Saturday, August 02, 2014

Keeping Up Appearances

I must admit when I stay home so much I can really look tacky.  I have on my watering clothes which is my oldest levis and ragged shirts.  I rarely worry about hair or makeup.  I look like Gravel Gertie from the Dick Tracy comics.

While posting the  blog about my SBA friend I had a memory of something that happened in 2004 or 2005 in the Sacramento office.  Bruce, the one behind me in this picture with the white t shirt was also working in the Sacramento office and we were both group leaders in the same area of the large building.  We would occasionally discuss certain aspects of what we were doing.

This one day as we approached the sign out desk we were squabbling in disagreement about something and the girl behind the desk said, "Wow, it is a good thing you two are not married."

I said, "Married!  Bruce is 15 years younger than I am."  She said, "Wow, you would never know that."

Bruce said, "Hey, I don't know what to think about that."  I said, "I do."

Yes, when I was working I did try to keep up appearances and put on my make up and comb my hair, etc.  I must do a better job of that.  Carole reminds me that it is the first thing she does every day whether she is going any place or not.  

I usually head outside and water everything and from then on I am just doing my thing all day and rarely glance in the mirror.  I have lived alone for a loooooong time.  I must do better, occasionally I do have to run to a neighbor or have in a repair man, but who cares, really?

I was giggling with Jeanne the other day as I was telling her that Sadie sometimes looks me up and down with a disapproving look, as if she is judging me.  I mean really, when you think your dog is judging you, that is really paranoid.  She said, "She is probably thinking, "Are you going to feed me or not?"  Yes, she is probably right, that is about all Sadie thinks about, eating.  Me, too.

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