Monday, August 04, 2014

Youth Conference for Lea and Jacob

 Camber reported on the great Your Conference for Lea and Jacob this last week:
For youth conference they did the "Trek." Dressed up like Mormon pioneers and walked 5 miles a day up in the mountains pulling handcarts. I thought they were going to break down. When I picked them up, I have never seen a happier group of teenagers in my life!!!! It was like they were all equal. There was no cool group, or need group, they all loved each other in a joyful way that I have never experienced! What a brilliant Heavenly Father we have to allow the gospel to come through simple pioneers! 

I wonder how many participated???

Love those handcarts with covers!

Lea on the top left.

Jacob in front...not in pioneer attire at this place (before or after?).

I bet the pioneers would have loved those wonderful shoes the youth are wearing!!!!  I heard that Brigham Young encouraged them to go barefoot so their feet would toughen up.

I just think it is wonderful that the leaders make these handcart replicas and put in the time and effort to make this experience so meaningful in these youth lives!

Lea and Jacob have so many pioneer ancestors, I hope they learn about them all!

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