Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Keeping On Keeping On

Walmart said it would take 12 days but actually I received every thing in four days except for my pasta and flour!  What a great way to shop.  Delivered right to my doorstep--no lugging heavy bags up the stairs!

It is a little frightening that Google knows everything about me.  So I have been making bread with the Pamela Gluten Free Bread Mix I got last week.  Really good.  So today they sent me an ad for a bread slicing board and sides with slits.  I bought it.  I am tired of having uneven slices.  And I do like the homemade bread so much better than what I can buy.  I had a bread slicing unit once that Vern Beeler made.  What happened to it???

It has been great weather for getting rid of the weeds out in front because the ground is soft from the rain.  If only I had more energy.  I can go about two hours and then I am done but it looks great, I will just do a little each day.

The chimney sweeper called today and we set up an appointment for September.  Seems I am spending my whole summer getting ready for winter.  Now I just need to get someone to chop my kindling.  I really do not like that job.  I am always afraid I will get a chip in my eye like Great Grandfather Lillywhite.

Tonight I whipped through the CMA Music Show pretty fast.  Where are all the great western ballads like there used to be? It is mostly noisy songs with no tune and about drinking and getting it on. Where is the romance of yesteryear?  Well I did like Blake Shelton.  Where are all the great singers and song writers???  Where is the Grand Old Opry stars?  I thought it was quite monotonous to have the same type of songs and guys that all dress the same.  That is why I record everything so I can whip through the parts I don't like and the commercials.

It pays to speak up.  My trash company asked us to rate them online and asked for suggestions of improvements.  I told them I wished they didn't charge for the bag of greens each week--they didn't used to!!!   And they didn't charge me!  Wonder if that will keep up.

I told the faller I really needed a low quote on the trees and he is only charging me $1100 for three trees when the usual is $800 a tree.

I called Dish and asked for the very lowest plan possible and they gave me one that doesn't even exist anymore--only $28 a month!!!

Evidently Sadie was mad at me today, she should be happy, she has been getting her walks everyday this week but--she did a very naughty thing though she has been most repentant--see how she does tomorrow...what a strange life I have, just taking care of the grounds and my dog, listening to books and writing memoirs and scanning pix and keeping up with the grands and great grands.

Right now I am in to a mystery by James Patterson and I just finished a Nora Roberts one with Satanic worship and killing, a little unusual for her and I have finished Maya Angelou's book.  She does make you realize how hard integration has been.  It was certainly something I never grew up with in Montana.

My sister Carole and her friend Alyce drove to Glendive and were there for three days.  It was fun hearing about how pretty everything looked, it is a lovely little town, especially in the summer and spring.  Sounds like Jon, Bethany and the twins will be making it their home this year.  With all the Bakken activity though it has really made Glendive boom and there are just not enough rentals to choose from and homes are expensive!  In all my sorting I ran across the minerals rights that Dad bought for me--too bad they weren't in North Dakota instead of outside of Glendive.

I have been recording "Last Tango in Halifax"--another Brit show on PBS.  This week's was especially good with a wedding of the senior couple, very nicely done.

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