Monday, August 25, 2014

Happy Birthday, Richard, from Maria...

Maria called Johnny and had him meet her at El Camino and he had brought some things to put on Richard's grave.  So nice.  Love the pictures and that she was thinking of her Dad.  And that Johnny come and met her, too.  She also said they ate at a new place nearby that was really good food--called "The Grave" I thought she said...and I should go with her next time I am in town, which will be January 22nd for my birthday!

Anyway I was also reading in Richard's Memory book some of the messages and letters that were said about him to me from his clients, temple workers, friends, relatives.  So many lovely things were said, he was so loved by so many.  

Happy Birthday to Richard! 83 Earth Time

Richard's birthday today, so feeling gloomy.  I remember when I was working in Galveston after Hurricane Katrina and Rita and we went to a Christmas parade downtown.  Glenda dressed up in Victorian costume but I did not.  There were many who did.  One couple in particular  in white hair caught my attention.

I thought how wonderful that would be to have a partner to grow old with together and look so comfortable marching in a parade or anywhere.  Of course, there is no knowing how happy they were but they looked happy.  I was envious.

I remmber also in Hong Kong with Meagan when we visited some town and were in the mall.  I was watching the escalator as a Mormon missionary senior couple emerged at the top and were animatedly talking--on their day off, I suppose, and I was really envious.  They looked so happy in their togetherness.

No answers as to why some people live a long time in pain or bedridden and others just drop dead at a young answers.  And others live a long time sharing a lifetime of joy and trouble together. Seems I have been alone a lot...oh, well, hope Richard is happy on his mission up there.  Wish I had it a little easier in my old age.

But I am working on the front deck.  I did a lousy job of cleaning it because I ran out of deck wash and steam so the stain job will not be so good, but there is always next yearr...maybe do a better job then...or no job at all.  Life is so unpredictable.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Back Deck Stained...but Front, When??

Monday night I cleaned the deck with deck wash.  I really scrubbed it.  Tuesday morning I stained it with the stick and hard sponge.  It looks good.  Instead of doing two coats, I do one each year.  It never lasts more than one year any way.

The problem is that I have been like an invalid every since.  My hands hurt, my arms ache, my legs ache, my back aches.  And I still have the front to do.  I thought I would get it done this week.  The day after I stained it I had to sleep most of the day.  I was exhausted.  I hate this growing old business!!!

 Each day I think, "I need to wait till tonight, I need to wait till morning, I need to wait till tonight."  I don't know when I will finish the front...but the back looks good.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Miriam Lina Nelson

Miriam Hardy Nelson passed away today at 2 pm.  What a great life she lived.  After Richard and I married we visited Miriam and Scott in their home and she put on the most wonderful dinner amongst all those little children she was raising.  I was impressed.

When Scott died, she was pregnant with her 7th child Julie and I think Rebecca was only 9 or 10.  I remember when she told me about driving herself to the hospital alone to have her baby.  What a courageous woman she was.  Then she went on to finish college and become a Home Ec teacher at a high school.  She later received her Masters.  She could also sing and play the piano and always seemed to have a smile on her face. And yes, she was a great cook.

And she managed to raise 7 super children--how she did it, I will never know, but I do know she is a beloved mother of all her children and 29 grandchildren and 41 great grandchildren.  I remember once someone said she only had two rules at her house for the children.  They were always to say their prayers and go to church on Sunday. I am not sure that was the whole truth but it worked and somewhere in there she must have taught them all to work because they surely know how to do that.  A great lady, a great life and she has a well earned rest coming.

 Matt, Jennie, Julie, Becky, Lory and Merlin and some of the spouses.

 Alan and wife Elaine, he most have been the photographer in the other picture.

What a wonderful legacy for Miriam--plus all the grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Mark Twain

Last night I watched the second half of the life of Mark Twain.  He was one  writer who made good money on his writings and on his lectures.  His wife had also inherited an amazingly beautiful home in Hartford, Connecticut and his wife had decorated it lovingly.  They had three daughters and lived very happily in the that lovely place.

At a time when $500 a month was considered good income, they were spending $30,000 a year just to run the house with the servants (many) and costs of a home.  I am not sure if that included their lavish entertaining habits.

But Mark Twain didn't want to write for a living anymore and so he invested in different inventions-$25,000 here and there and none of them were successful. One observation was that his artistic brain did not have the caution of a good businessman and he was not questioning the things he should, much too reckless.

