Monday, August 04, 2014

Youth Conference for Sarah

Sarah's Youth Conference (which she was only able to participate in on the last day because she was at Especially for Youth) was a Book of Mormon theme.  They met at the Stake Center and then traveled up to the Church Camp in Ramona.   They told the story of the Book of Mormon from the characters.  Gary, Sarah's Dad, introduced it as Mormon himself.  Linda was not able to get more pictures but she said all the youth were dressed as Nephites and Lamanites and they had activities mixed in with the characters talking to them and acting out the theme. 

This sounds like an amazing Youth Conference !!!  What a lot of work and dedication by the leaders.  Linda said the costumes were all excellent.  She especially liked the one of Ammon below.

Gary, as Mormon  


And here is Sarah--not at the Youth Conference yet but with friends.

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