 going on 25 the way I want to get things done but trying to go slow.  I may get the Handyman to do the bagging and disposal of waste, I will see.  I don't mind the raking as long as I don't overdue it.  The bagging is harder for me.  But since I have lost weight it is easier than it used to be.  I feel fairly good except for the knees and legs.  Today I got some compression sox and I think they help alot with the varicose veins.  And the knee stopped hurting.  See how I feel tomorrow.  I am an old lady but I do not want to just sit, sit, sit, but I love being home.  March Madness is starting and I will enjoy that.  Mostly in the day time I leave the tv off.  I love the quiet.  Although I did watch a series while I was sick and listen to a lot of books.  I did not want to move.  I think the antibiotic used on me for the last two years has caused the tendonitis, will talk to Dr. Nelsen about that.

I love living up here, I love getting the yard cleaned up, I just wish I could paint and do more of the things needed.  Oh, well, the sun is shining and I am finally feeling well!!!

I found out it was late April or May that I had my annual exam last year so I will schedule with Dr. Nelsen and see how he thinks I am doing and if he recommends anything.  I decided after several years of no regular Dr at the clinic but Dr. Tonya I need to go back to Dr. Nelsen and he is not at the clinic anymore.  So life moves on.

Somehow my computer tricked me and went over to Internet Explorer and everything Microsoft instead of Chrome and Google.  I do not even know when or how it happened.  I like some of the things and not others.  But I just ask Cortana to find Chrome and I am back to the way it was.  It is very strange.  Have not decided yet what to do about it.

I have learned how to edit the Instagram pictures and put in my Picasa and print out.  I love the way my little Brother printer prints out such nice pictures and uses little ink.  I have been sending them to Matt.  I finally bought a little scale and read the rules of usps mailing.  Letters should not be over 1/4 inch thick.  I have been mailing them thick with too much postage.  I wonder if they get to him.  I will do better now.

This is a status letter for me.  I have worked 4 1/2 hrs on the fire prevention cleanup so far and I still have much to do, I will keep better track this year.  Actually last year Matt did most of it, I just did the back lot.

Today I watched the Kings/Heat game from last night.  Since I had not heard the outcome I was pleasantly surprised. They won!  The Kings are Baaack--lots of new young ones who looked great!!!!

Oh, yes, I washed my lettuce really well this week and actually iced it and everything, it has been crisp all week. Love that.  Marilyn thinks it is the lettuce that made me sick...not sure about that.

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