Eventually they had to declare bankruptcy, shut the house and travel around the world giving lectures to make money.  He was able to pay everyone back but their life was never the same.

It reminded me of the talk I heard at James' college graduation that warned them of what happens so often...a person graduates, gets a great career, and then loses because of letting other people manage or invest their money.  Anyway a lecture on how important is to learn to protect your earnings and be wise in all things.

I can say Amen to all of this.  Anyway the two part series on Mark Twain was on PBS--so worth watching.

 Last night I watched about the sculpturing of the Mt. Rushmore president heads, that was a story I did not know.  So interesting to find out how it all came about, and how long it took and at what a cost.  One thing that impressed me most was the beautiful skin that the one daughter had, who was reporting.  Reminded me of the complexion of my lady dermatologist--perfect and flawless with not a blemish.  Now that to me is really amazing!!!

Monday, August 18, 2014

John's Birthday

John would have been 54 today.  That does not seem very old.  It is hard to believe it has been over 10 years since he passed away.

I remember when he and Matt Hardy were having a discussion when Matt was living with us.  It may have been when Miriam had been in a car accident so they were young.

But they were talking about the fact that they would probably not live much past 35 and so they should really enjoy their life but they seemed to think that 35 was pretty old anyway and that would be all right.

John was such an expressive baby, always interested in what was around him.

How many pictures do we have of him holding up a fish he caught?

The last fish for John.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Trees Come Down

So many things that had to be done this summer, it has been very stressful.  One of the biggest happened the last two weeks.   First the fallers came and that was interesting to watch.  The 'traditional way' worked on the first tree.  One guy climbs up and cuts branches off on the way up and then tops it and then comes down a way and cuts it again.  The man on the ground puts branches in a pile and moves out of the way for falling timber.

The last two trees were so rotten, they had to just cut them and let them fall. But they cut them in such a way that the one knocked the other down, too, and they went just between trees in my neighbor's yard.  They are amazingly accurate fallers!  And the trees were really rotten except for the first one.

When the cleanup crew came, they did an excellent job of making it look like they were never there.  I was talking to two of them after and we got to talking about snowblowers for some reason.  I said I had one but couldn't do it by myself anymore.  One spoke up and said he'd do it!!!  He lives nearby in the club and for $20 an hour will come and run my machine.  That is what I have been looking for since Michael is gone and I plan to stay here this winter.  He also said he could do most any other jobs I had or find someone who could.  That is such a valuable source to me.  Yea!  

They were also talking about the fact that it takes two years to dry the wood enough to use it in the wood stove.  I am so glad I did not try and keep any of the wood and then have to find someone to cut
it , stack it, and dry it.  Such a big job to ask or pay someone to do.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Great Grandfather's Eye Removal

When I was six we visited my Great Grandfather Lillywhite who only had one eye.  We were told it was from a wood chip that had lodged in his eye from chopping wood but that was not the whole story.

Yesterday I used the digital newspaper Steve taught me how to do and I found an article from 1908 in the Box Elder News.

It said that Benjamin Lillywhite was operated upon by Dr. Fieday for the removal of a cancer from his left eye lid.  It was hoped the eye could be saved but an examination proved that it was affected by the disease, so it was taken out and then the cancer was cut off the eye lid.

It went on to say that two years ago while Mr. Lillywhite was chopping wood a small stick flew up hitting him in the eye, but further than causing him a little pain at the time, no serious damage was thought to have been done.  The bruise was evidently a bad one however, for soon there appeared a small lump, which grew as time passed and finally developed into a cancer. 

"The operation was most successful and while Mr. Lillywhite had to lose his eye, he is confident that the trouble has now been resolved which hope is just as sincerely shared by his family and numerous friends."

I remember hearing as a child that his eye was knocked out when he was cutting wood--now I hear the "rest of the story".  Very interesting.


If it isn't  one thing, it is another--looks like I have found my source of allergy bothering me of late. It is the Douglas-fir tussock moth caterpillar.  There was a huge article in the paper today about the current battle with the deadly (to trees) caterpillars.  Currently they are in the phase of looking for places to pupate which is maybe why I have seen them crawling along the deck sides, on the screens, etc.  At least that means their troublesome times are about over for this year.

Since I am continually raking and gathering up needles and putting them into bags, I have subjected myself to their old skins and spent cocoons and have had the resultant runny nose, headache, itchy arms and hands, etc. that are more prevalent to people who have allergies anyway.  Since my allergies are usually in the spring and fall it has been puzzling to me.

