Saturday, August 16, 2014

Trees Come Down

So many things that had to be done this summer, it has been very stressful.  One of the biggest happened the last two weeks.   First the fallers came and that was interesting to watch.  The 'traditional way' worked on the first tree.  One guy climbs up and cuts branches off on the way up and then tops it and then comes down a way and cuts it again.  The man on the ground puts branches in a pile and moves out of the way for falling timber.

The last two trees were so rotten, they had to just cut them and let them fall. But they cut them in such a way that the one knocked the other down, too, and they went just between trees in my neighbor's yard.  They are amazingly accurate fallers!  And the trees were really rotten except for the first one.

When the cleanup crew came, they did an excellent job of making it look like they were never there.  I was talking to two of them after and we got to talking about snowblowers for some reason.  I said I had one but couldn't do it by myself anymore.  One spoke up and said he'd do it!!!  He lives nearby in the club and for $20 an hour will come and run my machine.  That is what I have been looking for since Michael is gone and I plan to stay here this winter.  He also said he could do most any other jobs I had or find someone who could.  That is such a valuable source to me.  Yea!  

They were also talking about the fact that it takes two years to dry the wood enough to use it in the wood stove.  I am so glad I did not try and keep any of the wood and then have to find someone to cut
it , stack it, and dry it.  Such a big job to ask or pay someone to do.

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