Monday, August 25, 2014

Happy Birthday to Richard! 83 Earth Time

Richard's birthday today, so feeling gloomy.  I remember when I was working in Galveston after Hurricane Katrina and Rita and we went to a Christmas parade downtown.  Glenda dressed up in Victorian costume but I did not.  There were many who did.  One couple in particular  in white hair caught my attention.

I thought how wonderful that would be to have a partner to grow old with together and look so comfortable marching in a parade or anywhere.  Of course, there is no knowing how happy they were but they looked happy.  I was envious.

I remmber also in Hong Kong with Meagan when we visited some town and were in the mall.  I was watching the escalator as a Mormon missionary senior couple emerged at the top and were animatedly talking--on their day off, I suppose, and I was really envious.  They looked so happy in their togetherness.

No answers as to why some people live a long time in pain or bedridden and others just drop dead at a young answers.  And others live a long time sharing a lifetime of joy and trouble together. Seems I have been alone a lot...oh, well, hope Richard is happy on his mission up there.  Wish I had it a little easier in my old age.

But I am working on the front deck.  I did a lousy job of cleaning it because I ran out of deck wash and steam so the stain job will not be so good, but there is always next yearr...maybe do a better job then...or no job at all.  Life is so unpredictable.

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