I just captured one to make sure it was what I was reading about and sure enough it had the four colorful tufts of hair on its back.  I smashed him with a jar!

Evidently they are cyclical and an invasion only happens every 5 to 10 to 12 years.  This must be the moth invasion I had earlier this summer!!!  This is exactly how they looked!!!  I don't know if they hurt any of my fir trees--if the needles turn brown they have, so far it is the cedar trees that have been brown.  I should have killed every one of those ugly moths instead of letting some fly away, thinking they were doing some good by eating bugs and stuff--that is a different kind of moth!  At least I know they are not interested in eating my clothes in the closets.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Martin E Anderson

Today (and later also and this has been updated) the challenge was to find out what was true about my grandfather Martin E Anderson and what was not.  It only reiterates the importance of journals. If only more had been written about what he was doing and when, it would not be such a puzzle.

At the end of the day I think we concluded he was not the original builder of the Brigham City Tabernacle as that was in 1879 but he was probably a part of the restoration in 1897--which I have now determined was probably as a carpenter.  He had been farming down in the Beaver area but as I researched our history I found in Benjamin Lillywhite's  history,  who was Martin's father-in-law and who owned 40 acres near Beaver, that they had failed crops in 1895 and 1896 and so in 1897 they moved to Brigham City where his son Joseph was.

Steven found in the Stoneys history that a granddaughter reported going to 'Aunt Jane Anderson's' house in Riverside in 1897.  This is 20 miles from Brigham City and we think Martin was looking for a new work, too and so moved up there and used his skills up there on this job.  It may be where he got his experience for becoming a contractor on later tabernacles.

It appears that the birth of  Arlow in 1898 in Beaver was probably in error as his tombstone does not even list where he was born.   After all this birthplace was determined many years after Arlow passed away and we think he may have reported his birth place in error also on his marriage certificate.  He may not have known he was born in Riverside.  Kind of makes sense.   They are reported to have been in Idaho in summer of 1900 and then in Brigham City where another baby (Lorin) was born and they stayed there until 1918 when they moved to Salt Lake City.

In a newspaper clipping that Steven found it was reported he has received the contractor job for the Blackfoot, Id Tabernacle and Dad tells about the boys all going up to Blackfoot to work on it in 1919 and 1920 and it was completed in 1921.  The family moved to Blackfoot in the summer of 1921. However I read that Hyrum Pope was the architect.  Martin E Anderson's name is listed as the architect and builder of the Malad, Id in 1914-15 and as the contractor of the Garland, Ut Tabernacle in 1913.  Steve thinks this listing him as a architect is also in error as the building so resembles two others done by another architect and we cannot determine how he could have ever gotten training as an architect.  However, in those days there was no licensing needed to be a contractor, it was something you learned through experience.

Steve Thayne also found he built several buildings in Eureka, Ut (now a ghost town).  The BPOE building was the major building there.  See below.  Steve also found clippings showing he built several of the schools in the area, a new home for the family in 1912 and the 3rd Ward building which they moved into in 1911-12.  I have a complete list from all the clippings in Utah.  We do not have all he may have built Idaho.

When he starting building and where he got the education for it, we do not know.  We know he started as a ranch worker when he was 14 and was working on a ranch when he met his wife Mary Jane Lillywhite in 1891.  He could certainly learn how to be a carpenter working on a ranch and they built their own homes.  It all makes sense that he developed his building and contracting skills as a new way to earn a living.  I read that many of the farmers were contracting with the railroad building just to keep their families from starving in Southern Utah.

With all the clippings Steven sent me I was able to do a timeline on all his building and it was quite a lot.  In 1923 his little daughter Mary, age 7 died, and they brought her from Idaho to Brigham City to bury.   Another daughter Maurine married in 1927 in Blackfoot, Id so they were probably in Blackfoot at least until then but we have no information as to what buildings he might have built after 1921.  The census does show them in Blackfoot in 1930.

It should probably be noted here that Mary Jane, Martin's wife, had her first baby at 18 and her last one at age 43!  Her first daughter at age 25 was married the same year Mary Jane had her last baby.  I wish I knew more about what went on in that home.

They lived their last years in southern California at Hawthorne near relatives and Martin died in 1936 at Thanksgiving time.  Dave says he remembers that they (Dad and Dick and Dave) had come home from hunting and Mom told Dad that his father had passed away and Dad went upstairs to pack to go to the funeral in Brigham City.

