Tuesday, August 05, 2014

It's a Good Thing!

They are putting in my new garage door--in the rain!  And yes, the rain is a good thing, too.  Everything looks beautiful and no thunder or lighting with this rain.  I am paying for the garage door with my property tax savings.  As Scarlett said, "I will think about that tomorrow!"

Another good thing is the stylus pen to use with your tablet.  It works so much faster and there are no marks on your screen.  Who knew?

And I just ordered my protein powder on line with free delivery for the same amount as I have to drive 30 miles to get it.

And I ordered all my necessities including pharmacy and new printer cartridges plus groceries except for produce and perishables from Walmart.  Free delivery.  I can even request gluten free products and it brings them up online and I can choose from them.  After a bad episode with some canned clam chowder that had wheat in it, that is a very good thing.  When I stock up for the winter with canned goods for chili, etc.  it will be a very good thing.  No gas for driving to get it.  I love it!!!  No driving in the snow...

I remember in the 70's when they tried to sell groceries online, it just did not work.  Now with Amazon and now Walmart and I see that in some areas even Safeway is delivering--and that is meat and produce!  Maybe the high gas bills has motivated it, I don't know, but I love it.  I may even try Schwann? this winter--my sister says their chicken is the best.

And another good thing to take your mind off the news--"Hotel Babylon"  another Brit series on Netflix that is a real hoot.  After staying in hotels so much during my SBA days it is especially interesting.

Mike just called, that is a good thing. Enjoyed talking to him.

I put cinnamon and sugar in my bread yesterday, next time I think I will add raisins.  Home made bread is a very good thing.

Greg, the guy who cut and trimmed most of my trees before just came and gave me a quote--a really good quote for three trees, so it looks like they will be gone by end of next week.  Problem is he could see right through one of them so probably hollow--rotted, and they have to fall it all rather than climbing up and topping part of it.  So a little tricker.  Probably won't get any wood to burn if it is so rotted...

Love the new garage door, it is white and so matches the door and trim now, before it was a kind of cream.  Looks really good.  Yea...

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