Monday, August 11, 2014

Our First Car

My brother Dave had to tell me a funny story I did not know.  He said the first car Dad bought was a 36 Nash and it was used and it cost him $600 dollars.  We speculated on how many years Dad had to walk to work and back on those cold winter days before he got the car.  Not fun!

I actually remember driving with Dave in the car and for some reason we were in the back yard off of the alley at someone's house and we had to drive under a clothes line.  I remember Dave ducking his head and I thought he looked so funny since he was inside the car!

Anyway he said he remembers that it was hard to keep the car warm so Dad would maneuver it through the narrow alleys (they met like a T in back of the store) and actually drive it in to the back of the store where they took it in to the area where the deliveries of new clothes were unpacked, etc. Dave says he remembers his job was to sweep and keep the area clean and he would sell the boxes for about 15 cents a piece to the bakery.  They liked them to deliver bread to the different cafes, stores, etc.

Dave said he was only 10 when Dad bought the car (I was 5 above) and he remembers driving it a lot in high school.  It was very wide, he said.  When he would go out to Sam's (a dancing hall with a bar that was very popular with all the high school kids) there was always a friend or two that would want to borrow it so he could take his girlfriend and spoon or you know what in the back seat!!

When we would travel to Utah in the car I remember at least five of us children in the back seat. Carole was usually in front with Mom.  One of the boys would stretch out and the rest of us would be sitting on the edge of the seat but it was wide, I remember that.  Dave said we had to stop often for car problems.

The story Dave wanted to tell me was that when Dave went to college he actually was able to sell the car and use the money for college.  He remembers he sold it for $700 and then later he learned that it had completely burned up after the man bought it.  He says Dad did have an occasionally fire, too, but it never did any damage.  So Dad bought it for $600 and seven or eight years later Dave sells it for $700!!!

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