In 1939 we visited Mary Jane, his wife, who was living with a daughter in Boise, Id.  She had had her legs amputated at the knee because of diabetes.  Her youngest daughter at that time would have only been 21 and had just married the year before in California.  The daughter she was living with (Nettie Dahlstrom) died in 1943, two years before Mary Jane died in 1945!

Marilyn and Jeanne both remember on this 1939 trip that our Dad drove us around in his car and showed them the buildings and houses his father had built in Brigham City and Marilyn thinks he also did the same thing in Blackfoot!

Monday, August 11, 2014


Michael on Kelly and Michael was talking about how much he loved Spam and how popular it was in Hawaii.  It had been in the news that there was a shortage there.

He went on to say how much he loved just spam and white bread sandwiches and when the others turned up their nose at him, he said, "You grew up rich!"

I must have had spam as a child, too, because I really like it.  So good in a sandwich, with lettuce, or without.  Bologna sandwiches were just a step above and I loved them, too.

I was surprised though at how popular Spam was in Guam.  It was in all the restaurants for breakfast, lunch or whatever.

Our First Car

My brother Dave had to tell me a funny story I did not know.  He said the first car Dad bought was a 36 Nash and it was used and it cost him $600 dollars.  We speculated on how many years Dad had to walk to work and back on those cold winter days before he got the car.  Not fun!

I actually remember driving with Dave in the car and for some reason we were in the back yard off of the alley at someone's house and we had to drive under a clothes line.  I remember Dave ducking his head and I thought he looked so funny since he was inside the car!

Anyway he said he remembers that it was hard to keep the car warm so Dad would maneuver it through the narrow alleys (they met like a T in back of the store) and actually drive it in to the back of the store where they took it in to the area where the deliveries of new clothes were unpacked, etc. Dave says he remembers his job was to sweep and keep the area clean and he would sell the boxes for about 15 cents a piece to the bakery.  They liked them to deliver bread to the different cafes, stores, etc.

Dave said he was only 10 when Dad bought the car (I was 5 above) and he remembers driving it a lot in high school.  It was very wide, he said.  When he would go out to Sam's (a dancing hall with a bar that was very popular with all the high school kids) there was always a friend or two that would want to borrow it so he could take his girlfriend and spoon or you know what in the back seat!!

When we would travel to Utah in the car I remember at least five of us children in the back seat. Carole was usually in front with Mom.  One of the boys would stretch out and the rest of us would be sitting on the edge of the seat but it was wide, I remember that.  Dave said we had to stop often for car problems.

The story Dave wanted to tell me was that when Dave went to college he actually was able to sell the car and use the money for college.  He remembers he sold it for $700 and then later he learned that it had completely burned up after the man bought it.  He says Dad did have an occasionally fire, too, but it never did any damage.  So Dad bought it for $600 and seven or eight years later Dave sells it for $700!!!

Friday, August 08, 2014

What to Do, What to Do?

As my extended family gets larger, I get lonelier.  Something wrong with that premise but that is the way it is.  The fact I live 12 hours away from most of them could have something to do with it.  The fact I have not chosen to join clubs or participate in golf and games could also make a difference.

The obvious fact is I am a widow and it is not easy to live alone and not easy to live with others either. The other obvious fact is as you get older, you do not want to travel as much nor participate in outings at night or go to a lot of things you once did.  "Been there, done that...blah, blah, blah." Myrna always said "Everything was fine when I was working, when I stopped, my health went bad, and I got lonelier."  Yes, work was a good thing to always keep you busy and then you really enjoyed your few moments alone for TV or music or a good book.  There was never enough time to catch up with everyone.

But...when you are alone 24/7 it is hard.  I only now really can empathize with my Mom and my mother-in-law and their many years alone.  At one time your life is so full and busy you cannot find time to do everything that is needed.  Now you have the time, but not always the energy.  You appreciate phone calls more, but phone calls are less than they once were, you are not involved in every one's life so you do not need to be consulted or thought about as much.  And they are all very busy in their lives with not enough time.  I once was busy with emails.  Seems hardly anyone emails anymore.  It is selfies on the Instagram that has taken the place of email or texting, which I do not do.

What to do, what to do.  There is more yard work, all the time, but I can only do a little bit and then I have to rest.  TV gets monotonous.  You can only sit at the computer for so long before that is a strain. I am trying to finish scanning all my pix and finish my books but you can only work at that so long in a day or a week before it is too fatiguing. And you can't always go to sleep so the nights are tossing and turning, listening to music, then to a book, then to watch a show, then to try to sleep again, finally the listening to a book will finally put you out but then it is almost time to put Sadie out or take a walk in the early morning and then you have to come back and catch up on the sleep you needed but did not get. What a vicious circle.

What to do, what to to be relevant but not too tired, how to join in but not get too busy.  It is another one of those times in my life when there are no least I have none that seem to be right or doable and so you just muddle along from day to day, looking for a little joy here or there.  It is a strange time in my life.  Everything is harder than it once was, too.  Sometimes you ache, sometimes you don't, who knows why the rhyme or reason for that.  Sometimes you have a burst of energy, sometimes you have none.

I do need to find something to laugh at each day though, that is really important for my health, and it is so hard to find...must get on the joke pages I guess.  Anyone have a funny story or joke to tell?  I need it now.

Here's my laugh for today.  When I ordered my groceries at Walmart (nonperishable  only) we wondered how they were being delivered.  Guess what--they are coming Fed Ex cheaper than I can buy them at the store!!!  Don't ask me how, I don't know.  But it surely makes me giggle.

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Keeping On Keeping On

Walmart said it would take 12 days but actually I received every thing in four days except for my pasta and flour!  What a great way to shop.  Delivered right to my doorstep--no lugging heavy bags up the stairs!

It is a little frightening that Google knows everything about me.  So I have been making bread with the Pamela Gluten Free Bread Mix I got last week.  Really good.  So today they sent me an ad for a bread slicing board and sides with slits.  I bought it.  I am tired of having uneven slices.  And I do like the homemade bread so much better than what I can buy.  I had a bread slicing unit once that Vern Beeler made.  What happened to it???

It has been great weather for getting rid of the weeds out in front because the ground is soft from the rain.  If only I had more energy.  I can go about two hours and then I am done but it looks great, I will just do a little each day.

The chimney sweeper called today and we set up an appointment for September.  Seems I am spending my whole summer getting ready for winter.  Now I just need to get someone to chop my kindling.  I really do not like that job.  I am always afraid I will get a chip in my eye like Great Grandfather Lillywhite.

Tonight I whipped through the CMA Music Show pretty fast.  Where are all the great western ballads like there used to be? It is mostly noisy songs with no tune and about drinking and getting it on. Where is the romance of yesteryear?  Well I did like Blake Shelton.  Where are all the great singers and song writers???  Where is the Grand Old Opry stars?  I thought it was quite monotonous to have the same type of songs and guys that all dress the same.  That is why I record everything so I can whip through the parts I don't like and the commercials.

It pays to speak up.  My trash company asked us to rate them online and asked for suggestions of improvements.  I told them I wished they didn't charge for the bag of greens each week--they didn't used to!!!   And they didn't charge me!  Wonder if that will keep up.

I told the faller I really needed a low quote on the trees and he is only charging me $1100 for three trees when the usual is $800 a tree.

I called Dish and asked for the very lowest plan possible and they gave me one that doesn't even exist anymore--only $28 a month!!!

Evidently Sadie was mad at me today, she should be happy, she has been getting her walks everyday this week but--she did a very naughty thing though she has been most repentant--see how she does tomorrow...what a strange life I have, just taking care of the grounds and my dog, listening to books and writing memoirs and scanning pix and keeping up with the grands and great grands.

Right now I am in to a mystery by James Patterson and I just finished a Nora Roberts one with Satanic worship and killing, a little unusual for her and I have finished Maya Angelou's book.  She does make you realize how hard integration has been.  It was certainly something I never grew up with in Montana.

My sister Carole and her friend Alyce drove to Glendive and were there for three days.  It was fun hearing about how pretty everything looked, it is a lovely little town, especially in the summer and spring.  Sounds like Jon, Bethany and the twins will be making it their home this year.  With all the Bakken activity though it has really made Glendive boom and there are just not enough rentals to choose from and homes are expensive!  In all my sorting I ran across the minerals rights that Dad bought for me--too bad they weren't in North Dakota instead of outside of Glendive.

I have been recording "Last Tango in Halifax"--another Brit show on PBS.  This week's was especially good with a wedding of the senior couple, very nicely done.

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

It's a Good Thing!

They are putting in my new garage door--in the rain!  And yes, the rain is a good thing, too.  Everything looks beautiful and no thunder or lighting with this rain.  I am paying for the garage door with my property tax savings.  As Scarlett said, "I will think about that tomorrow!"

Another good thing is the stylus pen to use with your tablet.  It works so much faster and there are no marks on your screen.  Who knew?

And I just ordered my protein powder on line with free delivery for the same amount as I have to drive 30 miles to get it.

And I ordered all my necessities including pharmacy and new printer cartridges plus groceries except for produce and perishables from Walmart.  Free delivery.  I can even request gluten free products and it brings them up online and I can choose from them.  After a bad episode with some canned clam chowder that had wheat in it, that is a very good thing.  When I stock up for the winter with canned goods for chili, etc.  it will be a very good thing.  No gas for driving to get it.  I love it!!!  No driving in the snow...

I remember in the 70's when they tried to sell groceries online, it just did not work.  Now with Amazon and now Walmart and I see that in some areas even Safeway is delivering--and that is meat and produce!  Maybe the high gas bills has motivated it, I don't know, but I love it.  I may even try Schwann? this winter--my sister says their chicken is the best.

And another good thing to take your mind off the news--"Hotel Babylon"  another Brit series on Netflix that is a real hoot.  After staying in hotels so much during my SBA days it is especially interesting.

Mike just called, that is a good thing. Enjoyed talking to him.

I put cinnamon and sugar in my bread yesterday, next time I think I will add raisins.  Home made bread is a very good thing.

Greg, the guy who cut and trimmed most of my trees before just came and gave me a quote--a really good quote for three trees, so it looks like they will be gone by end of next week.  Problem is he could see right through one of them so probably hollow--rotted, and they have to fall it all rather than climbing up and topping part of it.  So a little tricker.  Probably won't get any wood to burn if it is so rotted...

Love the new garage door, it is white and so matches the door and trim now, before it was a kind of cream.  Looks really good.  Yea...

Monday, August 04, 2014

Out and About with Kelly and Amy

Amy and Kelly attend a concert at the Rose Bowl!!

I guess it was Beyonce!!

Jimmy is a Junior Lifeguard

Awesome Jimmy!

From the Massey House

Eden shows off her amazing smile as she is learning to sit!

And almost crawling.  Which Meagan would just as soon take a little longer!

 Keira has a visitor she is not too sure she is keen about.

Keira visits the library!

Keira goes to the famous San Diego Comiccon!

Meagan reported that Keira was so excited when she found this picture she was sure was her Mom and Dad!!!  So now we know what goes on at their house alot.

Youth Conference for Sarah

Sarah's Youth Conference (which she was only able to participate in on the last day because she was at Especially for Youth) was a Book of Mormon theme.  They met at the Stake Center and then traveled up to the Church Camp in Ramona.   They told the story of the Book of Mormon from the characters.  Gary, Sarah's Dad, introduced it as Mormon himself.  Linda was not able to get more pictures but she said all the youth were dressed as Nephites and Lamanites and they had activities mixed in with the characters talking to them and acting out the theme. 

This sounds like an amazing Youth Conference !!!  What a lot of work and dedication by the leaders.  Linda said the costumes were all excellent.  She especially liked the one of Ammon below.

Gary, as Mormon  


And here is Sarah--not at the Youth Conference yet but with friends.

Youth Conference for Lea and Jacob

 Camber reported on the great Your Conference for Lea and Jacob this last week:
For youth conference they did the "Trek." Dressed up like Mormon pioneers and walked 5 miles a day up in the mountains pulling handcarts. I thought they were going to break down. When I picked them up, I have never seen a happier group of teenagers in my life!!!! It was like they were all equal. There was no cool group, or need group, they all loved each other in a joyful way that I have never experienced! What a brilliant Heavenly Father we have to allow the gospel to come through simple pioneers! 

I wonder how many participated???

Love those handcarts with covers!

Lea on the top left.

Jacob in front...not in pioneer attire at this place (before or after?).

I bet the pioneers would have loved those wonderful shoes the youth are wearing!!!!  I heard that Brigham Young encouraged them to go barefoot so their feet would toughen up.

I just think it is wonderful that the leaders make these handcart replicas and put in the time and effort to make this experience so meaningful in these youth lives!

Lea and Jacob have so many pioneer ancestors, I hope they learn about them all!

John Hardy Memorial Hike 2015

My Life So Far